Top Songs by Bruno Mars That Every Fan Adores

bruno mars

Known professionally as Bruno Mars, Peter Gene Hernandez (born 8 October in Honolulu, Hawaii) is a singer, songwriter, producer, and choreographer who rose to fame after discovering his passion for music at an early age.

After performing on a few stages throughout his childhood, he decided to pursue a career in music professionally. With his album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, he made his debut in the industry.

Bruno Mars has three studio albums to his credit ten years after getting off to a tremendous start. In addition to several honours, including ten Grammy Awards. Furthermore, few people can claim to have appeared on the Super Bowl stage for the half-time show on two separate occasions.

As part of the fourth film in the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn, his song “It Will Rain” was included on the soundtrack of one of the most famous sagas in both cinema and literature.

We could go on and on about Bruno Mars’ greatest hits, but it’s time to go to the top of the list of his best songs.

Just The Way You Are

There is so much love in this song, and if you’re a lover of announcing your feelings through music like what happened on Glee, this is the most acceptable option for reminding someone else of how perfect they are. And you can even get them Bruno mars tickets, for an ideal experience. This song was the catalyst that propelled Bruno Mars to international prominence, and as a result, it is considered to be one of his best songs.


However, the heartbreaking song Grenade, which was released as his second single from their first studio album, was a worldwide sensation, even becoming the second best-selling digital song of 2011. (This was back when we were still purchasing music.)

Locked Out of Heaven

This song very quickly became popular among his fans, and it even got to first place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. This was Bruno Mars’ first single from the album named Unorthodox Jukebox, which was with a totally different style than his very first album.

When I Was Your Man

One of the most personal and depressing songs ever recorded by the vocalist.

His faults with the person he loved are discussed in this piano ballad, which concludes with him accepting the fact that he will no longer be with him. The song reached the pinnacle of its popularity during this time period.

That’s What I like

It is almost impossible to listen to this song without wanting to move your body in some way. Even if you are not a professional dancer like Bruno Mars, you will at the very least want to move your head or foot from side to side. The second single from his third studio album was no slouch either, and it was only a matter of time before it topped the success of his previous song, “24K Magic,” once it was released.

Uptown Funk

Even though Mark Ronson wrote this song in conjunction with Bruno Mars, we couldn’t leave it off of our list of the best pieces of 2018. Bruno was compared to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, due to some of his steps in the video clip.

24k Magic

With this song, Bruno Mars announced the release of his third studio album, which bears the same title as the song: 24K Magic (also known as 24K Magic). Once again, the singer exhibited his individuality by fusing many musical genres such as pop, funk, R&B, and hip hop together in one song. Bruno once again demonstrated his dancing abilities in the video, this time with his band, as they performed some choreographies.

Leave the Door Open

The music video, which Florent Dechard and Mars directed, was released simultaneously as the song. It shows Mars and Paak, dressed as Silk Sonic, performing the song in an old studio while a group of women dances to the beat of the music.

Wake Up in the Sky

Mane, Mars, and Black appear in the video dressed in glitzy 1970s-style clothes and accessorized with jewellery. An oversized white fur coat over a white suit is worn by Mane when he sits in front of a dressing room mirror at the start of the film. She then takes the stage with Mars and Black to sing a song.


Bruno Mars has a plethora of love songs in his discography. In 2012, the song “Treasure,” which included appealing lyrics and a pop and funk groove, shot to the top of the charts in both Mexico and the United States of America.

Long Distance

This track is difficult to listen to, but it conveys a simple message: no matter how much distance separates us, we must conquer it in order to feel love once more.


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