12 Things To Get Rid of Every Week

Rid of Every Week

Let us talk about the order in the house. There are several rules that you can use to forget about heavy spring cleaning. If you took something, put it back, if you unscrewed something, tighten it up, anything should be in its place, the dishes should be washed immediately, all the bathrooms should be the cleanest place in the house, every day we get rid of dust, etc. Our essay rewriting service smartessayrewriter.com along with the paper rewriter and expert Melisa Marzett prepared this piece of writing for you. 

And here is another easiest life hack – a week has passed, we clean the territory. The Japanese came up with the idea of throwing an unnecessary load of life. This day is called the day of cleansing. And it was the Japanese who identified 10 things that create a mess in the house and make you unhappy.

Cardboard boxes

How much junk paper accumulates over the week in the form of advertisements and newspapers that we get from mailboxes? And also beautiful candy boxes, wrapping paper from someone else’s gifts, beautiful ribbons, bows. What if it comes in handy? It will not. We throw it right away. If there is a lot of unnecessary paper in the house, as the Japanese say, the house fills with chaos.

Jewelry and cosmetics

Once a week, but something breaks, spoils, crumbles, cracks. Take a closer look. If an earring has long been without a pair, it does not belong in your box. Gold and silver? And sorry to throw it away? Go to the jeweler. Redo, sell, order the second one. But! Earrings should always have a pair. This is the energy of love or loneliness. Go through cosmetics: sponges, old shadows, lipstick that you don’t use. Throw out or give out.

Things that are “everything”

Do a spot-check in the closet every week! You will be surprised how in seven days something unnecessary can accumulate. Even a new sweater with a small spot that does not appear will not be cleaner in the future. If nothing is invented, not fixed, not removed – throw it away. This is an extra load. Someday you can throw out this stretched swimsuit that stores memories of the best vacation in life.

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Socks without a pair, linen, washed-out towels – in the furnace. And all because, getting rid of the old trash, we clean the energy space in the house, thereby freeing up space for new things and new positive energy.

Old checks and bills

Often on the shelves in the bathroom and in the kitchen there may already be empty bottles of detergent, shampoos, and shower gels. Is the scrub box, mask, or patch box nearly empty? Need to make room. This is the energy of female beauty. And so it gets lost. You can, of course, laugh at this, but it is better to free the shelves under the beautifully arranged cosmetics.

Dishwashing sponges

A thing that rightfully deserves the title of the dirtiest thing in the house. Doctors say that they need to be changed every week, a maximum of 10 days. But we forget to change them, and sometimes even erase them. Do not experiment. The sponge is a hotbed of bacteria at the cost of three pennies. Why do you need this muck? We throw it out without any pity, get a new one, elastic and clean.

Some strips of cloth for cleaning

There is one more law. And here you can cause a shy smile on your faces. If you make rags for cleaning and wiping the dust from old T-shirts and men’s underpants, then this is a feng shui relationship disorder. We throw out the pants, but we get good professional cleaning cloths.

Chipped dishes

A favorite cracked cup is a former favorite cup. We buy a new one, we get rid of broken dishes. If the pan has lost its non-stick coating – into the trash. We do not allow plates with an erased pattern even as saucers under a flower pot. Such things cannot be stored at home. Oriental feng shui experts say that old dishes carry the energy of lack of money. Take note.

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Things are meaningless

This is a figurine of a rooster, business cards of strangers and people you don’t need, pieces of fabric and buttons from things that you don’t wear, candles that have burned out, a tin can of tea. Beautiful. But you have three, and those are empty. Tights with arrows to under jeans. And under jeans, we put on good tights. We are girls. Girls should be beautiful in everything. And any hole, arrow on the apron and a terrible puff – this is just the energy of the void. When nothing is made up for – no love, no money, no luck.

Watches that stopped

If you don’t fix them, throw them away, give them away. The clock in your home should not stand. It is the energy of time and your significance to other people. Buy a battery, give such an important mechanism for repair. The Chinese have a belief that a stopped watch can, as it were, count the time until separation from a loved one. After all, if the clock stops, then soon a person will be apart with a loved one.

Little things throughout the apartment

The money scattered around the apartment carries an unpleasant trail of its missing. Money must have a home. Put it to your wallet. Even a small vase will bring you if not financial well-being, then at least order in the house. As a compromise, get a piggy bank and put it there only. A perfect place for a piggy bank on a window where there is a lot of sunlight. Put it – and perhaps you will become rich!

Bouquets of faded flowers

Throw away bouquets that have wilted immediately. They fulfilled their destiny. According to feng shui, dried flowers carry the energy of solitude and fading.

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