How To Avoid Any Problem Related To Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drift

nintendo switch joy con drift

For years now, Nintendo Switch owners have experienced problems with Joy-Con controllers removable from the console, with users experiencing weird problems in joystick drift, which trigger false inputs and have been gradually rising over time with the older original Switch devices. 

Nintendo Switch has updated its policy drastically after a Kotaku article in July 2019 shed light on the Joy-Con drift problem. The business can now restore the Joy-Con drifting controls free of charge, even though your powers do not follow the usual promise. Yet the Nintendo switch has not modified the controllers’ functionality, and even with the refreshed Nintendo Switch versions released last year, it’s still a concern today.

What is the drifting Switch Joy-Con? 

Joy-Con drift is the name of a problem with one or more of the Switch members. They find that their turn senses action, even though they don’t hit a Joy-Con thumb button. This occasionally occurs, even though they don’t hit a Joy-Con. 

Gaming is challenging as characters travel in ways where the player may not provoke. Or for no apparent cause, an in-game camera might abruptly pan off. 

Joy-Con drift occurrences are not isolated, nor are they isolated. Twitter articles lament about the situation, and some Kotaku workers have revealed that they too have faced the problem. 

Moreover, with the Nintendo Switch Lite arrival, some owners of the new, more compact Switch say that on their not separable thumb sticks, they still suffer from Joy-Con drifts. 

There are also rumors that Nintendo has submitted with the US Federal Communications Commission a revised edition of Turn Lite. Will this be the solution to the problem?

What is Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drift Drift’s Caution? 

There are two possible sources of drift: certain consumers are responsible for any dust or dirt accessing the controller under a rubber cap intended to maintain the inside safe. 

Others disassembled the controller entirely and discovered worn-down contacts, which can cause repeated use. It is also likely that either hypothesis is not right or a mixture of factors that affect stick drift over time. It is impossible to determine precisely what is wrong without Nintendo clarifying the case.

How to repair drift Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drift

The issue may make certain tracks almost unplayable (unless you are a fan of seeing Link jog off cliff borders on repeated occasions). New owners of Switch have the one-year guarantee process which they protect from the seller, but it’s a pain in their back, particularly if you don’t have another control device to tide you when you’re in a repair shop. 

Nintendo restores Joy-Con free of charge (even after the warranty period) in certain territories, although it does not extend to all areas. Replacing Joy-Con is often an expensive prospect as just the stick fails. Unwilling to buckle a replacement £40, we got to a tiny DIY and have seen traction with many options (plus the curious disappointment, but we’ll get there).

# Calibrate or re-calibrate the joysticks

You first have to calibrate the controller when you experience Joy-Con drift (especially at the left side of Joy-Con). This is the fastest way to get us back to usual. It’s worth learning how to do this because, at some stage, you’ll search the calibration for just about all these tips.

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This is how:

  • Strip the Joy-Con from the transfer body
  • Go to Device Parameters
  • Pick and scroll to Controllers and Sensors.
  • Choose Calibration Sticks
  • Then, click the control stick to calibrate the controller.

You’re going to come across a calibration panel. In the center of the circle, whether you don’t hit the control stick or shift it, you can see a plus sign. And if you press or shift the controller, you can see a circle. Drag the issue joystick around to see the circular color shift from black to blue. Otherwise, it’s time to re-calibrate your stick. 

Click the X button to re-calibrate. You’re going to be instructed to shift and let go of the joystick. Eventually, after doing, so you would be instructed to move the control stick clockwise in a circle.

# Dust the joystick on your Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drift 

The next thing you can do is clean the control stick if you ever feel Joy-con drift after calibration and recalculation. The base of the control stick is a sensor on the body of the Joy-Con. For certain users, washing this sensor fixes the dilemma of Joy-Con drift. 

When you look closely at the joystick, the joystick’s bottom appears like a graduating cap that covers the top of the mechanism. 

Saturate a 70 percent cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol then dab the swab to get some alcohol under it against the bottom portion. 

Once you have performed, switch the joystick around and operate the alcohol on the sensor within 30 seconds. Let it sit down for 15 minutes and check the calibration after that. 

Two warnings: don’t add explicitly to the joystick isopropyl alcohol. 

They can pass the joystick mechanic and other sections of the Joy-Con. Before washing, make sure that your battery Joy-Con is completely depleted. Liquids and energy don’t really combine well. 

It performed great when I first did. Periodically my joy-con arrives in tip-top fashion to wipe the control stick.

# Nintendo will repair the drift in Joy-Con for you 

If you can’t stop calibrating and washing, get Nintendo to repair it. The organization has a Joy-Con hardware replacement service under its one-year guarantee. However, Nintendo patched Joy-Cons with drifted problems for free while they are not assured. 

The catch is that Nintendo’s maintenance facilities are scaled-down, and shipping could be postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic. And who knows how long it takes to bring back the Joy-Cons. 

Go to the help page of Nintendo for more detail.

# Purchase a fresh Joy-Con for your turn 

Another alternative (maybe the most expensive one on this list) is to purchase a fresh single Joy-Con for around $50. Single Joy-Cons are sometimes out of stock, though. It couldn’t be the side or color you like, even though you find one to purchase. 

And a handful of Joy-Cons can cost you more at $80. I will not suggest purchasing used ones, too, because Joy-Con drift might still suffer.

# Substitute the joystick 

It’s the most drastic final tip. You can extract the joystick, and add a new one. Many kits are accessible online. I got one for $14 on Amazon and includes two new modules and tools for analog sticks. 

It takes an intermediate degree of ability and a high amount of patience to open the Joy-Con, loosen the handle and bring it all back together. The one-year promise of Nintendo would also be void from this phase. 

Please look at my step-by-step guide for more details. Since I have done this, my Joy-Con has no further drifting concerns. That said, I snapped a cable and missed the use of my left trigger button in putting the controller back together. Obviously, that wasn’t the perfect performance, but I’m glad to surrender my Joy-Con drift control button.

How will this be avoided! 

Whether you haven’t had the problem before, even if you wish to try to stop it even if you have it and don’t want it again, you may do a couple of things to mitigate it. 

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One recommendation is to guarantee that you use the switch cleanly. This can look simple, but if you have young people playing on your turn, Cheetos crumbs don’t often wash away until they start to play. 

If you’re going to take your Switch, I’d suggest a scenario. If you throw your switch into a backpack without the need for a protective case, your sticks can catch any particles or may break on different surfaces. See these posts on the best Nintendo switch cases or the best Nintendo Switch Lite cases for the best choices.

What is the point of Affected CONTROLLERS? 

Following the uproar about the problem in July 2019, Nintendo started free of charge to repair affected controllers. Vice News notes that the Nintendo customer care team has directed Joy-Con controllers to correct free and problem replacements for past fixes, also without warranties. 

Nintendo also provides a dedicated help platform section for Joy-Con repair requests: just fill up the questionnaire, and Nintendo will arrange the return, check the concern for the controllers and then repair or uninstall the controllers. 

Anything else, Nintendo provides regular 90 days guarantee e (for accessories that happen to include Joy-Con controllers bought separately) and 12 months (for consoles, which tends to provide Joy-Con controllers with a switch). 

REPAIRS NINTENDO Provides, but they are not inexpensive. If the guarantee does not protect you, Reddit users have recently recorded maintenance fixes of $40, about the equivalent of a replacement Joy-Con controller. (They operate on $50 independently or $80 as a pair.) Hopefully, these tips will allow you to stay free of irritation throughout the game!

Clean the compressed air in Joy-Con 

Often debris may be put below the thumb stick, creating any obstruction. Both controls have different uses, and these may impact buttons and sticks. Get a compressed air can/cleaner for yourself – available in any market. You should blast the air directly on the seam to loosen the debris. Then wipe it and in the caliber menu, verify if the problem has been solved.

What was Nintendo’s class-action lawsuit? 

You should still enter the civil action counsel if you are American and are not happy with the solution to Nintendo’s problem. Filed on behalf of Switch Owner Ryan Diaz, by law firm CSK&D, who has faced several old and new Joy-Cons lawsuits, it argues “Joy-Con controller joysticks are faulty which lead to drift problems” and thus “brings claims in various consumer protection laws as well as various guarantee claims and common law claims.”

Is Prosecuting NINTENDO anywhere? 

In 2019, Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith law firms brought a class proceeding against Nintendo, arguing that the controls of Joy-Con were defective because of drift problems. The suit is already ongoing and recently the corporation asked users to submit drift videos to Nintendo to show that the issue caused consumers issues. 

Also, in October 2020 in California, users filed a second class-action lawsuit on the same issue. 

Has the Turn Lite the Problem? 

It is uncertain if the Switch Lite is as impacted by the controller drift the rumors on the entire Internet differ and no scams (or Nintendo substitutes) for a smaller Switch model seem to have occurred at the same stage. But the Switch Lite does not have interchangeable controllers, so it could be a far worse case if it has comparable problems with stick drift. Users cannot share a controller in this case to correct it


The previous acts of Nintendo often seem to suggest that the company understands that Joy Cons has problems. You reduce any Joy Cons distortion from the organization through its own return service. After some re-calibrations we used it in September, the problem was not solved. The repair software succeeded despite our Turn They were out of guarantee. Nintendo warns that due to COVID-19 issues, it could take a little longer to fix. But the turnaround times overall were not so low. In our situation, ten days were expected to get a UPS sticker, and three weeks later to recover it. Our Joy-Cons were the same when we submitted them, and we tested them utilizing pictures before and after they were sent. They always had tiny nicks and dings when we shipped them off, but the analog sticks didn’t drift.


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