Tips for Decorating your home with plants

Decorating your home

Are you stumped on how to decorate your home with plants? Read on to discover helpful tips that will help transform your living space with your newly found green friends when you are Decorating your home.

Create a plant Cluster while Decorating your home

You can never go wrong with this trick. Grouping glass vases plants together in one corner of the home creates a lush indoor mini-jungle. Vary them in sizes, heights, shapes, and colors. Just be sure to use planters that compliment each other and your overall decor style. For instance, you can mix up cacti, snake plants, palms, and pothos. Visit Grow It Mobile to discover the different varieties you can play around with.

Most garden designers recommend clustering plants in odd numbers, but you can group however you want. There is no limit, really. You could even just group one plant type if you like or similar plants like cacti and succulents—no need to buy countless plant types that you have no idea how to keep alive. Plants look so lush when grouped, whether similar or different.

When arranging, place the smaller pots in the front and the taller ones at the back.

Don’t leave out the dark spaces

Dark spaces don’t have to be dull. You can still put up some of your plants in those spaces. Since they will need some light to thrive, you may want to have identical plants that you can swap. Every couple of days, you take out one plant to get some lighting and replace it with the identical that’s been out. This may seem tedious but it’s better than having empty dull-looking spaces.

Plant multiple heights in one big pot

If you have a large plant pot with plenty of space, you can mix up plants of varying heights in that same pot. Arrange them in a cascading manner, from smaller to bigger. You can either plant them in individual small pots, then arrange them all in the big pot or plant them directly on the large pot – either works.

For instance, you can mix up an upright plant like the Rubber plant with an underplant like the peace lily or the Devil’s ivy. You can also throw in a cascading plant like the English ivy, and you will have a lush green indoor oasis.

Go Dry

Not sure if you have the heart to care for plants? Don’t worry. You can always opt for dried stems like pampas grass. You will still bring texture and liven up your space without worrying about killing plants.

Dried plants and flowers are a great option for people with lots of pets, high-energy children, or people who are just super busy to care for plants. Dried plants are also a great addition to the green plants. They balance out the living and non-living plants, just like in the outside world.

Create a Center Stage

Create a center stage, or what interior designers call a focal point. Arrange the plants on one spot of your home with a variety of plants and use attractive planters and vases. This can be on your entryway, dining table, breakfast nook, or even the fireplace if you don’t use it.

Mix up the shapes and textures, so they are visually appealing. Like a monstera, taller and fuller plants would command more presence than smaller plants.

Popping plants on the floor is great but displaying them on stools, metallic stands, and other surfaces takes it to a whole new level. Even better is when the surfaces differ in heights, shapes, and texture. 

Layer up your green oasis with accessories like bowls, art pieces, books, and vases to make the space more dynamic.

Extend the greenery to your walls

You could just replace your wall hangings with living art if you have limited floor space by creating a vertical indoor plants display. There are plenty of ways to do this. You could start by creating a plant gallery wall with Staghorn ferns which grow amazingly well on wooden boards.

Macram’e Plant Hangers

Hanging plants really transform spaces. They add a new layer altogether to your decor, especially when hung with a macrame hanger.

Long draping plants

Add a few long hanging plants on bookshelves and floating shelves to make the room memorable. The longer it hangs, the more dramatic and the more memorable.

Big one next to the seating area

Perhaps this is more standard but well worth mentioning. Propping one big plant next to your favorite reclining chair is a sure way to add oomph to your living room.


And there you have it! Our expert tips for decorating your home with plants. I hope you enjoyed this article and you’ve learned enough to help you transform your home!


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