What to Look out for When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycling is a very intense and dangerous passion – the freedom you feel when flying over the asphalt and the adrenaline that kicks in as soon as you accelerate. But the slightest error can turn into a catastrophe as there is no crumple zone and no retention that could offer protection to the motorcyclist. That’s why motorcycle helmet are so important. 

No, they cannot prevent accidents, but oftentimes they can save the rider’s life in case of a crash.

How Do Helmets Protect the Motorcyclist?

Motorcycle helmets don’t just lower the risk of serious head traumas in case of a crash, but also improve the riding experience: By keeping the strong airstream out of your face and by dampening the loud noises, it helps you to stay focused when you’re riding on the highway. That’s why, in some cases, wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of an accident. 

To avoid road fatigue, always make sure to take a break and get some fresh air. Drinking cold water awakens your spirits.

How Do Motorcycle Helmets Work?

It’s important to buy motorcycle helmets that are of high quality and that fit you well. Helmets consist of an outer shell, an impact-absorbing liner, comfort padding, and a retention system. Each layer and each component serve a specific purpose:

The outer shell, which is usually made from fiber-reinforced composites or thermoplastics, is meant to compress when under impact. That way, (part of) the force can be conducted before having an impact on your skull. The impact-absorbing liner does the same thing to protect your skull. The comfort padding is there to make the helmet fit you well and to protect your skin from the rough material. The retention system makes sure the helmet doesn’t come off when a strong force is taking effect.

A helmet can only protect you if it fits perfectly. However, choosing the right helmet can be challenging. This guide will help you make good choices.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

There are various criteria when it comes to purchasing a new motorcycle helmet. In theory, the answer to the question of which helmet to choose is fairly easy: the one that fits you best. But how to find out which one actually does?

The Size of Your Head

The first thing you must know is the circumference of your head. If you cannot have your head measured at a specialized store, make sure to have a gauged measuring tape at hand. To measure the relevant circumference, focus on the widest part of your head. Then lead the measuring tape over your forehead, above your ears, and slightly above the bump on the back of your head.

The Shape of Your Head

The circumference isn’t the only crucial criterium for finding out which helmet to buy, as heads come not only in different sizes but also in different shapes. Ask someone to look at your head from above and to assign it to one of the following categories: “round”, “oval” or “neutral”.  

Some helmets can be adjusted to your individual head shape with specific cheek or crown pads. But it’s better to find a helmet that fits you perfectly without any modifications.

How Tight Should a Motorcycle Helmet Be?

In order to protect you from serious injuries, the helmet should fit tightly. If it gives you a headache or puts a lot of pressure on your skull, it’s most certainly too tight. If you want to make sure that the helmet in question is a good choice, it’s best to leave it on for about half an hour – if there are no gaps between the pads and your face, that’s a good sign.


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