5 Nifty Ways to Keep Your Home Office Neat and Tidy

Your Home Office Neat


As the world wades through an ongoing pandemic, you may know by now that many changes have taken place in the ways we work. Whether you work remotely or on-site, your home office will play a crucial role in productivity–especially when you need to get things done from home. So, you might be here because your current setup may be a hot mess, or you want to learn new tricks to keep your home office neat and tidy.

The good news is we curated for you a list of five nifty yet straightforward ways to maintain and keep your home office neat. We’ll be covering solutions from investing in the best metal wall cabinets to getting a shelf for your essentials. Ready to transform your workstation? Let’s begin!

  1. Organize and store your things in metal wall cabinets- Your Home Office Neat 

Imagine a busy day when you need all the concentration you can get–but you have tons of stuff on your desk that shouldn’t be there. They could be documents, chargers, game controllers, or any clutter. Just because you have a spacious desk, it doesn’t mean you can leave items lying around on it. The chaos will serve as a distraction that will send your mind flying to different places.

A solid fix for that is buying a metal wall cabinet! Because metal cabinets are durable, they can last you so many years, making them the perfect investment for your home office. If you have a wall cabinet near your desk, it could also be a great place to store your important documents, computer accessories, cables, and other valuables. It’s an ideal option to conceal the items that would typically clutter your work area, especially if these are items that you only need on certain occasions.

Another fun thing about metal wall cabinets these days is most of them have wheels. That way, you wouldn’t need to worry about damaging your floor or changing your mind about your office’s arrangement. But most of all, the storage it provides will help you achieve a cleaner workstation at home!

  1. Learn the art of cable management

The next thing you should look into is the management of your cables, which is vital in making your home office look neater. Having few visible cables is okay, though let us not deny the times when you need to plug and connect multiple peripherals and accessories to your laptop or PC. Here is business card display holder.

The first thing you should do is plan and assign the ports and accessories you will need for long-term use. Keep in mind your hubs, charging stands for phones, displays, dongles, to name a few. Once you’ve planned it out, then use cable ties! Combining cables and securing them with cable ties will make a huge difference in making your workspace neater. If you’re using a cabled mouse or keyboard, it would be wise to consider the optimal length you need before locking the cable ties.

If possible, you can roll the cables into several loops and then hide them behind your desk. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you want a more minimal workspace. And in case you are a hardcore minimalist who is willing to go the extra mile, setups nowadays like the iMac or extended monitors include built-in studio microphones, speakers, ports, an HD webcam, among other essential features. Investing in these options will help you achieve a desktop setup with no more than two cables. With fewer cables, you will surely enjoy more focus and creativity.

  1. Get a monitor rack riser

Tables and desks typically have drawers, but a convenient solution is to get your hands on a monitor rack riser if yours doesn’t have one. If your monitor comes with a stand, you position it on top of the rack to add elevation for better viewing angles. But more importantly, you can also store all your essentials in its compartments! It will be ideal for items you always need, like your earbuds, notes pads, pens, specks, or even your phones. Everything you need will be there at an arm’s reach, and your essentials will be much easier to find!

  1. Get a wireless charging station

Using a wireless dock to charge your devices is another way of embracing the future. It’s also a nifty way to eliminate cables! Securing a wireless charging station on your desk will be incredibly helpful, more so if your devices have wireless charging. It will help you organize your devices and make the most out of their wireless charging feature. Some even have a carousel for standard charging of multiple device types.

  1. Invest in a wooden shelf

Now that you have a neater workstation, it would be lovely to have an aesthetic wooden shelf to display some of your favorite things. Let your personality stand out by showcasing stuff on your shelf–whether they are plaques of your work achievements, your favorite Lego creations, or precious items that double as decorations. A wooden shelf would spice things up in your home office and help you store other files and supplies that need easy access.


It may seem tricky at first to score a tidy home office, but it is possible. With strategy and a little creativity, you’re not far away from having the home office of your dreams. That is why we hope this post will be hopeful as you plan your workspace at home. Thank you for sticking around, and be sure to check out Storables.com for more inspiration and storage ideas!


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