3 Crockery Items To Gift At A Housewarming Party


A housewarming party is a very special occasion. Just like a wedding, it reflects the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. It also celebrates one’s ability to gather the resources required to buy a house. So a housewarming gift should be thoughtful and useful at the same time. 

Crockery items are a good option when it comes to housewarming gifts. After all, the new homeowners will host many more dinner parties, and the crockery you will give will be useful for years to come.

So if you have been invited to a house party, move over a bouquet of flowers or a simple bottle of sparkling wine. Instead, go for these crockery items that will reflect warmth and creativity.

Some Crockery Items That Would Make A Lovely Housewarming Gift

Buying the proper crockery set is a complex task. When buying a dinnerware set or a tea set, you have to take care of the design, the utility, and the longevity. So continue reading to make the perfect choice when buying crockery items for the purpose of giving a gift.

Porcelain Dinner Plates And Bowls

Most dinner sets usually have components that are enough to serve four people. So you will get four dinner plates, four bowls, and four plates for serving desserts in a regular dinnerware set. 

However, there are different materials that dinnerware can be made up of. Bone China, Ceramic, porcelain, glass, stoneware and bamboo-made (eco0-friendly) are some options. All the materials listed above have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, porcelain is the best in terms of cost and utility. 

A porcelain dinner set may look fragile, but they are pretty strong and do not break easily. Porcelain is strong because it is manufactured by burning it at high temperatures. Moreover, porcelain is easy to wash, does not chip away quickly, and can be put inside a microwave oven. 

However, not all types of porcelain can be put inside a microwave oven. Usually, the rule of thumb is usually that those plates and bowls lined with a golden rim should not be put inside the microwave oven. So anything apart from the fancy golden-rimmed bowls and saucers can safely tolerate moderate heat levels.

And last but not least, you have to pay due attention to the design. After all, a gift should look elegant and alluring. A porcelain dinnerware manufacturer will be able to give you plenty of designs to choose from. 

So floral rims, golden rims, pastel shades to oriental designs, you will be spoilt for choices when selecting a porcelain dinnerware. 

Choose a design that you think will go with the tastes and preferences of your host. If you have any idea about the decor of the dining room or about the dining table, then you have that information to choose the right set.

Tea Pots And Cups

If you do not want to give a dinnerware set, you can also consider a tea set as a gift. Your hosts will definitely host a tea party at some point, and a tea set will be as useful as a dinner set. A regular tea set comprises cups, a saucer, a teapot, a jug of milk, and a bowl for sugar.

The first thing to consider while selecting an area set is the teapot size. Most teapots can contain enough tea for hosting a small group of people. So go for a size that is suitable for holding tea for four to six people. 

Once you are done selecting the right size, take care of the heat tolerance factor. After all, a teapot has to hold hot tea and one that cracks at moderate heat levels is not ideal.

Some tea varieties like oolong tea need to be brewed to more than ninety degrees Celsius. So when buying a tea set, ensure the cups and the pot can tolerate high temperatures.

Also, pots made of ceramic and porcelain keep the tea hot sufficiently long. So when selecting a tea set, a porcelain or ceramic tea set is a good option.

A Cheese Board Or A Wine Cooling Vessel

A cheese board is used to serve different types of cheese and appetizers in a cheese-tasting session. Wooden cheese boards are a lot classy and elegant. 

However, a wooden cheese board can have many shapes, so when buying one as a gift, you must choose a size that accommodates at least three cheese varieties.

A cheese board is an unusual piece of crockery and a unique gift. However, if you want to be even more unconventional, you can go for a wine-cooling vessel. A wine cooler is a simple bucket-like vessel that prevents a chilled bottle from heating up. 

A wine cooler does not need ice. Putting a chilled bottle of wine in a cooler keeps it cool as cold air surrounding the bottle prevents the bottle from heating up. The body of a wine cooler can be stuffed with styrofoam as air bubbles are poor conductors of heat. 

Styrofoam has tiny air bubbles trapped in them, preventing heat loss from the wine bottle. However, if you want something eco-friendly and plastic-free, you can go for a body filled with crushed cardboard.

Most people will get a bottle of champagne to celebrate at a housewarming party. But when you get a wine-cooling vessel, you make sure that your friends will remember you every time they are in the mood to celebrate.


Crockery is a great gift to give at a housewarming party. Crockery items are not only durable, but they also look elegant. A porcelain dinner or tea set will remain in style for a long time. 

The best part about crockery is that they come in a wide price range. So if you want to give elegant glazed Chinaware with sophisticated patterns and elegant designs, it will cost you a lot. But if you are fine with simple pastel shades and floral patterns, you can get a cost-effective and memorable gift.


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