Rules & Etiquette in the Laundromat to Abide


A laundromat is a public space that has several unspoken rules. Although these rules and etiquette are no-brainers, some customers must be reminded. We want to remind you of the rules and etiquette when washing your clothes at a laundry service.

Ready your laundry before visiting the laundromat.

You should sort out your laundry before you go to the laundromat. Separate the white, colored, and delicate clothes before going. It would be awkward if you sorted your clothes at the laundromat. Moreover, if you have a laundry pickup service, ensure that your clothes are already sorted. Do not forget to remove your undergarments! 

Don’t leave any clothes or items unattended.

Always keep your things in check. If you do another errand, be mindful of the time. Make sure to set a timer and be back earlier. Moreover, when you are done, make sure to double-check the machines. You might leave behind your clothes.

Be mindful of other customers when using the machines.

Some customers reserve machines, which is the most controversial practice in the laundromat. They “reserve” the item by spreading their laundry across multiple machines before others can use them; the same goes for dryers. If you are used to doing this, you must change this practice even if you have to wait a bit longer. 

But, you do not have to remove clothes when there are someone’s clothes inside the washer or dryer. Be patient. Give them a few minutes to collect their clothes from the machine. If the owner does not show up, you can gently remove their clothes and place them in a clean laundromat cart. Do not put their clothes in the dryer; you never know if they do not use the dryer. 

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Do not overload the machines.

Laundromat owners constantly remind their customers not to overload the washer and dryer. You can notice people who throw clothes beyond the machine’s capacity when you hear a clunking sound. Throwing in the right amount of clothes does not only help the laundromat owners; it also results in cleaner and wrinkle-free clothes. 

Use the machines with care. It could damage the clothes of the next person who will use them.


It is important to practice Clean As You Go at the laundromat. Remember, it is a public space; many people are there for the same laundry service. Thus, show respect to the people around and the establishments by keeping your space clean. Throw away empty detergent bottles, fabric softeners, or food and drink containers you have. 

Moreover, do not forget to put back the carts. Laundromat carts are extremely helpful in transferring your laundry around the laundromat, but they block the aisle. Remind yourself to return their carts to their proper place after you use them.

Final Takeaway

Rules and etiquette in the laundromat are all about common sense and respect for the establishment and people around you. Make laundry day a pleasant experience for everyone. Remember, the laundromat is a public space; it is for everyone. 

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