Robert Downey Jr Net Worth – How Much Did the Marvel Hero Make

robert downey jr net worth

The Avenger, The Iron Man, or The Sherlock Holmes, whichever character you loved watching, it’s Robert Downey Jr. who is the face behind all these names. The man has been winning our hearts for many years and continues to do so. Whether it’s in the movies or real life, his career, and the kind of person he is, has been continuously an inspiration, especially for the younger generation. With such outstanding contribution in Hollywood and steadily increasing popularity, he sure would have gathered a lot of respect and money not to forget. Let’s sneak out a little bit to know Robert Downey Jr net worth at present.

Robert Downey Jr: Early life and career

Before getting to the facts about Robert Downey Jr. net worth 2019, let us get to know a little about the legend’s life. He is the son of the very passionate Robert Downey Sr, a renowned filmmaker. He was born on 4th April 1965, in Manhattan of NYC.

Elsie Ann, his mother, was also an actress who had worked in several films of Downey Sr. Originally, he was named Elias, which was later changed to enlist him in the Army. He, along with his older sister Allyson was brought up in Greenwich Village.

Drug Abuse at the age of 6!

During his childhood, his father introduced him to Marijuana. He was at the tender age of six years when he was exposed to drugs by his addicted father. However, his father regretted this incident later.

In his later statements, Jr. said that drugs became a way to establish an emotional bond with his father, and he felt his love, which was probably the only way his father knew how to express it. Eventually, Robert Jr. ended up with alcohol abuse every night.

Actor at the age of 5!

As you may have heard the saying that ‘an upcoming event casts their shadows beforehand,’ it is suitable for Robert Downey Jr. He debuted in acting at the age of five years and played the role of sick puppy in a comedy movie Pound, 1970. Afterward, he worked in Greaser’s Palace, 1972, when he was seven.

While he was ten years old, he lived in England, studying classical ballet. The art form was part of his more extensive curriculum. Teenager Robert joined a training center for performing arts, Stagedoor Manor.

After the divorce of his parents in the year 1978, his father moved to California with him, but in the year 1982, he dropped out of High School and pursued acting as his fulltime career after moving back to NYC. Such a drastic journey of ups and downs is obvious to indicate Robert Downey Jr net worth at present because he has earned it.

Acting Career

In this section, you will learn about his happening acting career and several outstanding performances that he has given to his viewers.


From 1983 to 1986, he appeared in ‘American Passion, 1983’, and he was also cast to be in ‘Saturday Night Live 1985’. He acted in ‘Turf Turf, 1985’ and Sci-fi comedy of John Hughes ‘Weird Science, 1985’ and ‘Pretty in Pink, 1986’. His first role was in ‘The Pick Up Artist, 1987’. In 1987, he also did ‘Less Than Zero’ playing a drug addict rich young boy.

His recognition began with ‘Brat Pack.’ In the year 1989, he starred with Ryan O’Neal, Cybill Shepherd, and Mary Stuart Masterson in a romantic comedy named ‘Chances Are.’ Following this, he appeared in ‘Air America, 1990’. Mel Gibson starred with him in this film whereas Sally Field worked with him in ‘Soapdish, 1991’.

The most famous and applauded the role of Robert Downey Jr. was ‘Chaplin, 1992’, where he played ‘Charlie Chaplin.’ Richard Attenborough directed the movie. As he prepared extensively hard for this role, he was nominated in Oscar and also won the BAFTA award for the move.

He also did some commercial movies from 1993 to 1999 such as ‘Shortcuts’ and ‘Heart and Souls’ in 1993, ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Only You’ in 1994, ‘Richard III’ and ‘Restoration’ in 1995, ‘Two Girls and A Guy, 1998’ and ‘Black and White’ in 1999.

Before he went for serving the drug charges to California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, he did ‘In Dreams, 1999’, a psychological thriller. He worked with Annette Bening in this film.

Later stage:

When he released in 2000, he was cast in a television series names ‘Ally McBeal’. He got a nomination for an Emmy Award and also won a Golden Globe award under the Best Supporting Actor category in a mini-series.

For the video of ‘I Want Love’ of Elton John in the year 2001, he lip-synched under the direction of Sam-Taylor Wood. Following the year 2001, he played a lead role in ‘The Singing Detective.’ Mel Gibson helped him to get this role and who also paid insurance bond for him.

A supernatural thriller named ‘Gothika’ had Downey alongside Hally Berry in 2003. Mathieu Kassovitz directed this movie. 40% salary of Downey was withheld to ensure his addictive behavior may not be the cause of hampering the movie’s production.

Downey did both supporting and leading roles in some movies such as ‘Good Night and Good luck.’ The film was a directorial venture of George Clooney. Besides, he appeared in ‘Scanner Darkly,’ ‘Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus’, and ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’ throughout the year 2005 to 2006.

During the same years, some commercial movies had Downey Jr. Making him prominent than ever before in the Hollywood industry. Some of them are:

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005
  • Shaggy Dog, 2006
  • The Zodiac, 2007

In the year 2008, the first and significant blockbusters of Robert Downey Jr. were:

  • Tropic thunder
  • Iron Man

During his peak stage:

A drama film named ‘The soloist (2009)’ starred him with Jamie Fox. The movie was based on a book written by Steve Lopez. Around the same time, he did ‘Sherlock Holmes’, a British-American mystery action film.

Iron Man 2 came in the year 2010, reviving the role of Robert Downey Jr as ‘Tony Stark.’ In this way, he got an essential place in Marvel Studios Film Projects. Released in around 54 nations, the movie collected 623.9 million US$.

Continuing the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of 2009, he was cast in ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ in 2011. Despite a top-notch casting, including Downey Jr with Jarred Harris and Jude Law, the film couldn’t do well.

A superhero movie, ‘The Avengers’ came in 2012 based upon Marvel’s superhero comic. Robert Downey Jr. became part of this enormous project teaming up with Scarlett Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, etc.

Continuing Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 came in 2013, showing the Character of Downey as undergoing a disorder of posttraumatic stress. In this movie, he worked with Rebecca Hall, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.

Significant achievements of Robert Downey Jr

Until now, his work in Chaplin, 1992, is the most significant achievement. He got trained in various aspects necessary for a better portrayal of Charlie Chaplin, by the director of the movie, Richard Attenborough. Later he learned to play the violin and many other things.

He took a tremendous professional move when he joined the ‘Ally McBeal,’ an American television mini-series. This move went in favor of him. For his roles in this series, many accolades were awarded to him.

Most importantly, his character of ‘tony stark’ in Iron Man movies has portrayed him as a significant blockbuster phenomenon. He is a calm and quirky personality in real life as he is a character in the film. Therefore, it added more to his success.

Robert Downey Jr Net worth

The net worth of Robert Downey is currently 300 million USD as of 2019. Besides being an extraordinarily talented and successful actor, he is a producer and a singer also. He recorded his presence in the Hollywood industry at such an early age of five years.

In the Forbes list of the highest-paid actors of Hollywood, he was on top. It is quite sufficient to indicate the Robert Downey Jr net worth and how enormous it is. He is enlisted among the most versatile and talented American actors who have both fame and fortune in equal amounts, i.e., gigantic and massive. His name was listed in third place among the richest actors having a 250 USD net worth in the year 2018.

Properties of Robert Downey Jr

Since the amount of Robert Downey Jr net worth is so enormous, he would have surely invested it somewhere. Starting with the Robert Downey Jr house, he owns a home in Santa Monica of 4 million $.

His property portfolio is 40 to 50 million USD alone. He purchased an estate house of a seven-acre area in Malibu, California, for 13.4 million USD featuring equestrian facilities. He also has a home in Los Angeles worth 2.5 million USD.

In the year 2017, he purchased a modern house of 2284 square foot costing him approximately 3.8 million USD. This highly feature-loaded Robert Downey Jr. house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms along with a pool, a fire pit, mini-golf, a hot tube, and an entertainment area too.

Cars owned by Robert Downey Jr.

The actor has many expensive cars worth 6 to 8 digits figures. Apart from cars, he also owns a private jet of his own named Dassault Falcon 900 worth 44.8 million USD. It is more than his entire car collection.

What backed up Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?

With nine films under MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), he has earned hefty dollars. The movie collected 14.4 billion USD worldwide and 5.8 billion USD in North America. His Iron Man 2 raised around 623 million USD across the world. This movie acquired 7th place as the highest-earning film of the respective year.

Apart from Iron Man, his payout for the Avengers movies (Age of Ultron, Infinity War, and Civil war) was 25 million USD, 10.25 million USD, and 18.75 million USD, respectively. It is quite evident by now how the movies and tremendous hard work have paid off well Robert Downey Jr net worth at present.

Robert Downey’s Endorsements

To date, he has promoted and endorsed many companies and top-notch brands such as HTC, Apple, Kraft Foods, Team Downey, Nissan, One Plus, Audi R8, The Judge, XFINITY, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Broncho and many others. Such a massive amount of endorsement has also been a contribution to Robert Downey Jr Net Worth, helping him to earn extremely hefty dollars. To mention one of the hefty payouts, the Avenger Actor received 12 million USD after an endorsement deal with the renowned brand HTC.

His business ventures

To put Robert Downey Jr Net worth to some good use, he established his production organization on 10th June 2010. The name of the company is Team Downey, which is set in a partnership with Robert Downey Jr Wife. He has produced many TV shows and movies under the Team Downey, such as A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, The Judge, A.I with few others.

Some of the future projects of Team Downey are Constance, A Head Full of Ghosts, Sweet Tooth, Perry Mason, etc.

Robert Downey Jr’s Charity work

Mentioning his charity work, he has provided his support to charities such as March of Dimes, Clothes Off Our Black, Cahonas Scotland, Stand Up To Cancer, Midnight Mission, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation and many others.

Robert Downey’s Music Career

Apart from being a marvelous actor, he has the soul of a singer too. He has sung o various soundtracks for his films comprising Too Much Sun, The Singing Detective, Two Girls, and a Guy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Friends and Lovers.

The actor also been ranked on 3rd place on the Forbes’ list w.r.t the highest salaried rapper with his earning worth 81 million USD. He has performed live in a television show named ‘The Tonight Show.’

Jimmy Fallon presents the Show. Honoring for his marvelous and spectacular performances, he has got the nomination for Academy Oscar Awards twice alongside 107 other submissions.

Final thoughts

Having 38 awards until date, Robert Downey Jr. has been awarded People’s Choice, Golden Globe, Man of the Year among the other significant accolades under his hat. He is one real asset of the Hollywood industry, with a quirky and compassionate character mingled with a talented artist at heart.


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