Top 7 Things To Do When Travelling in Denver, USA

Travelling in Denver

If you are travelling around America, you should certainly consider Denver as one of the many stops! It is certainly a great place if you are looking to venture into the Rockies, it is full of things for adventurers of all levels. But if that sort of thing isn’t for you, don’t worry the Mile High City has a lot of offerings you should consider as well. In this blog, you will know about Top 7 Things To Do When Travelling in Denver, USA.

You can go see one of the many sports that is played pretty much all year long; NFL, NBA and MLB are a few of the main ones, with stadiums like Coors Field and Empower Field at Mile High on the must visit list for sports fans. There is plenty to fill your day and night up when travelling in Denver, so if you have limited time, have a read on below at some of the top things you should do first.

1. Larimer Square

Larimer Square is probably one of the most iconic places to visit in Denver, so it should be one of the first places you go to. It is always buzzing with life, there are so many restaurants, bars, cafes, and more to look through. Just the atmosphere is electric, even if you don’t actually spend any money here.

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2. Empower Field at Mile High

This location was briefly touched on in the introduction, it is a stadium that holds NFL matches, including games with the home team, the Denver Broncos. The stadium itself can hold 75,000 plus, and usually every seat in the house is filled with massive NFL fans. There are so many NFL fans around Denver, all willing to offer their expert NFL picks, if you are willing to hear them out!

3. Denver Zoo

Every city has a zoo, and it is always a winner no matter where you are travelling, especially if you have kids. There is heaps to do at the Denver Zoo, as it is home to over 4,000 animals, and you can even go see the animals being fed, which is always a treat!

4. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Looking for fun (and beautiful) outdoor activities? Then you have to go to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. You get fabulous views of the Rocky Mountains and there is heaps to explore. If you aren’t into hiking, then the amphitheater is also a great place to go, as it holds some pretty major music acts.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens

Another thing for all you nature lovers out there. The Denver Botanic Gardens boasts 50 gardens you can look through, all offering something truly unique. While it will cost you money to go through the Denver Botanic Gardens, it is actually quite a small cost, so if you are on a budget, this could be a good option.

6. Coors Field

Can’t have a list of the top things to do in Denver without talking about Coors Field, which is named after the famous Denver beer! Coors Field is home to the MLB team, the Colorado Rockies,and much like Empower Field at Mile High, it is filled to the brim with MLB fans when their team is playing.

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7. 16th Street Mall

It’s shopping time! The 16th Street Mall also connects with the Larimer Square, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Due to the fact that there is such a large variety of stores, entertainment venues and restaurants, it makes it a very popular place to be travelling in Denver.



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