What Is Swipe Surge

what is swipe surge

Introduction of what is swipe surge

What is swipe surge? It is a new feature of tinder. Tinder is an American online dating app. Here you will find many boys and girls, teens, and adults using the app. They all are giving the best picture of them as like profile pictures of Facebook.

Moreover, there is a short bio along with some common interests. All these things will come in front of others; if anyone likes it, they will be in the right slide, your image, and dislike the left fall. After that, if two people match together, they will become able to exchange messages. However, tinder is an app of 2012, and there was a gap in finding the dating app tinder has come upon it. 

To join tinder, you need to connect your fuel with your Facebook account. Matches are not available nowadays, and message requests are facing rejections.

That’s why fuel has come with a new feature name surge swipe. In it, you will find more features, and importantly, this app’s activities become fifteen times faster than the normal ones. You will also get a perfect match two hundred and fifty times faster during the surge swipe. This is a cool feature by fuel that will make you more active on tinder for a perfect match.

Whoever you are doesn’t care; now you can start matching with a fabulous picture and an impressive short bio. Moreover, if you choose the surge swipe feature, then you have a high chance to pass the summer vacation with your partner. It may become more interesting that you will get a partner who is also using the same feature.

Timing of swipe surge

Swipe surge is a type of feature that works fifteen times faster to match you with your perfect partner. What is to swipe surge is relatively unknown to many a person and even to the users too. The main reason behind bringing swipe surges is to increase people’s attention towards tinder. It has become dull in few years. People complain that it is not working, and many fake accounts are wasting the time of others. This feature makes sure that you are getting matches fifteen times faster than the last time. Moreover, it sends a notification to you if any of the games try to contact you.

There is some time when these features enable. You will not be able to allow the time of the quality. The app will set the time of the quality by giving you a notification. When the app will find spikes around you or close to your city, then the feature starts. Especially tinder releases the quality in holiday, festivals, or even on regular days even. It removes the part on Monday because night because it is one of the most active periods for Tinder users. The feature can last for even minutes or hours too. Again, if there is any unusual traffic causes the quality to become to disappear.

Steps for catching the swipe surge feature

What is the swipe surge of tinder? I think you have got some idea of it? Swipe surge is a feature of the tinder app. This feature is temporary, and it comes during the spikes in your area or around your city with a better and faster matching experience. At first, download the app on your phone, then signs in through Facebook.

Moreover, fuel brings a new feature where you can sign in using a telephone number only. Then use it until swipe surge does not enable in your locality. Swipe surge is not a permanent feature; it is a temporary feature—the reason behind bringing this feature only a vast number of inactive users. Tinder became boring in recent years because there were no perfect matches, and some people were wasting other’sothers’ time.

However, you will see a swipe surge icon that will come to your phone as a notification. For that, you have to turn on the reports from tinder. Swipe surge gets active in any area at any time, depending on the spike. When your area swipe surge becomes active, you will get a green surge message on your device from tinder. You can see a green swipe surge during swipe surge that tells about that person is online and using the swipe surge feature. Therefore, you see to join a swipe surge feature, and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. 

What are swipe surge features and facilities?

Tinder has to make a massive comeback after a severe scenario of an enormous number of inactive users. People were giving complaints that fuel is not working can’t get a perfect match. They are even complaining that tinder is time-consuming fake battles are messaging for time. That’s why people started to uninstall fuel and make less use of it. Therefore, they bring a feature that has to change the direction and attracting a lot of users. The feature name is swipe surge; in it, Shenzhen; you will get many active users. When there is any festival, program, or holiday, this feature gets activated. During this feature, matching increases by fifteen percent. You can get better matches in the fastest way. 

The feature is facilities you are getting through this feature are fantastic. You can match with your partner fifteen times faster than the regular time. This happens only because of a considerable number of active users during this feature. For enjoying the feature facilities, you have to make a tinder photo through which an opposite gender might like you. Again you have to write a short and exciting bio for impressing others. A perfect combination of a good picture and impressive bio can get you the right swipe magnet to others. This feature will make your time use or beneficial on tinder. Therefore, we can now speak, ‘what is swipe surge and its facilities.”

More about the tinder feature, and it is easy to get matches.

Tinder brings a new feature name swipe surge, its facility to its users, and its facility. This before or feature is now making a fifteen times faster choice than before or regular time. The percentage of matching with a perfect couple has become two hundred and fifty. To get the matches, you have to maintain some things. At first, turn on the notifications from fuel, so that when swipe surge enables, you can get to know. Then choose your best picture as your tinder picture; therefore, you could get many likes and a proper match too. If there is any party or festival in your area or city, then a swipe surge enables you to obtain perfect matches. 

Another critical point you have to fill in is bio. A bio should be small writing of your attitude and lifestyle. An exciting bio can get you several options of matching and even a perfect match too. If you match with someone who you may like, then immediately send the first message. You can even boost your id for coming in front of most people. Without thinking, use the boost during the swipe surge period.

Moreover, this feature is free for users until now. There might be a question, ‘why I can’t get this feature?’. This may be because this feature is only in some cities, not everywhere right now.

Intentions of bringing a swipe surge and why to use it

This new feature of tinder is bringing a lot of changes for the users and more for tinder. Tinder was facing many a problem before this feature. The number of users of tinder was decreasing day by day. People were becoming inactive on tinder, and those who are using it are also becoming inactive day by day. When tinder became famous, many people were active on tinder, and they were getting matches. But after some time, the users became inactive because of not getting proper matches and fake accounts. When a match happens, there was no reply coming from the opposite side, which was time-wasting. Therefore, the users were losing interest in tinder and becoming inactive on tinder.

To change this situation and not to lose the users, tinder has to do something. For that, they bring this feature. Active users. With this feature, many users were coming back, and the number of active users is also getting higher. This was a trick by tinder, they have brought this feature and told that this feature enables only some time. When they watch several people using the app in an area or city. Then traffic occurs on tinder because of many active users for which many people get perfect matches. The intention of bringing this was to gather more users and hat area and notify other inactive users for catching it. 


How to know when a swipe surge enables on tinder?

‘What is swipe surge?’ we have understood the thing. But, how to know about the timing of the feature. This feature active suddenly or occasionally. When there is any festival, party in your city or area or even in the neighborhood, then the feature may become active. But this feature is not available in all cities or countries. It is only for the specific cities. When the swipe surge becomes enabled, a notification will come to your phone with a green tinder sign. But forgetting the notification, you have to permit tinder for sending notifications. 

What is swipe surge on tinder?

Do you know what is swipe surge? It is a special feature by tinder. It is mainly on tinder because of bringing back their users. Tinder was facing many problems together; one of the major problems was they were losing users. The number of inactive users was increasing day by day. Again the left users complained that they are facing problems like the reply was not coming from the other side. This all was happening because of inactive users. 

So, to bring back the users, they launch a feature name swipe surge. This feature works faster than the regular time. The feature starts at any time, depending on the number of users in a specific area. During this feature, your matching percentage increases by two hundred fifty percent. Therefore, in this way, this feature works.

Conclusion of what is swipe surge

Tinder is an online dating app by the American geosocial network. Through this app, you can date unknown people. This app matches you with a perfect partner for you. This became popular in early 2015, and people at first start to love it and a huge response was a record at that time. But after some year’s tinder started to lose users for that they have to do something. For that, they bring a feature name swipe surge. Now, ‘what is swipe surge’ this feature is fifteen times faster than the regular time. This feature starts in a specific period, not all the time you will get it. 

Therefore, you can recognize a person using this feature by seeing a badge or swipe surge. This will make your time on tinder count rather than making it waste. However, you are now ready to go on a date after the perfect match and enjoy the date now. Furthermore, if the date is happening, do not forget to thank tinder.


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