How to throw the Ultimate Escape Room Birthday Party in Atlanta

Escape Room Birthday Party

Hey wow, it’s your birthday where is the party tonight? The obvious question which everyone wishes to know. There is no person in the world who is not excited about birthdays. Especially kids. 

To reduce parent’s pressure, we have come up with new ideas and themes for birthday parties. To reduce parent’s pressure, we have come up with new ideas and themes for birthday parties. We have also found some great deals on birthday gift baskets from Broadway Basketeers which you can order online.

We have fun party packages and the best venue Escape room birthday party. Let’s see what it is?

The Escape Room Atlanta is the venue where the birthday party with mission, mystery and fun. The guests will be locked in the room for 60 minutes to carry out things like crack the riddles, solve the puzzles and then escape. 

Types of Escape room with different packages.

  1. Atlanta Escape Room 1 hour– 

In this package, the group will be allowed to play only one quest. The group size should be 5 or more than 5 people. At the end group picture is taken and free gift certificate pass is given to the birthday person.

  1. Atlanta Escape room and party room

In this package escape room and party room is included where the group can play one of the quests and group can continue the celebration at party room. There is no limitation on taking pictures. You can take as many as you want. It involves the maximum limit of 8 people. 

  1. Atlanta Escape room and party room with additions

In this package group will play one of the available quests and rest can continue with the party. Things remain the same only with a deviation of a group of 10 people or less than that.

  1. Atlanta Escape room and party room with additions– 

The things remaining the same with group of 12 people or less. 

There is an important note which says that you can give someone the best experience of escape room. Where you can earn 60 mins game and 8 players. This gift can be given to someone special and it can be added in one of the packages.

You must be hardly remembering movie tickets, bowling alley, materials gift etc. but you will never forget Atlanta Escape Room. 

There are lot of games and escape rooms which kids would play and enjoy a birthday party.

The escape rooms are the real physical adventures games where you are required to solve puzzles, by using clues, strategies, hints in 60 minutes time to escape the particular room by completing the specific objective. It has different themes like Aztec Temples, Space Stations, Prison cells etc. 

  1. Play Detective- Solve mysteries and piece together the puzzle:

The people who loves mysteries, cracking codes, hunting clues etc. would love this game. There are many murder mysteries like gumshoe detective. In this case you need to find the clues, put them together, follow the trail and then get the leads. 

  1. Channel your Inner Explorer to a World of Wealth and Wonder.

Do you know where is the buried treasure? Do you know where is the notion of space and time defined by the navigation? All the answers can be revealed with this game. Many unknown and unearth artefacts hidden by time for thousands of years. It is a game of fantasy and imagination of world from ancient times.

  1. Come Face to Face with the Ominous Occult

This is the most fascinating and unknown quest game. It has lot of magic, fantasy, and hidden surprises that awaits you at every turn blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

  1. Break Free from Prison

This sounds very interesting, right? Even if you have not experienced break free from prison anytime, you can have it here. In this case, you have to break free before the guards find you. Without being a culprit, you can run from the prison.

  1. . Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

This may sound weird and thrilling to you but the people who love horror, thrill like zombies will definitely enjoy this escape room. You will be locked with weird creatures starring at you to quench their thirst and you need to solve riddles. Just imagine zombie starring at you and need to solve the puzzle to escape that level.

By playing these games you can play games and even enjoy a birthday party. This is a special gift you can give to your guests. So, let us make ultimate escape room birthday party in Atlanta.


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