Unusual Essay Types: Are they Rare


When students talk about essay writing, they usually mean a few particular essay types that are common within academic circles. We are well aware of argumentative essays, admission or application essays, and many other types. However, the field of academic writing is, in fact, much wider.

One can come across various types of essays that are quite unusual. Some of them are so atypical that they might even have weird titles. For example, have you ever heard of a process essay? Or a classification type of essay? But these two are real.

So, if you suddenly come across an unusual type of essay, no worries. You can either google the rules for writing or type “write my essay for me” to get qualified help. However, before you do any of this, please read the list of unusual essay types we’ve collected for you below. It might really help you sort it all out.

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect is a well-known method of organizing your thoughts. Respectfully, this type of essay studies the causal effect between the things under consideration. Students are required to research the effects of certain situations and their reasons. Of course, this type of essay still requires you to follow academic rules of writing and the recommended structure of the essay.

Classification Essay

This type of essay helps organize certain examples into categories. It’s not easy because you need to use all the communication skills to help the reader figure out your approach to classification. Nonetheless, such papers are quite common for students learning Biology and Chemistry, for example.

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Deductive Essay

Despite being very closely related to an informative essay, deductive essay writing requires much more effort from students. This way of thinking requires them to analyze previous events and statements to draw reasonable assumptions about the future or current situation.

If you have trouble writing a deductive essay, no worries. It’s really a hard task for many people, given the complexity of the thinking process and a large number of academic requirements. However, you can always get help. Just check the EssayPro review and order an essay from this company. There is no better company to handle your academic requests than this one.

Expository Essay

One of the most unusual types of an essay is an expository essay. Usually, students are required to support their ideas by providing evidence to the statements that they make. Expository essays demand them to describe the situation and express their personal opinion about it. In other words, expository essays give students more freedom to express themselves. 

Informal Essay

Even though it’s a rare case, informal essays let students be free in the way they express their opinion. Some instructors find it truly entertaining to see students grow in formulating their opinion and letting others in it.

Despite being informal, this essay still has clear requirements concerning the structure and format. It’s not free or creative writing, so do not be too careless.

Narrative Essay

This essay lets an author tell their personal story. This is a perfect chance to express an opinion using a storytelling approach. Moreover, this story can be focused on any question and situation concerning them.

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However, it’s critically important to make this writing interesting to readers. That’s why it should have all structural elements of the story: plot, character, setting, climax, and ending.

Personal Essay

One more way to express your own opinion is to write a personal essay. It’s different from the narrative and informal ones because it targets specific readers. When writing it, you need to think about the audience and present the facts to fuel their interest in the topic. However, yes, you need to remain professional and write an essay as is required academically.

Explicatory Essay

This type of essay is very similar to analytical essays. What you are required to do is to explain a piece of literature, a film, or a play to the audience in a very short story format. This essay focuses on a particular part of the text or a story rather than analyzing the whole piece. That’s why an author has a chance to study the particular part of the text chosen at their judgment.

Process Essay

Sometimes, students are required to describe a process instead of writing their analysis on a certain event or situation. This type of essay is called a process essay.

You need to describe the whole process step by step as well as the expected outcome. A chronological order should be maintained. Moreover, if you add more details about the procedure and explain how something works along the way, it’s called an informational process essay.


These and many other types of essays are believed to be unusual for students. However, this does not mean they are rare. On the contrary, such essays are very common and very specific. You have to be careful with instructions given by the teacher and follow them to the dot. Quite often, this is the key to success.


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