Morning Beauty Routine with Dior Hydra Life


DIOR HYDRA LIFE Yup, that is me in the morning -make up free- after I wake up. After my first coffee of the day, after my beauty routine, when I start to actually feel awake. I put a cozy denim shirt on and start working at my laptop, in my apartment’s living room..I got a little work space in there which for now is my little big office! I like to keep my face naked when I am home, let the skin breathe, yet I always hydrate it so that it would always look radiant… Hydrating is also fundamental if you want your make up to look great! Haven’t you noticed that when your skin is too dry your make up won’t look as good? I’ve been using Dior Hydra life since 2 years now and -I must say- I see the results. Once I tried it I never went back, and, although I usually like to alternate Dior Hydra Life with other kinds of skincare products, these creme and sorbet seem to be the perfect duo for me Beauty Product Review Site.. What about you? Have you ever try them? Is there any other product you’d suggest?

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