Ways to Add Privacy to Your Garden


Our outside space and gardens are our hideout from the world where you get to spend time and receive enough fresh air. However, at times you cannot get away from the overlooking neighbors, which makes things feel awkward.

Although your neighbors may not be as interested in what happens outdoors as you may be thinking, having privacy will ensure you have a good time in your garden. 

Reasons for Adding Privacy to Garden

  • Blocking an overlooking neighbor
  • Hiding any unsightly view
  • Providing security from intruders
  • Creating a haven for your kids and pets to play and a family relaxation space
  • Making separation from a neighboring yard
  • Create a barrier from any nearby public areas such as streets

Ways of adding privacy to your garden

There are various great design methods for creating outside space privacy. They include the following:


When it comes to garden privacy, fences are more popular and economical. Fencing is more suitable for those preferring low maintenance and secure privacy for their gardens. 

The fence can be in solid form or have openings to allow light. The garden fence can be made from materials such as bamboo, wood, wire mesh, metal, composites, or viny, and knowing which material to choose is essential. Wood is a good quality material in fencing.

Most fences are flexible and can be installed quickly and easily. When choosing a style for your garden fence, consider the shape and color suitable for your surroundings. 

Backyard Privacy Screens

Backyard privacy screens are increasingly becoming a popular option for gardens. Investing in privacy screens in your outdoor space will increase privacy. Privacy screens in Brisbane are a good example of how homeowners invest in backyard privacy screens for security and privacy reasons.

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The privacy screens are suitable for areas such as swimming pools, balconies, or decks that require visual protection. 

The screens are more stylish compared to fences and are more effective in smaller gardens. They don’t hide your view completely therefore; you can grow plants to add a layer of privacy. 

Privacy screens in Brisbane allow the making of separate rooms in the outdoor space. Each room has a different feel. Although they are relatively high in price compared to other privacy options, you can move them in case you change the garden design or move your home.

You can get more options on the backyard privacy screens, from Privacy screens in Brisbane. They will help you in the selection process depending on the size, color, and style you need. 


Planting climbers and hedging shrubs add more privacy to your garden area. Depending on your plant’s variety, you can grow them to the desired height and trim them to suit your privacy needs. However, ensure they don’t block natural light in your outdoor area.

Plants are a great option and decrease unsightly views. They also help reduce air pollution and block excess noise from your neighbors. Your garden also feels like a haven with the providence of green abundance. 

Some of the plants that you can use are trees, shrubs, vines, and ornamental grasses. 


Pergola is a standalone structure that can be either single or double. Depending on the design you choose, determines the level of privacy you achieve from them. You can have solid panels which also block the wind or slatted panel designs which allow air, limited view, and light. 

When your outdoor space is overlooked from a height, the pergola adds privacy from above. If you live in a conservation area, you will need planning permission to install a pergola in your garden.

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Awning, sail, or parasol

They are a good option for garden privacy ideas for your outdoor areas overlooked from the side or above. 

Parasol and sail are known for their flexibility. You can easily move them around your garden area to suit your privacy needs. 

Awnings are garden privacy solutions that are permanent. They are available in different styles and you can get them in the form of a simple side wall or automated retractable awning. Also, regardless of weather conditions, they help you enjoy your outdoor space. 


Walls include metal, concrete, brick, stacked stone, masonry block, or cinder. Walls are usually permanent structures. They protect your garden from harsh weather conditions and enhance its privacy. 

When building a wall, choose the type of materials that match your home style and the surroundings. Bricks and stones are a more sustainable option for a garden wall than other materials. Natural stone walling creates a gentle appearance in your outdoor space. Planting trees in between the stone walls can also create a natural appearance. 

Although building a wall is expensive compared to other ways of enhancing privacy, once you get it constructed, it lasts forever.


Trellis is easy to fix when you want to add a height to your garden fence. The trellis encourages climbing plants to climb up. This outdoor structure will add privacy to the backyard and block views of your neighbors.

Things to Consider when adding privacy to your garden

  • Style. The plants and hardscape materials you choose should complement the style of your outdoor space and property.
  • Local rules. When installing privacy barriers, check with the local authorities about the fence heights and conservation laws.
  • Maintenance. Adding low-maintenance plants is encouraged. A hedge requires regular pruning while a built wall is easy to maintain.
  • Security. The garden privacy options you choose should not give property intruders areas to hide. Look for ways that will deter intruders.
  • Consider your neighbors. When planting a hedge or a tree next to your neighbors, make sure it does not affect their property space. Avoid hedges that need pruning or trees that are little on your neighbors’ compound area.



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