Things No One Told You About eCommerce

About eCommerce

Every few seconds a customer orders a product from Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other platforms, and do you know what that means? That means that eCommerce is getting more and more popular! This in turn means that you should make the best out of this situation and use the opportunity to open up your own eCommerce store! Below are few Things No One Told You About eCommerce.

They say starting your own eCommerce business is easy. You just create a website or your own store on platforms like Amazon, and boom, you have a business worth its salt. But that’s nonsense! We all have to be down to earth sometimes and look at things realistically!

So, to know more about what awaits you if you start your own eCommerce business, let’s look at the points presented below

Business Before Pleasure!

Before the actual selling process that you’re going to enjoy, you should go through dangerous territories, face difficulties and spend time to solve each and every problem you have on your plate! For example, one of the biggest problems is the cybersecurity of your business. 

If you’re planning to open a store on Amazon, then you shouldn’t really worry about the security of your personal account. In fact, Amazon takes care of the security of your personal information instead of you: however, don’t forget about that crazy competition that was and is happening on the platform. Because of it, Amazon sellers can hijack your listings and do everything to let you down! What can we say? Drastic times call for drastic measures!

In case you didn’t know, fighting against rogue sellers is possible! If you suddenly become the victim of fishy activities, you can always file a complaint on that specific seller, who will get emails stating that Amazon suspended their account! An Amazon suspension is one of those weapons you can use to make sure you are safe and sound! 

However, if you decide to start your VERY own business, with its own website and own customers, then you should hire professionals to take care of the cybersecurity part! 

Customers, They Are Everywhere! 

You think that the existence of millions of customers is good? Not as good as it seems! This means that you should carve out a niche and try to become the best in that area, which is however not the easiest thing to do! 

You have to conduct tons of research, understand who your customer is and what they want, find their location, optimize your account based on the data you collect and so much more! There are so many people who are ready to spend your money: you just need to find them! More specifically, you should create your own filter to choose the most profitable and the most loyal customers. 

Customer Service

As it turns out, analyzing the data and finding your ideal customer is not the hardest part! The hardest things come into the scene when you actually start communicating with real customers. In reality, they are extremely demanding, painstaking and needy! 

To help you better understand their demanding nature, just look at the following example that actually happened to an Amazon seller because of which she got her Amazon account suspended

The product came in different colors, however the buyer decided to purchase the “navy blue” option. Somehow, somewhere, something went wrong. After 4 days when the order was shipped to the recipient, the seller received a negative review. Why? Just because the product was not navy blue, it was admiral blue! Just go to Google and search for these two colors – they are practically the same! 

As you can see, having your own eCommerce business is not that easy! You should work your fingers to the bone until you see tangible results! You should find your go-to customer, optimize your account accordingly and take care of your cybersecurity! So, if you’re ready for this adventure, go and open up your website or store on eCommerce platforms and do magic!


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