How to Make a Spa for a Dog at Home?

Dog at Home

Our furry companions make our lives more enjoyable every day. We hug and kiss them because they’re a part of our family. What better way to show our appreciation than with a relaxing Spa day? A well-organized Spa will not only make your dog look “brand new,” but it will strengthen your relationship. Sure, dogs generally hate baths because it’s not something they instinctively do in nature. However, with the right tools and information, you’ll be able to transform a chore into a pleasurable experience. 

Obtaining the proper tools is half the job

There are a couple of indispensable tools you’ll need to get the job done. Also, it’s best to prepare your bathroom beforehand, so you have everything close at hand. 

A bathing station, bathtub, shower room, or industrial sink  

You’ll need a place to shower your dog. If you don’t have a professional bathing station, that’s OK; you can use your bathtub, a shower room, or a big study sink. It’s a tad bit more uncomfortable, but it will do. 

Also, make sure you add a drain filter to avoid clogged pipes from the hair and dirt. 

Special nail clippers 

Dog nail clippers are indispensable tools. There are smaller clippers for tinier breeds and larger ones for the bigger dogs. Ensure you get a high-quality pair of clippers with covers to prevent accidental cutting.      

Grooming scissors 

Having a trusty pair of shears allows precision trimming for the paws and ears. They’re also suitable for cutting tangled fur from hard-to-reach spots. Similar to the nail clippers, make sure they’re from a reputable brand. 

Brushing table

A professional table would be the best option for dog grooming. That’s because pro tables are fully adjustable and have an integrated special dog leash. Nonetheless, a regular and sturdy table should also do the trick. Just make sure the table is large and stable enough for your dog. 


Of course, you’ll need a doggy shampoo for your furry friend. There are thousands of options out there. Most importantly, as some of the best essay writing service professionals investigated, the FDA doesn’t regulate non-medical cosmetics for pets, so choose wisely. Play it safe with an organic shampoo with natural ingredients. 


Same as the shampoo, select a natural conditioner that’s going to nourish and hydrate the fur. Using a high-quality conditioner will keep a healthy and shiny coat for a much longer time. 

Blow dryer 

Dry blowing is the best way to remove moisture from your pet’s coating. Again, professional dryers are the best option as they’re built for efficiency. However, a regular blow dryer can get the job done, as well. Make certain you’re keeping the dryer at a safe distance not to irritate the skin and on a low-heat setting. 

Alternatively, you can use an absorbent towel to dry off your dog, especially if it’s summer and you want to save some money on the electricity bill.   

Ear coverings 

Speaking of blow-drying, don’t forget to cover your dog’s ears with a thick cloth. Just wrap a dense rag around the dog’s head to protect it against loud blow dryers.  

Fur brushes 

Last but not least, you’ll need at least a slicker brush to groom and get the excess fur. More so, having a set of combs is excellent for the finishing touches. 


Don’t forget to have some of its favorite treats close so you can motivate and reward the dog for being a good boy (or girl.)   


Essential oils can be either sprayed in the air or topically on the dog’s fur. Not only do they smell nice, but essential oils are antifungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and insect repellent. Even more, they have a calming and rejuvenating effect.


According to a study from assignment help UK, dogs prefer soft rock and reggae music. So, put on some Bob Marley and chill with your dog on Spa day!

Flameless candles 

This last item on our list is optional, but it’s a great mood setter for both you and the dog. Dim down the lights and place some flameless candles around the room. High-quality candles are fire and waterproof, so don’t worry about knocking them down by accident.  

Now that we’re done with the technicalities, let’s get into the actual procedure:

Preparing for the day

The whole process requires your undivided attention. Pick a day on which you’re free for at least two uninterrupted hours. Additionally, it’s best to prepare all the tools you need beforehand for a smooth process. Your dog should also be in the mood for such an event.   

Play and exercise before

What better way to start a Spa day than with a vigorous workout? Not only will playtime make your dog happy, but it will also make it stay still. Several reports from a dissertation service UK found that owners that exhaust their pets before bathing time have the best results. So, grab a ball and play “fetch” until its tongue touches the ground.   

Massage and relax the dog 

After getting the dog riled up from exercising, it’s time to calm it down with a relaxing rubdown. You know your dog best. So, speak to it in a soothing voice and massage its head, shoulders, and other tense spots. 

Start with a warm bath

Now that the dog is relaxed and comfortable, we can start running warm water on its body. Try to avoid getting water in its ears and face. Instead, use a wet towel to clean the inside of its ears and face. 

Next, apply a generous amount of shampoo and thoroughly scrub the fur and skin. Use only your fingertips and watch your nails. Rinse the shampoo and apply the conditioner. Let the conditioner soak for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly.   

Blow-dry its coat totally

You don’t have to be an academic essay writer or scientist to realize this is the most stressful part for your pet. Cover its ears with a thick cloth and get started. Set the blow-dryer on low and make sure the air’s not too hot. Maintain the dryer at a safe distance to avoid irritating the skin or burning the coat.  

Proceed with the pedicure

Once the dog is dried up, it’s time to trim its nails. It’s best to do it after the bath as the nails are moist and easier to cut. Proceed to cut but be careful not to trim too much. Also, make sure the dog isn’t moving unexpectedly. 

Very important: if it’s your first time, inform yourself on how to do it properly. Moreover, if you cut yourself or your dog, make sure to have an antiseptic solution close by to disinfect the wound.  

Trim excess ear and paw fur 

Get the shears and gently trim surplus fur from its paws, ears, and tail. Use a buzz cutter to clear the fuzz around the paw pads. You can also cut the extra fluff from its anterior and posterior limbs. If your dog has a lot of fur around its eyes, be extra cautious not to cause injuries. 

Shave the sanitary areas 

The dog’s private parts also must be trimmed to avoid harboring bacteria and cause irritation and other issues. These areas are sensitive, so be careful when brushing and cutting. Point your scissors downwards and start from the rear. Next, lift one of its legs and go around the genital area. If it’s a male dog, make sure to trim the hairs from the tip.   

Brush it gently all over 

We’re almost done. Grab the slicker brush and go from top to bottom. Brush every inch of its coat from head to toe and get all the excess fur. Subsequently, switch to an undercoat rake and continue to do the same thing, from top to bottom. 

Spray its coat with dog cologne 

As stated before, some of the best writing services demonstrated through various studies that aromatherapy and dog colognes have multiple sanitary properties. 

  • Lavender and Chamomile are relaxing.
  • Coconut and cucumber are hydrating.
  • Ginger and orange peel are rejuvenating.   

How to make homemade cologne for dogs 

Pick the ingredients and add a couple of drops/peels into a spray bottle with warm water. Shake it up. Spray the dog a few times, making sure not to hit its face.  

Eat some treats together 

Finally, to reward the dog for its good behavior, give it some treats. By doing this every time, you’ll reinforce its conduct for the following Spa sessions. Eat some yourself – not dog food, but human treats – for an excellent session. Now your dog is clean, healthy, and happy. 

Giving your dog a full Spa day should be a pleasurable experience for both of you. Prepare your tools beforehand and organize the setting. Tire out the dog with a workout and start bathing it. Dry it out and proceed to cut its nails. Trim its fur and brush it from top to bottom. Reward the dog with treats for its good behavior and high-five your furry friend for a job well done!  


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