Shoe Styles That Are Most Versatile in the Summer

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Summertime can move all too swiftly, and your schedule could get a bit cramped while you try to fit in everything on your “to-do” list. Since you can’t be in two places at once, cutting down on prep time is key to juggling things to your best advantage. Versatile Sperry’s boat shoe styles can help you move through work and play without any need to break up the momentum in the summer. If you find that you really need to shake up your routine, sandals and sneakers are still in style.

Make waves

After a long and demanding day, most modern demands require changing into “another you” within minutes of checking out of the job. Whether you need a pick-me-up to get through a networking event or some flair on a social date, Sperry’s famous boat shoes can help you make your statement.

The original Sperry’s shoes were created for sailors. Their handcrafted artisanship and patented non-slip design have endured the test of time. Made with high-quality flexible materials, Sperry’s can be worn during every season and their rubber soles handle any terrain. If you’re looking for swift and comfortable movements, this is your go-to shoe.

Classy, sleek and comfortable, Sperry shoes take you from the office world’s in-charge look to boho-chic without missing a step. Even if you can’t make it to the ocean right away, shoes that assert you’re yacht-ready show you’re both relaxed and focused.

Step into the classics

Birkenstock sandals are the classic “it” shoe of the self-care movement. Burnout has become a recognized issue, and organizations are starting to take notice of overworked employees. At the end of any given workday, you’ve already delivered more than enough of your productivity. You don’t need to expend any more energy by wearing uncomfortable shoes.

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Seen on celebrities and social media influencers, Birkenstocks give your feet long-lasting comfort and support. The company’s tried-and-true cushioned cork footbed has gained respect for achieving its design goal of promoting proper posture. The sandal’s anatomical structure naturally adjusts itself to your feet, and the insoles provide arch support so you can move quickly when you want.

Birkenstocks can match almost any occasion. With more companies taking a relaxed approach to office casual, these sandals serve a dual purpose of professionalism and me-time. These shoes resist wear and tear while making relaxation seem like it’s just part of your ordinary to-do list.

Go retro

There are moments in your day when you need some jazz and dazzle. Whether it’s studs, animal print fabrics or thick soles, women’s retro sneakers can get you through a slump and on your way to a better outlook.

Remote work means that you’re probably spending long hours alone and eager for a moment of escape. Colorful sneakers will keep you motivated and ready for the occasional breakaway sprint. If a section of your home has turned into your office, “retro groovy” sneakers can provide that extra push to get up and move, even for just a few minutes.

Combine self-care and summertime versatility

Sitting and remaining stationary for extended periods of time is not exactly healthy, and regular breaks to walk or dance are necessary for self-care. The versatility required by the summertime can be well-served by comfortable feet, ready-to-go agility and being prepared for anything.

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