Top Reasons Why Your Office Conducts Drug Tests

Office Conducts Drug Tests

Drug tests have become a common part of the recruitment drill across offices in the US. In fact, it does not stop at the recruitment process itself. Many offices conduct these tests on a regular basis or even conduct surprise tests to catch defaulting employees.Below are few Top Reasons Why Your Office Conducts Drug Tests.
It is natural to feel annoyed with these tests. They can add to your load of stress and keep you on your edges constantly. They can also have a negative impact on the safety culture of your workplace. Some people even feel that employers push for these tests as there is no trust between them.

For the occasional party-heads, of course, products like High Voltage Detox Double Flush can be a great relief.  You can find out more info about these products and adopt them for a stress-free life. However, for all others, understanding the reasons behind them can help you deal with all the annoying feelings. So here is a selection of some of the top reasons why offices push for these tests:

Legal Obligations

One of the leading reasons why companies spend millions of dollars on drug tests is due to mandatory rules imposed by the government. There are several types of industries and workplaces where drug use can become a safety sensitive matter. It can not only pose risks to the person in an inebriate state but also to other parties and stakeholders.

If your office violates its legal obligation, they may be penalized or may have to pay heavy fines.

Pre-Employment Screening

It is not just enough for the employers to know about the educational qualifications and experience held by an employee. The companies also like to screen their prospective human resource for problems related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Conducting the drug test at the pre-employment stage is one of the best preventive methods in this regard. So if your employer is conducting this test, it is to keep your workplace safe.

Corporate Safety Standards

Top corporate offices are keen on ensuring that both their employers and clients remain safe. They are also intent on offering their clients the best safety standards and even experience throughout the brand interaction. This is only possible when the company ensures that their employers are always in their best state.

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There is, of course, an extra price that you have to pay for remaining at the top, and sometimes it is in the form of drug tests.

Local History of Area

There are several areas that have a history of drug abuse or illegal activities. In such places, there is the likeliness that employees may develop unhealthy habits. To discourage such behavior, the employers impose tests on a routine or random basis. However, you may be relieved to know that leading offices conduct these tests only in compliance with the rules imposed by authorities in the area.

To Bring Down Health Care Cost

When an employer is hurt at the workplace, or he or she injures others, the company has to incur a heavy amount in terms of medical care costs. In fact, statistics show that drug users are most likely to injure others at the workplace. So having even one person with a substance abuse problem in the team can lead to injuries of up to other four employees.

To contain these costs, companies make investments in the form of precautionary drug tests.

To Push Up Productivity

It is not unknown that the fate of a company depends largely on its employee’s performance. People who are dependent on drugs are not capable of delivering their duty diligently. Not just that, they push down the productivity of the team as a whole. No wonder companies are so careful about ensuring that such people do not make their way into their team.

Reduce accident cases

Did you know that driving under influence is one of the leading reasons for fatalities in streets across the US? If a person works in the Transport department or operates even with a private fleet service, such tests become extremely crucial.

Usually, the companies that work in this line adopt their own rules in keeping with the federal policies. By adhering to strict drug test policies, these companies can make the roads much safer for everyone. In fact, the loss of life and property both can be reduced by adhering to the basic drug rules.

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As A Responsibility to Community

Drug abuse problems have been on the rise in recent years. Though the government has adopted various policies to discourage the use of such substances, it is not a problem that can be tackled by authorities alone. The community, too, has to equally participate in it. To fulfill their commitment towards community good, the companies have begun to adopt a strict drug policy.

With frequent tests, employees are both deterred from substance abuse, and it also leads to early detection of problems. Companies can then collaborate with the government and take appropriate measures to rehabilitate the person.  Proper rehabilitation and detection of problems is the only way to deal with this menace. 

Company Reputation 

In today’s time, brand image has become a crucial matter for all companies. The companies go out of their way to ensure that they do not get involved in any negative media stories. Ensuring that their employees are drug-free is a part of this larger idea of brand imaging.

When you work with a company, you become a representative of the company itself. The company’s reputation is at stake when the employees engage in risky or illegal behaviors. To avoid such kinds of situations from arising in the first place, the companies are very keen about whom they hire.

 Even after you are boarded into the team, there is constant vigilance to ensure there is no kind of suspicious behavior. It is important to note that companies may ask you to opt for these tests even on the grounds of suspicion. 

Summing Up

Now that you have been through the reasons, you may take part in these tests in a more positive light.

If you have been abusing drugs and are afraid you might lose your job due to a drug test then you might want to consider getting help as soon as possible. If you live in the US then getting detox in Arizona might be your best bet. You won’t only pass your drug test with flying colors. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to stop using drugs altogether. 


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