Opening Your First Hair Salon: A Step-by-Step Guide

First Hair Salon

The salon industry is on the rise. If you have a burning passion for hairstyling, congratulations, you picked the right time for opening a salon. Opening a business and a First Hair Salon isn’t always as difficult as you think, especially if you have the proper guidance.

We are here to help you transform your dreams into reality with our guide on how to open a hair salon that’s going to bring happiness to you and your customers. 

Start with a business plan 

A business without a business plan is like having the bread but no butter. A concise and clear business plan can help you tremendously on this dream journey of yours. 

Of course, you probably have everything mapped out in your mind about how things are supposed to be, but a business plan is a must.  A great hair salon business plan states why and how your business will be successful. With a nice guide and a solid template, writing a business plan isn’t a long and drawn-out process, but a vision that will solidify your wants and need business-wise.

 Be aware that every single business plan includes these points: executive summary, company overview, industry analysis, customer analysis, competitive analysis, operations and marketing plan, management team, financial plan and appendix.

Pick your salons’ concept and the right location

Every business must have a concept that will reflect on the services you provide, the pricing, the decor and your personal niche. In addition to that, a name for the salon that will strongly conjure images about what you and your salon are about can intrigue the client into wanting to experience those images.

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Furthermore, the location is the key to the success of the business. Survey the area and find out whether other salons are in business and what type of services they provide. If the location isn’t very competitive hair salon-wise, then you are set for a golden take-off. However, if it is, be sure to not name the salon in a similar fashion to the others. 

Don’t let the competition discourage you, but rather empower you. Your personal and unique set of skills will enable you to compete with anyone. As mentioned above, with your niche and unique twist on things, garnering success is just a hair-cut away. 

Register your business

The next big step is to register your business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so that you can receive your Employer Identification Number. Having a registered business will help you avoid any unnecessary brushes with the taxman.

Trademarking your salon’s name will prevent other people from using your unique ideas and enable you to be 100%  distinct in the services you provide.

Top-quality equipment is a must

Top-of-the-line equipment will leave the customers returning again and again. Of course, buying equipment nowadays can be quite costly. Gently used second-hand equipment is always a valid option but if you opt for new equipment make sure that it’s the best. Craft a list of everything that you need to propel your business to glory. Buying in bulk is always a good financial decision. 

The services you provide

The services you provide at your salon are of course the center of the salon’s concept and brand. Clear pricing and description about the services that are done at your salon can make your customers more comfortable and willing to try new things out. 

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Furthermore, providing excellent customer service transforms into a customer experience. Word of mouth will travel wide and far if you are really passionate about your job and the clients that you welcome.

The staff

Before even interviewing anyone, have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a staff member. Skill, attitude and personality are the things that should define you and your staff. Having a clear idea about what kind of person you want from the get-go, will enable you to run your business more smoothly. 

The marketing aspect

As mentioned above, word of mouth is a great way to spread your business’ name. However, you might want to set aside some money for a nice website where you can spread the beauties of your salon to everyone.

Survey your customers about their experience at your salon and you will greatly improve in no time. 

Final Thoughts 

In the lands of salons, it’s never been more fruitful. Turning a passion into a lucrative business is within arm’s reach. Focus on the essentials and the other things will come on their own. 

Having a business plan and registering your business should be the forefront thoughts when starting up something new. A strong staff could elevate your skills, and in addition to that, put your ideas from theory into practice. We hope that this guide will help you on this beautiful journey. 



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