Outfits in Beach Resort and Other Summer Activities


After hibernating inside all winter, the higher temperatures means it’s time to shed the bulky layers and don something form-fitting and light. Whether you are going to a trendy music Festival clothing , or just relaxing at a beach-front resort, your outfits should feel fresh, free, and all you. It is time to start tossing aside those coats and finding the right outfit for every summer-time activity. 

Beachfront Resort

When I am laying poolside at a nice tropical resort, with a fruity drink in hand, I don’t want anything to stress me out. I want to leave all the worries back home so I can fully focus on my relaxation. This is where a well-thought-out outfit plan can come in handy. The downside of this type of vacation is the packing list can be a bit overwhelming. 

Since a resort vacation offers the ease of being close to your room, you aren’t locked into one outfit when you leave your room each day. Spend the morning in a fun, casual romper, switch to your stunning swimsuit after brunch, and finish the night with a classic look. If you need help figuring out exactly what to wear in a beach resort, look no further. It has the perfect combo of light, fresh outfits, and walks you through all the outfit changes needed to crush the look at the beach. You can find these kinds of fits in so many stores such as Pampelone and other women clothing stores or sites.

Look for cute, light-weight materials with bright colors and fun designs that will accentuate your new tan, without weighing you down. All those heavy fabrics should be left at home. Your outfit should be as relaxed as you feel. 

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Backyard Barbecues 

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the backyard barbecue, I am there to flaunt my newest outfit. Sure, the food and friends are a bonus, but it really comes down to picking out the perfect outfit for the day. Barbecues can be a tricky dressing situation because it has to combine both aesthetics and practicality. You never know what a barbecue can have in store, so being prepared for anything is a must. 

A flirty tank top that is both breathable and moveable, but can pack a punch with its fun design or image is key for a successful BBQ. This situation is ideal for a nice pair of jean shorts. I know if I try to show up in the sundress I’ve been dying to wear, I am going to end up flashing the world when I dive in an impromptu volleyball game. I can slay my opponents, and the food in a comfy pair of jean shorts.  


Music Festivals

Music festivals are, without a doubt, the hardest summer activity to plan for. While the stress of public opinion matters at the beach, there is no greater fashion scrutiny than at a music festival. Your outfit must be on point with just the right amount of quirk and flare, while remaining highly functional. Personally, this is where I think the jumpsuit comes in for the win. Finding a patterned jumpsuit can create the right “look” while maintaining the ability to let loose after a hard day of work and move that body. 

Finding the right accessories is the most important part of the festival. If this is your first festival, fear not, there are so many great tips for accessorizing like a veteran. Find some here. When it comes to a festival, I don’t want to feel restricted by anything, especially my outfit. 

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Sports Games 

One of my favorite summer-time activities is the chance to go to a sports game. Food, beer, and watching other people exercising, what’s not to love? For me, my biggest game no-no is jean shorts. Sure, it looks cute at first, but after sitting in the sun, melting on plastic, the shorts can be more of a pain than they are worth. I recommend cute leggings or stretchy shorts. 

Pair your shorts with a jersey. It doesn’t have to be for a team if you aren’t into that sort of thing. Find a cute crop top jersey, or baseball tee. Listen, if you are going to a game, you might as well look like an athlete. Whatever you do, you don’t want to look dumb. Check out some common mistakes at https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1842214-what-not-to-wear-at-sporting-events


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