Top 4 Tips for How to Make a Free Photo Collage for Your Business

a Free Photo Collage

Why not have some fun with your next business social media post, pamphlet, or newsletter? Start gathering some cool photos and designs and make a free photo collage!

Anyone who’s never felt particularly creative may not think that collages are “for them.” Yes, it’s tempting just to throw all the photos together and call it a collage. But if you’re strategic, you can actually make something that looks great (and even professional).

We’re here to help you! Read on for four tips for making stylish photo collages for your business.

  1. Use a Consistent Color Scheme

Do you feel like all of your photos are too random to go together in a photo collage? This is an easy problem to fix with the abundance of free photo apps available online and on your phone.

If you’re not used to editing photos yourself, stick to pre-set filters. Using one filter on all of your photos will make them look cohesive without matching too much. You don’t want identical images; you just want it to be clear that they’re supposed to go together. 

It’s also a good idea to choose photos with at least some similar colors that will pull the free collage together.

  1. Don’t Overdo It With “Extras”

This is tough for anyone who goes a little overboard every time they have an editing app in front of them. Resist the urge to overdo your collage with too many “extras” you don’t need.

Free collage maker apps often come with plenty of fun stickers, backgrounds, and text options that you can add to your collage. You should use these things strategically. Remember, if this is for your business, you want it to look as professional as possible. 

  1. Don’t Forget White Space

If you plan to use white space (or any non-photo space) in your collage, make sure that you’re paying attention to it while arranging your photos. The blank space is just as important as the photo space.

White space is negative space. It might not seem important to you while arranging your photos, but it makes an impact.

  1. Play With Sizes and Composition

Don’t just slap all of your photos into a collage maker and call it a day. The collage maker will likely arrange the images for you, but take your time and get creative. The pre-set sizes and composition probably won’t be as good as what you can come up with if you arrange the photos independently. 

For example, photos with refined details are often best as the largest photos in the collage. You can add simple photos or designs in smaller spaces to complement the larger photos. 

Play around with symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. Don’t just go with the default option!

It’s Time to Make a Free Photo Collage! 

Making collages is a lot of fun, and you can make a free photo collage right from your phone or computer. So start gathering your favorite photos and crafting the perfect collage for your business today.

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