How to make custom wedding invites?

custom wedding invites

Are you planning your wedding? Do not you think that today you can do a lot of stuff all on your own? Without spending a lot of money? You absolutely can do this, and one of the easiest things is creating wedding invitation cards. Even if you find it difficult you can the best card-making tool, then you can think of contacting some websites where there are several options and templates for custom wedding invites.

In this article, we will share with you a few important steps, following these can help you create the best custom wedding invites card. So let us get started

Do some paperwork

So first things first. You need to plan what type of wedding cards do you want. As you will be the one designing them, then there can be two options. You can either send the soft copies or get the hard ones printed. It all depends on whom you are sending. If you wish to create wedding cards for the older generations like your teachers, old aunts, or parents, then it will be much better to send them the wedding cards in hard copies.

So while doing the paperwork you need to consider the number of copies you will be making if it is the hard copy wedding card. Next, you should consider the size of the card, whether it should be a small card or a big one with several pages.

This can be a long process, and it will be better if you ask some of your friends and your fiancee in this regard. So that in the end everyone should be happy with the card.

Search for the best photo editor

Next, you need to find the best photo editor or an editing application. Here you will be designing your custom wedding invites. You must choose an editor that has all the necessary tools that would be required to design your card. For example, you might need to create some designs, it should have some templates, and an additional photo editor too.

To find the best editor and designer, you should read some reviews. Moreover, it will be great if you ask some of your designer friends or teachers who are already using these applications.

Think of a design

The next thing you should do is think about the design. What type of card would you have? Will it be a simple one? Or the one with your pictures? If you plan to have a card with your pictures, then we will recommend you add random pictures of you and your fiancee. Instead of going for illustration, no matter how easy the application might make it look, you need to still go for the simple pictures. It will be easy for you, and you will not have to waste much time.

On the other hand, if you wish to have simple cards, then simply choose some bold colors and backgrounds. Add the details, and some borders. This is it. Your card is ready. If you are confused about the designs, then you can check for some great wedding card ideas.

The details

One thing which is the most important in a wedding card, are the details. You should think about all the necessary details before writing. Make a checklist, so that you must not skip anything important.

The most necessary details one has to mention in the wedding card are as follows

The date.

The time for every ceremony.

The contact number of the RSVP.

The names of the family members.

The venue address.

The names of the bride and groom.

If it is a destination wedding then you should also mention the details about the lodging hotels, and the venue too. In case, it is a grand wedding with several small ceremonies, then also you should mention the timings and details for each. So that the guests must know when should they arrive at the venue.

A notes

Here you can thank the guests in advance as a kind gesture, or you can tell them to not bring any gifts. Adding a note is not compulsory, but just to give the wedding card a complete look you can consider this option.


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