Instituting Remote Working Policies


In March 2020, the whole world seemed to shut down as the coronavirus pandemic – and the historic restrictions on gathering – rolled in. Many companies were quick to transition to a new way of thinking about work, instituting remote working policies and equipping employees with the tools to work from home.

With the country more or less fully open for business, many companies are taking the opportunity to rehabilitate their workforce in the office, by either phasing out remote work or instituting hybrid working agreements to give employees the best of both worlds. Opinion is divided amongst the UK’s workforce over the return to the office, with some much happier than others to return full-time. 

Either way, the change from a home-working situation to five days a week in the office can be a jarring one. If you are one of those mandated to return to the office, even if for a few days of the week, you might be feeling a little stressed at the prospect of changing your routine to suit. The following are a few helpful tips to help you re-adjust, and ease your way back into the office environment proper.

Shift Your Waking Hours

The re-introduction of a morning commute to your daily routine will invariably mean an earlier wake-up call, in order to get presentable and allow time for travel. But shifting your body clock to an earlier rise is not an easy task, and simply setting your alarm earlier could lead to excessive tiredness throughout the day – especially if you’re an impulsive snoozer. Resetting your body clock can take time; you should begin waking up earlier well in advance of your first day back in the office, and incrementally shift your sleeping time back so as not to impact the quality of your sleep.

Prepare Your Meals

Heading into the office can also herald a significant change in lifestyle – where you were previously able to cook up a lunch from scratch, you now might find yourself looking at supermarket meal deals to get you through the day. Preparing your lunches ahead of time can give you nutritious food to look forward to, while saving you money and taking little time out of your day. Quick-cook dishes using woks, such as stir-fries or noodle soups, can inject some flavour into your lunch and take less than half an hour to put together the night before.

Redecorate’ Your Workspace

Lastly, your office environment might not be as inviting as the home office you’ve crafted for yourself. Active engagement with your desk or office space at work can help you create a welcoming working environment; personal effects like photos are a must, while small succulents or houseplants can give your space a little more colour. Re-arranging your desk can make it more optimal for work, while regular de-cluttering can help keep your environment stress-free. 


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