Jennifer Lopez and Shakira delivered what was one of the harshest and most meaningful Superbowl’s Halftime shows  in recent history. The event, one of the most-watched in the whole world and that has a special place for the American people, not only for the match but also for the ads and the show, has had an incredibly charged message to the 2020 America.

In an election year with one of the most outrageous and polemic presidents on US story in the process of impeachment, trying to be reelected, the NFL got 2 of the biggest Latin talents in recent history to accommodate themselves publicly as they didn’t manage efficiently what happened with Kaepernick in the last a couple of years.

For everyone that just enjoys the sport and has no interest in the halftime show, we sure they enjoy the Kansas Chiefs comeback. Now, they will have to wait for the upcoming April draft and make their NFL future betting odds on, while they wait for another season.

However, a part of the SuperBowl is also the halftime show, the commercial and all the buzz of the event. The Latinas we’re not alone, there where multiple guests to what CNN noted as “15 Minutes Straight of Political Subversions”. Let’s start with the location, Miami is and has been for the longest time a sanctuary city for the immigrants from Latin-American heritage.

The 43-year-old Colombian singer greeted the stadium with a “Hola Miami”, then she showed us everything she’s got, including a variety of Afro-Colombian dances, Champeta and Mapalé, the first one to the tune of the 2010 classic “Waka Waka”.

The song “Whenever, Wherever” from 2001 took a whole new meaning, as Shak sang it live for millions of people, with lines such as, “Lucky you were born that far away so / We could both make fun of distance,” and “Lucky that I love a foreign land for / The lucky fact of your existence.”

Then when you thought it was all an incredible performance, 2 of the most important man in the Urban Latin Music Industry hopped on the stage, Bad Bunny and J Balvin did not turn it down a notch, when performing songs like “Mi Gente” (My People”) a J Balvin 2018 hit to keep up high the note togetherness that they want to communicate in a time when the migration laws and debates around the world are in such a heated moment.

We’ve spoken a lot about Shakira, but Jennifer Lopez didn’t hold back and joined in on the political messages directed right against the current situation of the migration politics that has been taken by the Trump administration.

The 50-year-old American Singer of Puerto Rican heritage played a Mash-up of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” and her own “Let’s Get Louder” while wearing a feathered sort of coat with the colors of the Puerto Rican Flag. To remind Trump that the Island still belongs to the US and it’s their responsibility as what happened with the Hurricane the last couple of years.

Then her 11-year-old daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz got the chance to perform alongside Lopez. And the moment that drove Twitter insane, children wearing t-shirts with American flags on them under what was crudely obvious references to cages.

The multiple messages against the regulations and policies towards immigrant’s children did where rapid-fired responded all over social media.

Spanish all over the city where according to this Florida International University report lives around 450,000 Colombians. One of the biggest communities of foreigners in the State of California, filled with flags, restaurants, and businesses run by Colombians.

What’s the response of the political elite and how will this affect or manifest in the common population, the ideas and the beliefs in the minds of one of the most populated countries of this planet is going to be important for us. 

For the way we see fashion, the cultural exchange we enjoy so much all around the world and the idea of freedom in all senses.


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