What To Pair With Fishing T-Shirts

Fishing T-Shirts

Fishing T-shirts are essential wear for every angler. It provides comfort for a long day of fishing and gives ample protection from harmful sun rays.   

However, fishing T-shirts aren’t exclusive for those who love angling. You can wear it for any activities and hobbies that require staying under the sun. You can also style these shirts when staying at the beach or everyday wear.  

Here’s some basic and classic wear to pair with fishing T-shirts that will get you hooked.  

  1. Beige And Khaki Shorts  

Beige and light khaki shorts can pair up with any color and design shirt. These neutral basics are the top must-haves in your wardrobe.  

When shopping for shorts, take note of the fabric used. For breathability and moisture-wicking property, a cotton and polyester blend is ideal. It keeps you comfortable for your outdoor hobbies and everyday errands. Then, you can wear sneakers or running shoes of neutral color to complete the outfit.  

If you’re planning to buy some comfy shirts, you may check out online shops like Salty Crew fishing t-shirts, offering a wide range of styles and designs to suit your everyday needs.  

2. Pleated Shorts  

Pleated shorts are more on the classy and sleek side. This old-school style is slowly coming back to mainstream fashion. From its name, it has some subtle folds to the front for a loose fit and better comfort.  

The best-pleated shorts to complete your wardrobe are neutral-colored ones like black, beige, light brown, and gray. To mix and match, pair complementing colored fishing T-shirts and pleated shorts. For example, a gray shirt goes well with black or beige shorts.  

One more style tip when wearing pleated shorts is to wear a fishing T-shirt with minimal prints. This hack allows you to maintain that effortless gentleman look but extra comfy.  

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3. Cargo Shorts  

Cargo shorts are perfect for those who are in action. Due to the extra pockets, it’s still a popular choice for those who do fishing, woodworking, and other activities requiring carrying bits and pieces in your pocket all the time.  

However, cargo shorts can be a little tricky to style. Some cuts are too long to function as shorts, making them unflattering. To balance fashion and function, choose knee-length cargo shorts. 

In terms of matching, you can wear fishing T-shirts of any color and design with any neutral or earth-toned cargo shorts.  

4. Classic Denim Shorts  

Denim shorts never go out of style. They evolve in fits and cuts over the decades to suit different trends. They’re the key to most casual outfits for any gender.  

Dark blue denim shorts can match a wide variety of fishing T-shirts. You can efficiently complete a look by grabbing the first shirt you’ll see. It’s a quick solution for those who are always on the go.  

You can wear a denim jacket darker or lighter than your shorts to spice up the look. Then, wear a comfy pair of shoes, and you’re ready.  

5. Board Shorts  

If you’re wearing a fishing T-shirt on the beach, board shorts are the most practical and stylish option. These lightweight, moisture-proof shorts are ideal for a hot sunny day by the sea.  

Board shorts come in different prints and designs. What you wear is entirely up to your taste and the look you’re going for. You can go crazy about picking bright colors to blend in with the summer vibe.  

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In terms of fishing T-shirt designs, large colorful prints can amp up the festive ambiance. If you want a monochromatic look, choose a shirt that matches at least one color from your board short’s design.  

6. Blue Jeans  

Blue jeans are everyone’s wardrobe staple. It’s chic and easy to pair with any tops and shoes. Depending on its cut, you can wear it in any season.  

The most versatile cut is mid-rise straight-cut jeans. It’s not too tight and not too baggy. You can effortlessly style it to dress up by adding layers or dress down by wearing a simple fishing T-shirt and a jacket depending on the weather.  

Moreover, blue jeans and a tee are also popular work outfits. Whether you’re an angler, carpenter, or desk job worker, these are the reliable basics.  

7. Cargo Pants  

Cargo pants are also dependable work and play clothing that perfectly matches fishing T-shirts of various designs. Like those mentioned above, it’s best to choose neutral colors to suit any shirt colors and prints.  

Due to their loose cut, cargo pants made with high-quality materials are breathable. Like jeans, they are fashionable clothing pieces for those enthusiastic about physical work or hobbies like fishing.  

In addition, cargo pants made for workwear are more durable than streetwear. They can also be more stretchable and breathable, perfect for a day on the sea, under the warm sunlight.  


Fishing T-shirts combine look and practicality. They’re an excellent choice for your daily outfits and workwear. Regardless of your style, you can always pair them with your existing wardrobe staples. But, always remember to prioritize comfort. As they say, ‘the essence of fashion is comfort before style.’



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