Joaquin Phoenix movies You Need to Watch Apart From Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Movies

Joaquin Phoenix or Joaquin Rafael Bottom is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood and producer also. He is known for his unique performances in his films. Recently, he won the Oscar for his lead role in the movie, Joker and also took home the Golden Globe for the role. Here, we will discuss all the Joaquin Phoenix movies and why you should watch them.

Most of the Joker audiences admitted that they could not connect more with the character of Joker if it was not presented in the way Joaquin Phoenix did. Joaquin Phoenix admitted that, though everyone praised his performance in Joker, it was not at all a simple work for him. From weight loss to hair and make-up, Joaquin Phoenix and the whole team did a great job, and they really deserved the success.

Apart from Joker Joaquin Phoenix also received multiple awards for his great work. He was nominated for his first best actor award for the 2006 film Walk the Line and then again for the 2013 film The Master, and also nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for Gladiator (2001). Other than these, he also won several awards, including Grammy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and was nominated for several Academy Awards.

He started his career as a child actor on television. He acted in the shows, Seven Brides FOR Seven Brothers and Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia. His first major film was Ron Howard’s dramedy Parenthood with Steve Martin. Joaquin Phoenix is the third child of five. During his acting life as a child, Joaquin Phoenix was given the name, Leaf Phoenix, by himself as he wanted a nature-related name like his siblings. This became his name as a child actor. Later he changed his name in Joaquin at the age of 15.

Joaquin Phoenix Retirement

In the 2010 movie, I’m still here; Joaquin Phoenix unexpectedly announced his retirement. This announcement shook all hos fans, and everyone took it seriously as Joaquin Phoenix played a version of himself in the movie. And they all knew Joaquin Phoenix also has a music interest. But later that was denied. Joaquin Phoenix said it was just a stunt for his character in the movie.

Joaquin Phoenix movies

Here Is The List Of Joaquin Phoenix’s Movies

Joaquin Phoenix movies During the 80’s

  • Kids Don’t Tell (1985): It’s an American drama film about child molestation.
  • SpaceCamp (1986): It’s an American space adventure film and was inspired by U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Here the young attendees of the space camp found themselves in space when their shuttle was accidentally launched into orbit—Joaquin Phoenix’s role wan Max in the movie.
  • Ruskies (1987): It’s an American comedy-drama. Joaquin Phoenix played Danny in the film. The story is about how American boys and a shipwrecked Russian sailor become friends.
  • Parenthood (1989): It is also an American comedy-drama film. Joaquin Phoenix played a small role in this film as Garry. The film grossed about $100 million.

Joaquin Phoenix movies during the 90’s

  • To Die For (1995): The film was made in a mockumentary format, and the plot is basically a criminal comedy-drama.
  • Inventing In Abbotts (1997):

Pat O’Connor directed this film as a coming-of-age film.

  • U Turn (1997): U-Turn is an American neo-noir crime thriller film.

Return to Paradise (1998): This film is a remake of the 1989 French film Force majeure. It is basically a drama-thriller film.

  • Clay Pigeons (1998): it’s a crime-comedy film. Here Earl kills himself when he sees his wife is sleeping with Clay, and Earl made his suicide look like Clay shot him.
  • 8mm (1999): 8mm is a crime mystery film.

Joaquin Phoenix movies between 2000 and 2010

  • The Yards (2000): It’s an American crime film.
  • Gladiator (2000): it is an Epic historical drama action film. Joaquin Phoenix played Commodus in the film. He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for his character, and the film won a total of five Oscars. Gladiator is Joaquin Phoenix’s third highest-grossing film; it earned over $187 million.
  • Quills (2000):  It’s a 2000 period film directed by Philip Kaufman.

Buffalo Soldiers (2001): Buffalo Soldiers was made based on the 1993 novel, written by Robert O’Connor. The film is basically a satirical black comedy film.

  • Signs (2002): It’s an American science-fiction horror film. It’s about a family lives on a farm and finds out mysterious crop circles in their fields, which indicated that something more frightening is about to come. Signs grossed over $228 million.
  • It’s All About Love (2003): It’s All About Love is a pure romance drama. Here we can see how two lovers attempt to save their relationship.
  • Brother Bear (2003): Walt Disney produced this comedy-drama film in 2003. Its rank is 44 in the list of Disney animated feature films. Joaquin Phoenix was the voice of the character, Kenai, who transforms himself into a bear in order to learn to see through another’s eye.
  • The Village (2004): it’s a periodical horror film. The story is about the population of a small isolated countryside village. This film’s box office collection is $114.2 million.
  • Hotel Rwanda (2004): Hotel Rwanda is a simple drama film, adapted from a screenplay co-written by the director, Terry George himself and Keir Pearson. Joaquin Phoenix played Jack Daglish, a cinematographer.
  • Ladder 49 (2004): It’s an American disaster thriller film. Joaquin Phoenix plays a firefighter here, who was trapped in a burning building and was having flashbacks. Joaquin Phoenix worked as a firefighter in real life to practice his role. The film grossed more than $74.5 million.
  • Earthlings (2005): It’s an American documentary film about how humans use other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific researches. Joaquin Phoenix was the narrator of the film.
  • Walk The Line (2005): Walk The Line is an American biographical musical romantic drama film. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Oscan in the best actor category for this film. Apart from the best actor nomination, this film was also nominated for Oscar in more four categories, including Best Actress and Best Costume Design. Walk The Line grossed more than $186 million worldwide. Joaquin Phoenix has ventured into directing music videos too. He won Grammy Awards for recording the soundtrack of the film.
  • We Own The Night (2007):  It’s an American crime drama film.
  • Reservation Road (2007): The film is based on the book with the same title and written by John Burnham. Terry George directed the film as a simple drama film. In the film, the lives of two different families change forever when a tragedy takes place on Reservation Road.
  • Two Lovers (2008): this film was inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s short story ‘White Nights.’ It is a romantic drama film.

Joaquin Phoenix movies between 2010 and 2020

  • I’m Still Here (2010): It’s an American mockumentary spoof film, written by Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin Phoenix is also one of the producers of the film. He plays a version of himself in the film. In the film, Joaquin Phoenix announced that he wants to retire from his acting career in order to pursue his career in rap music.
  • The Master (2010): It’s an American psychological drama film. Here Joaquin Phoenix played the role of the naval veteran.
  • The Immigrant (2013): It’s an American drama film. The story’s timeline was after the Great War in Poland.
  • Her (2013): She is a science-fiction drama film in America. In the film, we can see the romance between a human and the virtual assistant of artificially intelligent personified by the female voice, designed to meet his every need.
  • Inherent Vice (2014): It’s an American drama film based on the novel of the same title, written by Thomas Pynchon. The film was the first film, which was adopted from a Pynchon novel. Joaquin Phoenix portrayed a hippie private investigator.
  • Irrational Man (2015): Irrational Man is an American crime mystery drama film. Joaquin Phoenix played a tormented philosophy professor in the film.
  • Unity (2015): It is a documentary film and the sequel of the 2005 film Earthlings.

You Were Never Really Here (2017): The film is about a traumatized veteran, tracks down missing girls for a living. Joaquin Phoenix plays the character, Joe whose nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy.

  • Don’t Worry; He Won’t Get Far On Foot (2018): It is a comedy-drama film. Here Joaquin Phoenix played the character of John Callahan, and this film was based upon John Callahan’s memoir.
  • Mary Magdalene (2018): Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’s followers and was a witness to his crucifixion, burial, and resurrection, according to canonical gospels (books where Jesus’s massages are written). The film is a biblical drama film about her. Here Joaquin Phoenix played Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene was the last film of the composer Johann Johannsson before his death.
  • Dominion (2018): It’s an American drama-documentary film. This film exposes the dark secrets of modern animal agriculture in Australia.

The Sisters Brothers (2018): The film was based on the novel with the same title, written by Patrick DeWitt. It’s an American French black comedy Western crime drama.

  • Lou (2018): It’s a Pixer produced a computer-animated short film about a pile of lost and found items coming together to teach a bully-boy a lesson.
  • Joker (2019): Joker is a D.C. comic character whose real name is Arthur. There are many different origin stories of the character, Joker. This story was taken from the famous ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Graphic Novel. Arthur is a failed stand-up comedian and has a medical disorder. The film is an American psychological thriller, and the story is about Arthur Fleck; a struggler becomes a nihilistic criminal, Joker. Joker is Arthur’s alter ego in this film. It’s an ‘R’ rated film, directed by Todd Phillips. Joker is Joaquin Phoenix’s highest-grossing film. Its box office collection is 107.2 crores worldwide.
  • Guardians Of Life (2020): Guardians of life is a three-minute short film where Joaquin Phoenix plays a surgeon. The short film gives us the message, ‘Don’t give up, it’s not too late.’

Joker Movie Controversy

The DC character Joker has many origin stories. One of them is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Though there are many who praised the movie according to many critics, it’s a dangerous movie. They said Arthur, in this film, lives with his revenge fantasies in bloodshed, which can actually provoke terrorism for viewers, who might connect with the character. In the movie also, they showed this kind of incident where people were becoming more violent by inspiring from Arthur. They also mentioned that Arthur’s darkness, his thrust for creating chaos, corruption, and even case, is too much to handle for many of the viewers. The main fact is that ti this movie, the origin story has shown from a realistic point of view, which has more chances to inspire violence. Critics also pointed out reasons like disturbing behavior, language, and brief sexual images, which makes this ‘R’ rated by Motion Pictures.

After all, critics announced that Joker could not be a moral character, and there is nothing inspirational about him. Because no matter what damages society creates on him, he is not even a good guy. He is a psychopath who has his own vision of this world.


No matter how much criticism the movie Joker receives, everyone worked really hard in order to present this before us. Joaquin Phoenix practiced the Joker laugh for more than four months in order to make that real. There are at least three different laughs in the movies that change according to Arthur’s mood. Even Joaquin Phoenix‘s run in this movie was also a very specific way, called Arthur’s run. He has to lose 52 pounds to earn Arthur’s look perfectly. Did you know, the iconic bathroom dance in the movie was not even in the movie? It was improvised by Joaquin Phoenix himself on the spot. The story of the movie is based on the year 1981, which was created amazingly. The movie got 8 minutes to stand up ovation at the premiere at Venice Film Festival.

One of the best achievements this movie received is that ‘Joker Stairs’ is now on Google map, categorized in ‘Religious Destination’! The staircase is located in the Bronx at W 167th St, between Anderson and Shakespeare Ave.


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