Why Are Homeowners Using Soft Washing Companies For Exterior Cleans


More people are putting considerable effort into wellness, keeping their homes clean, free of germs, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. That carries to the exterior as many choose to extend their living space to include their outdoor gardens. View here for details on outdoor “green” cleaning.

Now, it’s not just crucial to maintain a neat, tidy, and clean exterior for curb appeal to ensure the house fits nicely with the community standards. But, it’s suitable for spending much quality time in the outdoor space.

While usually, the standard is to turn to power washing as a fast, practical approach, offering short-term benefits for the home’s walls, roofing, and surrounding surfaces, homeowners prefer an option that will provide cleanliness on a much longer-term basis instead of clearing only the surface.

They want something to get down deep and eliminate the dirt and grime. A growing number of people are switching over to soft washing services using trusted professionals like Immaculate Softwash, a well-established company in the industry. Let’s look at this low-pressure cleansing technique more in-depth to see why it’s quickly become the fan favorite.

Why Are Homeowners Using Soft Washing Companies For Exterior Cleans

Everyone wants their home to be clean on the inside and now more so than ever on the exterior. Since a greater number of people are working from home, homeowners are extending their living space to include their gardens.

No one wants to spend quality time where there’s a lot of grime. That means employing cleaning services routinely to eliminate the dirt.

At one point, the go-to was fast-acting power washing equipment that instantly took the surface grime off for effective short-term results, but homeowners wanted to find cleaning that would last for extended periods.

The choice people are gravitating toward is soft washing, a lower-pressure response to cleaning compared to power washing. This system also focuses on using environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the contaminants and leave the surface sanitized once the substances are rinsed away.

With safe chemicals, the surrounding vegetation is out of harm’s way, as are the insects and wildlife roaming the communities, not to mention our children and pets. What other potential benefits can you look forward to when choosing this technique for cleansing your house? Let’s learn these together.

  • There is science behind the approach to cleaning the home’s exterior surfaces

The suggestion is that science intercedes with this cleaning approach because the method can potentially eliminate biological contaminants. These can include things like “moss, lichen, pollen, and algae,” all of which have the potential to destroy a house’s roofing structure, the surrounding exterior walls, and staining the surfaces.

The suggestion is that the regrowth of these contaminants should be inhibited after elimination, depending on the chemicals a company implements.

That isn’t to say that power washing doesn’t eradicate these contaminants because it will have a fabulous appearance as a result. The problem is that jet washing doesn’t have the capacity to kill undesirable “biological growth.”

That will allow the material to return to the surface relatively quickly compared to speed treated with soft washing.

  • Sanitized for the long-term

It is suggested that an exterior platform treated with soft washing won’t need to be cleansed again for roughly “six years.” Variables will apply in that assessment, including the weather conditions in your specific location and where you live.

In contrast, once an area has been power washed, the biological regrowth is likely to reappear as soon as “12 months or before.” Softwashing penetrates the surface instead of merely swiping it, soaking into each crack and crevice using a biodegradable, safe tactic to break down the biological growth.

It’s actually more budget-friendly to approach the exterior wash in this manner because of its longevity. Power washing needs to be done so much more frequently, once per year, whereas soft washing is once, perhaps every six years, much more cost-effective.

  • Minimal, if any, property damage

While jet washing powerfully eliminates the grime and dirt, this high pressure has the potential to damage the house, including tiles or slates with the roofing structure, wall masonry, and other issues that create extensive maintenance when all is done and said. Learn methods for soft washing with an older home at https://restorationmasterfinder.com/restoration/soft-wash-houses/.

Soft washing has less potential for damage because it incorporates a lower pressure, creating a less harsh spray. It doesn’t depend on the power behind the spray to eradicate the dirt and grime. It’s reliant on chemical products for the results.

  • Environmentally-solutions

Not only do soft wash companies strive to use chemicals that are eco-friendly in an effort to protect the environment. When harsh chemicals are used for exterior cleaning, it puts not only the surrounding vegetation at risk, the garden but also the wildlife that feeds on that foliage.

It’s a dangerous cycle that can eventually work its way around to impacting everyone. That isn’t even considering that small kids and pets have the potential for harm when exposed to these chemicals.

There’s also a lot of water waste with jet washing in such an intense stream. Fortunately, soft washing is not as much of a concern since the pressure remains low throughout the washing process, ultimately saving water overall. Click here to learn what soft washing is.

Final Thought

More people want to enjoy the exterior of their homes, extending their living space to the outdoors where they can relax and find calm after a long day of remote working or a harried day on the job site.

While homeowners have always wanted a clean, tidy curb appeal to fit in with the surrounding community, it’s even more imperative since they will spend so much quality time in the garden.

Using the services of a professional soft washing company allows the home’s exterior surfaces to be cleansed with eco-friendly products with a method that gets to the root of the grime, so there’s a long-lasting effect.

When you have the cleanest house in the community, neighbors, close friends, and even colleagues will want to gather in your garden. Is that a good thing – or not so good?


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