Where Would We Be Without Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support

If there is one business sector that we all rely heavily on, it has to be IT support, which empowers the business by managing every aspect of IT, including essential cyber-security. The forward-thinking entrepreneur forges an alliance with a leading IT support provider at the very outset, as they know the value of making the best of available tech.

VoIP Communication

If you have yet to make the switch from the traditional telephone call to VoIP, there are a million and one reasons to do just that. Your communication bills will be reduced dramatically, while you can enjoy real-time audio and video, thanks to a secure cloud network. All employees wear headsets and with the office set up for wireless connectivity, you can communicate effortlessly and for a fraction of the cost of telephone calls.

Managing the Cloud

Every business now has their critical data stored on a remote set of servers that are protected by ethical hackers and you have an IT support team in Orange County that can resolve any issue within minutes. There are many benefits to migrating to the cloud, you can access your data from any location, using any device and real-time communication makes sure everyone is on the same page, so to speak.

Hardware Support

We all know how a broken printer can hold up things, or one of the workstation PCs has given up the ghost; your IT support partner has you covered and will ensure that all equipment is healthy, upgrading when necessary. If you have a team of graphic designers, they would need state of the art computer hardware, which can be provided and managed by your IT support partner. They would also make sure that all your software is licenced, in order to avoid a prosecution. Here is some Instagram branding advice from the experts.


When you join forces with a managed IT service provider, they assess your current network security and make recommendations based on their findings. They might recommend carrying out some penetration testing, where ethical hackers actually try to penetrate your digital defences, which is the only way to really know how good your cyber-security is! This gives you a lot of assurance that your customers’ financial data is safe from hackers and your IT support partner can train your staff on best practices, making them aware of hacking techniques. Here is some US government information on IT services, which is worth a read.

If you are not currently hooked up with a managed IT service provider, this should be first on your things to do list. Your IT partner will give you the best advice when it comes to hardware acquisition and they can create and manage a cloud network exclusively for your business. Many of your business processes can be streamlined using the latest generation of business software and you have 24/7 support, should anything go wrong.


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