Life-Saving Hacks You Need to Know When Wearing High Heels

Life-Saving Hacks

High heels are a girl’s best friend, but they can be challenging to wear if you don’t know the tips and tricks all the experience girls use. If you’re new to the heel world, then you’ll know they can hurt after only an hour or two of wearing them, and you need the best life hacks to prevent the blisters from getting awful on your feet. Since heels have been around for a while, there are tons of tips and life-saving hacks out there you should definitely make use out of! It’s not always easy wearing them and being a woman can be difficult at times. But, heels make you feel amazing, and they look great too, so stick it out, and you’ll be fine. 

Below we have some quick and life-saving hacks every woman needs to know before she goes on a night out or to a fancy event wearing heels. This advice is sure to make things a lot easier, and you’ll have a better time too! Heels make life a lot better, but you have to be sure that you’re wearing the right size, colour and fit for you. Since if you just choose any heel, you won’t love it as much as you should!

The thicker the heel, the better

We’re not entirely sure why this is the case, but we’re pretty sure it’s something to do with surface area. If you’re attending a wedding or an event that means you’ll be standing around on the grass for a portion of time, you want heels that aren’t going to sink into the ground. Having a thicker heel also means you have a lot more area to work with and use when you walk. You can opt for a thinner heel but do this at your own risk!

Ensure your heel is the right shoe size

No bigger or smaller, you want it to place on your foot just right! Having the perfect sized heel will mean you don’t end up with blisters or sores on your feet. So many women think that buying a pair of heels in a smaller size will mean they won’t slip off, but the opposite is true. If you decide to buy a shoe that’s too small, then it could severely restrain your foot and end in lots of unwanted tears. If you’re unsure of your shoe size, or need help choosing your heels, shopping in a specialist heel store will ensure you’ve got the perfect heel to fit your foot. Ask any retail assistant to help you out if you’re unsure if the shoes you’re trying actually fit you. 

Opt for a platform

There are countless women out there who are put off by platformed heels because they look a lot bigger and harder to walk on. However, having the heel means your foot will feel a lot more comfortable as thinner soles are never a good idea. The heel size will be bigger, but since you’ll have the platform on the bottom, your foot won’t be at a strange and uncomfortable angle. You want to be able to dance the night away in the heels, not take them off after 20 minutes!

Take breaks

If you’re at a long event or wedding, then wearing heels will take its toll. But, taking breaks can prevent you from really hurting your feet too! Perhaps if you’re sitting down and eating dinner (and no one can see your feet), you could take them off for a little while. Or maybe if you know, you’ll be sitting during a ceremony or service, that’s a good time to take them off too! Whatever you decide, breaks will be your life-saver when you’re wearing heels. 

Cooking and baking are possible

Despite what people think, cooking in stilettos is possible and it can be so fun. Cooking and baking are an exciting aspect of any person’s weekend, especially if you’re making something yummy. However, if you don’t feel like decorating cakes and getting messy with cake batter – you can always order from Candy’s Cupcakes, a bespoke design cupcake delivery business. What’s great about ordering cakes rather than baking is that the deliciousness is guaranteed, and you can get excited. Getting a cupcake delivery is the perfect option when you’re having a party that involves high heels!

Keep it bright and bold

Although you can stick to black or navy coloured high heels, we would always recommend choosing bright and bold colours like yellow or red. Bright colours make a statement, and this is something you can rarely do without the right accessories. High heels can be a true expression of your personality and what you’re all about so making sure you dress up when possible is a key feature of showing off what you’re really about. Rosy red is a beautiful colour when paired with the likes of black and brown so if you’re a woman who likes to look sophisticated and classy then red heels are the way to go for you. Essentially, the brighter and bolder your heel colour, the more you will stand out!

Apply numbing cream to your feet

This may seem extreme to some of you but numbing cream is a great way to combat any pain you will feel when wearing heels for a long period of time. If you’ve chosen to wear heels for a special occasion (such as your wedding or a party) then you will be wearing the shoes for a long time and you won’t want to feel uncomfortable. Instead, apply numbing cream to your feet (particularly focusing on the parts that will hurt). The balls of your feet may be were you should focus since these are usually the part of your foot that hurts when wearing heels. Numbing cream can be bought from your local drugstore or pharmacy, depending on how numb you want your feet to be. Don’t worry about not being able to feel your feet properly as this won’t be the case. Instead, just apply in a little bit to the places you need to.


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