What You Need to Know About Automating Your Life


Automation still sounds like something too exotic when it comes to our homes. Even though now, many people consider automation at home a luxury, it is far from the truth. By investing in automated devices, if you do it correctly, of course, you invest in your comfort, health, and productivity. 

Let us give some examples to clarify here better what we mean.

An automated Desk for Work

If you work at a desk, you know how one feels at the end of a working day: pains in the back and the neck, fatigue, headache are just the basic symptoms that accompany every office worker constantly. But with an automated desk, you can forget about them once and forever.

A progressive desk enables you to change from a sitting into a standing position instantly, without effort and without wasting any time. Moreover, you can do it without interrupting your work.

To benefit at the full extent, ensure your desk is adjusted as it shall be. So, in a sitting position, your knees shall be bent at an 90-degree angle, the hands shall rest on the keyboard, the computer screen, its center, shall be located at the level of your eyes. The neck shall not be bent. 

In a standing position, your knees shall be slightly bent to enable you shift from one leg to another effortlessly. Other than that, the other points are also valid for a standing position.

A standing desk is good not only to work more comfortably but to exercise during work. Adjust the desk height to the comfortable one to do push ups, stretches, or whatever is your favorite exercise.

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An Automated Bed for Proper Sleeping

If your family is complaining about your snoring or if you constantly wake up tired, it might be an indicator that you need to change a bed. Try an automated bed from a reliable manufacturer. It will help you in many regards:

  • Such a bed can be adjusted to follow the natural curvatures of your spine which prevents pains in the back.
  • You can adjust it for your individual needs.
  • It will improve the quality of your sleep, eliminate or reduce snoring, and renew the proper blood circulation to your brain.
  • Top models will offer you such bonuses as underbed lighting and a massage function.

When you are planning to purchase an automated bed, consider that you might need a new mattress to use with it. While with some beds, you can use a usual thin memory foam or latex mattress, it might not work with a traditional mattress or with some models of automated beds. Therefore, we recommend checking the bed specifications to see whether a special mattress is needed or not. 

An Automated TV Lift

Now, let’s add some luxury to the vitally necessary things such as a bed and a desk. Do you love watching TV? And what about handling this device with even more care and comfort? With an automated TV lift, you can do it.

Don’t think that a TV lift is something excessively expensive. Now, you can buy a couple of linear actuators and make a good TV lift on your own, without hiring anybody. There are plenty of videos on Youtube on how to install a TV lift in a drawer, behind a furniture piece, above the ceiling.

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With this device, you can keep your TV set safe and watch it in a comfortable position and at a convenient angle. 

An Automated Kitchen

Your kitchen is not just any common space. It is a place where you cook, and where the entire family gathers to eat. That’s why you want it to be comfortable and functional. It is impossible without domestic items such as a food processor, a good oven, a blender, and similar. But what can one do if the kitchen isn’t the biggest one, and the need for all the items is high indeed?

You can automate the kitchen! 

A very good idea is to install lift columns in floor-mounted cabinets. Such columns can serve as a support for your domestic items, and you can still have a lot of free space for your activities.

Another wonderful idea is to fix automated racks for smaller items such as spices, utensils, etc. They also help to save a lot of space and keep your things in order.

Bottom Line

Automation is not as expensive now as you might think. All items can be bought already readily-made. If you want to save money or to have a really custom project, you can build one for yourself, based on your taste and preferences. 

But whatever it costs, it is a valuable investment in your comfort, health, and life in general. Don’t deprive yourself from the comfort you can get by automating your space. 

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