Sleeping Right: Here’s How To Choose The Right Mattress For You

The Right Mattress

Shopping for the right mattress can be a challenging task for most people. Since you do not change a bed just after a few years, some do not develop the know-how to find the right one. 

What makes it more important is that you will be sleeping on it for many years. So, if you fail to buy the right one for you, you might have to endure long, painful nights. To avoid that, here is a helpful guide to help you in choosing the proper and the right mattress for you.

Consider Your Budget for The Right Mattress

It’s important to invest more in something that directly involves your health. That said, mattresses significantly affect the quality of sleep of a person, and sleep is an essential activity to perform daily affairs. That is why becoming more considerate in preparing your budget can help you have better options in mattresses.

Additionally, the best mattresses are made from the best materials. So, you might encounter more options on the pricey side. Even so, you must still have a budget to avoid spending more than you have imagined. Keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for, not just in buying beds, but in general.

Learn About The Different Types Of Mattresses

Before heading into a shopping spree, the best way you can make the most out of your mattress purchase is when you know about your options. It is a mistake to think that all mattresses look and feel the same. 

There are many types of mattresses in the market, and there is hardly one bed that feels the same as the other. For starters, here are the most common types of mattresses that you will highly likely see in every store.

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Innerspring Mattress

Innersprings are the traditional mattress type made from springs and coils. It is a popular bed that gives lots of support and is usually bouncy because of its spring core. If you are a light sleeper, the bounciness of the innerspring might not suit you. Furthermore, innerspring mattresses are on the affordable side out of the options.

Memory Foam Mattress

On the other hand, memory mattresses are a suitable type of bed that provides pain relief to spots like the back, shoulders, and hips while you sleep. This bed has little to no coils compared to the innerspring ones. So, there will be almost no bounce in this kind of mattress. However, memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, which could be bad for hot sleepers.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress is a literal hybrid of beds. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two or more types of mattresses that work together to provide pain relief and comfort to the sleeper. The usual hybrid of mattresses is innerspring and memory foam. 

The two beds work well together to give the much support the sleeper would need from the innerspring and memory foam’s comfort. This type of bed is a relatively new kind.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Most shoppers are not aware that your sleeping position can be a significant factor in choosing a mattress. Have you ever wondered why you toss and turn at night despite sleeping on a comfortable bed? 

Maybe the reason is that the mattress can not support your sleeping position. Here is a brief description of different sleeping positions to help you figure out what type of mattress would suit you.

  • Back Sleeper. This position refers to people who sleep on their back. For back sleepers, they will need a bed that is firm enough that it can provide them enough support to their lower back. Since their back is the vital point, they must keep their spine aligned while sleeping so that they do not wake up with a stiff neck and sore muscles.
  • Side Sleeper. People that sleep on their side are called side sleepers. In this position, the shoulders and the hips are the key points. Unlike back sleepers, side sleepers will need a soft mattress that can contour these areas so there will be less pressure while they are asleep.
  • Stomach Sleeper. On the other hand, experts do not encourage people to sleep on their stomachs because it can be difficult on their neck and back. So, to ease the pressure and keep the spine together, a mattress that can provide pressure relief and offer good support is recommended for them.
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Examine Your Body Type

Last but not least, you must know that your body type becomes an essential factor in choosing the perfect mattress for you. In connection to this, your weight can change your sleeping experience on a bed in relation to the sinkage, feel, and support it can give.

If your general body type is on the heavier side, a bed that is too soft for you might not give you enough support that you need and will most likely sink you too much. Contrastingly, people with lighter BMI can find the medium mattress a bit hard, and an innerspring might be too hard. 

Moreover, weight is not the only thing that should affect your choice in picking the right mattress. You should also consider your height and the broadness of your shoulders so that you may finally arrive at a decision.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best people to decide what the best mattress would suit you is yourself. You are the only person that can assess your comfort and determine your sleeping habits. After considering everything mentioned above, finding the perfect mattress shouldn’t be a problem.



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