Top 7 SEO Life Hacks for Beginners

SEO Life Hacks

Are you planning to start a blog? Stick around! This post is for you. Come to think of it! Having a blog is one; maintaining your business is another. Trust us! The essential SEO life hacks and are required to establish a strong foundation for your forum. If you are seeking a reliable platform to grasp SEO knowledge  and SEO Life Hacks sand how it works? You can look on the site.

Since there are many changes in Google space, it’s no more news that several SEO helpful hints are available for beginners on the track. So, you might find it a bit tricky to stick to one that works for you. With that in mind, here are the best 7 SEO tips for newbies to get a strong stand in the market. But, before we dive right into it, how about we check out the importance of SEO?  

Why is SEO important- SEO Life Hacks?

If you ask why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential, there are unlimited answers to give. Beyond all doubt, the market is turning into a digital world. Therefore, there are a vast array of sites with a similar post. But, SEO aids in enhancing web page visibility online and boosts your website traffic.

It doesn’t stop there! If your forum tops the Google search, you build more trust with users across the world. Consequently, guarantee your business growth and enhance brand recognition. Likewise, it generates leads and drives sales.

Top 7 SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Finding yourselves here means you want to establish yourself in the digital world. Therefore, we’ve handpicked some practical SEO hints for you to excel in your blogging career. Let’s get started!

1.    Speed up your Website

First, ensure your site load is super quick. When it comes to SEO, bloggers can never underestimate the power of page speed. You need to remove all elements that can slow down the hosting pace of the network.

First impressions matter most. Remember that you’re not the only brand in the marketplace. To stay ahead of other contenders, you need to create a good and friendly interface for the audience.  

Page loading time often affects the firm. As stated by Neil Patel, 47% of users expect a page to load in seconds or less than 2 seconds. There is evidence that 40% of customers leave a platform that doesn’t open within 3 seconds. Nonetheless, a page that loads fast is a lid choice for users.

2.    Design a unique Meta description

This is what most bloggers get all wrong. It’s essential to optimize a unique and fascinating Meta description and Title tag. The moment you look past these tips, and then you have to miss it.

The first section users see on your page is the Meta description. It determines whether or not to click on your link. Ensure you have a good and exciting description that communicates well with your audience.

In the same vein, a solid and distinctive title tag is necessary. It contributes to your ranking opportunities. As a bonus, include keywords in the Meta description to attract many users to the site. Likewise, do not miss out on relevant Google keywords in your page title tag. It gives internet info about the forum. Thus, Meta tags further drive traffic to your platform.

3.    Consider your audience- SEO Life Hacks

The next essential SEO tactic for beginners is the users. The key to a successful business is the customers. So, before launching your business and creating your first valuable content, let your buyer’s satisfaction be your goal.

If you want to gain more traffic to your network, visualize your users’ needs and deliver precisely what interests them. Producing a blog post that does not engage your client will put you at risk of getting fewer clicks.

It’s important to know that blogging is more than earning; it’s about connecting to the world to an extent. You have better chances to excel when you write eye-catching articles that engage readers.

4.    Use the precise Keywords

Using relevant keywords is a strategy to stay ahead of others. Moreover, it is one of the essentials in search engine optimization. However, the right keywords define your business and improve rankings on web search.

As said earlier, keywords apply to search engines. Hence, stay clear of keywords that are irrelevant to the content.  Use keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest, SEMrush and KWFinder to make the right choice.

There is still more to this! Using LSL keywords can improve your label’s ranking. Ensure you use specific keywords that are relevant to the post.  Above all, focus on your customers-loved keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

5.    Publish Original Content consistently

Another fundamental aspect of SEO is Content. Although the most challenging aspect of blogging is content creation, you need to produce top-notch articles often if you want to stay first up in the marketplace. Don’t forget to make the blog easy to read and understand.

Building a solid relationship with your audience requires consistency. As a starter, ensure you post at least 11 excellent blog posts in a month. Meanwhile, producing fresh content every time is a daunting project. The simplest and basic tip is to update an existing post.

Let’s take “Best Freelancing Sites 2017,” for instance. You can re-publish the post with the current year and change it to “Top Freelancing sites 2019”. This will inform your customers and the web that you’re still active.


6.    Link to yourself and others

We’re sure that sounds unnecessary. But, sincerely, it deserves attention. Link building is another vital SEO strategy. When you write a new article and link to another on your page, you’re undoubtedly promoting your business. Internal links allow users to steer through your platform for more SEO content.

You can also link to other reliable sites when necessary. But ensure you link out to a page that offers exciting value to users. Linking to other platforms helps the audience to comprehend the post more. In the same token, it attracts many prospects to the platform.

Having outbound links help you to take first place in the search engine. More importantly, this guarantees your brand’s reliability. Notify influencers when you connect them to your post and get backlinks if your blog is worth checking out.

7.    Optimize Simple URL Structure

Lastly, URL is another integral part of SEO. Even though most users pay little or no attention to this, make sure you craft catching and readable URLs. Nevertheless, let your URL describe your content as simply as possible.

Is there anything more exciting than understanding content with just a glance? We sincerely doubt it. In case your audience cannot easily digest the post, you’re not communicating. This, in turn, makes it more confusing for the web to acknowledge.

While others optimize a URL with a number, it’s advisable to use text for better understanding. Ensure you construct content that is search engine-friendly.

Many SEO specialists believe that taking on new ideas is easier said than done. However, understanding the basics of SEO will help your website take the lead. Also, optimizing your content with essential keywords will generate leads to your forum. Irrespective of when or how you aim to start, prioritize your customers and their goals.


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