Tips For Wearing A Backless Dress


The season’s most captivating dress style is one that is very versatile and common at weddings, dinners, and other evening occasions. Of course, they’re sexy and keynotes to rocking a glam look. The backless dress style is having its moment right now, are you ready to share the stage with them?

While anyone can wear a backless dress, it’s nice to consider the proportions and visual elements to know if the cut would flatter your body type. There isn’t an exact length for the backline of a backless style dress. A higher back line is more decent while a plunging back line can visually stretch your back. A low-cut dress can be great for the evenings and cocktails but not for everyday wear or when dropping off your child in school.

This dress may not be the best for accentuating your curves and highlighting your best features, but it is perfect for sizzling that confidence boost that makes you feel more positive and comfortable in your own skin.

More recent designs of the style feature subtle yet striking elements with tied straps and open back holes. This guarantees that you can have a great collection of backless dresses and still be sure to have a captivating look.

One of the reasons why people don’t wear backless dresses is that they don’t know the kinds of bra they can wear with the dress. The likes of tube bras, low strap bras, and adhesive bras are pretty much preferred. Be mindful that any recommendations you take when choosing a bra for your backless dress would depend on how open the back of your session is.

How Do Backless Dresses Stay On

The backless dress style is not like the strapless dress where the bust and bodice have to fit properly before it stays onto the body. Backless dresses can stay on the body in several ways. The most common dress trends of this style are the spaghetti straps that hang behind the wearer’s neck and the halterneck style. 



If you’re wearing a backless dress with a neck strap, then it’s not ideal to have your hair covering the cloth details. You can pack your hair into a bun or other convenient hairstyles. Conversely, covering the neck strap with your hair would give the impression that nothing is holding the dress up.

How To Choose A Bra & Undergarments For A Backless Dress

There is specific underwear that is supposed to be worn with a backless dress. The sleeve style can also be used to determine how plunging the dress would be and the specific kind of undergarments you would be wearing.


To avoid looking scruffy, leave out your regular bras and go for a strapless or nude-colored bra that won’t be visible from beneath your dress. It could also help to go for a bra with clear side straps so the underwear easily blends in with the skin tone. If you have small cups, you can wear a low-neck bra or no bra at all.

Even when wearing a bra that is not visible from underneath the dress, you would still have to make sure you’re wearing one with the right measurement for you. You can use double-sided tapes or fashion tapes to hold the dress in place. You can’t skip the tapes if the dress is slightly flimsy or airy.

If you have big boobs, then you should consider wearing a clear strapless bra. Going braless can leave your fruits hanging loosely which may appear dawdy and not appropriate for some occasions. If the dress has a very low back line, you should opt for a low back bra. And if they won’t serve too, then you can go for silicone gel petals or an adhesive bra. Meanwhile, an adhesive bra gives more support than gel petals.

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How To Wear A Backless Dress

  1. Before wearing a backless dress, make sure you feel comfortable in the style, so you don’t go bending your face over when you’re faced with a crowd.
  2. Check the fitting of your dress at least twice before you step out for an event. If you really want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, try on the dress for about 15 minutes, then walk around your room to mark any potential issues with your dress.
  3. Ensure your hair is clean and elegant. You can put your hair down. However, the idea is to show off your back, so if possible, brush it to the front.
  4. Apply moisturizer on your back to create a luscious view from behind.
  5. Go for minimal jewelry pieces. Small accessories work well with backless dresses since more emphasis should be placed on the outfit. Extra notes are there to complete the statement look, not take all the shine from it.

Making Your Backless Dresses Work For You

To make a backless dress less revealing, you can layer a Cardigan or jacket. But that would only make the dress less appealing. Wearing bandeau tops under the dress compliments the fit better, making your backless dress look modest without misshapen the dress. When you know your backless dress is appropriate for an event, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear it. Having put the major issues with wearing the dress in check, you should start rocking these gorgeous styles the way you love them. 

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