7 Spellbinding Ideas to Surprise Her This Valentine’s Day

Her This Valentine’s Day

You love your girl. You are most certainly head over heels for her. And while you may not acknowledge this fact right now, you know it’s pretty hard to imagine your future without her.  She may be your high-school sweetheart, or you might have bumped into her in a café, and it was love at first sight. Perhaps you might have caught sight of her in a local bookstore fully immersed in a novel, and that was when realization dawned upon you that she’s the one. Whatever the case is, you have found the love of your life. And you want to hold on to her for the rest of your life. So, with the 14th of February just approaching, you may want to plan the perfect Valentine’s day for her.

Nonetheless, it’s easier said than done. You are, of course, nervous because, let’s admit it – it’s something your girlfriend is anticipating. Sure, unique ideas for Valentine’s day come by quickly, but meeting your girl’s expectations and ensuring everything goes without hiccups is undoubtedly flat-out stressful. 

Before you find yourself throwing in the towels, know that the perfect Valentine’s day doesn’t needfully have to be an extravagant one. Instead, you can make it perfect with commendable ideas. Remember, it’s your life, not just a rom-com movie. 

So, gear yourself up to ignite the sparks this Valentine’s day with the following riveting ideas:

Surprise her with gifts

First things first – shop for sweet gifts that will leave her gushing throughout the holiday.

If you are stuck finding the right gift, why not choose a necklace – a one-of-a-kind jewel that undeniably elevates a woman’s look. But, unsure where to shop for the bespoke necklace designs? Trusted stores such as Bryan Anthonys has these cute necklaces for your girlfriend, which will surely take your girl’s breath away. 

After picking the perfect gift, you can get weaving for other tasks listed on your to-do list.

Relive your first date

Suppose you both have been in a relationship for quite a long time now. In that case, wow your girl with a blast from the past. 

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Whether it was just a casual stroll at the park or an over-the-top grandiose date, take a walk down the memory lane and replicate those moments together. You can even reenact the attires you both wore on your first date, and this will, for sure, get her swooned.

Reliving how you first met is a great idea to celebrate your relationship. And not to forget, an excellent opportunity to seal the deal – if you are at that point in the relationship.

Go stargazing

What better way exists to revive the romance than a night underneath the stars?

You don’t need to purchase a telescope or any other technical gear for this exciting date idea. Just head over to the backyard of your home and grab a warm blanket to admire stars in the night sky.

A human eye is capable of witnessing 5,000 stars. Besides, several stargazing apps are available to identify constellations. So, set the mood right by playing a romantic playlist in the background. And stay warm with a glass of velvety-smooth red wine or hot chocolate.

Breakfast in bed

A sweet breakfast for your sweet girl? Whip up a breakfast featuring all the heart-shaped food items. You can give a try to heart-shaped cookies, pancakes, doughnuts, and bagels. 

Also, prepare red-velvet muffins that will melt in her mouth ever so smoothly. Jazz it up with hot chocolate and a small flower bouquet. And voila, you are all set to enjoy the delectable breakfast spread while sprawling on the bed.

These little gestures, at times, speak volumes. Not to mention how this is a unique way to branch out from the usual morning hustle and bustle and will undoubtedly leave her awestruck. However, be sure to sweep off all the crumbs later on.

Plan a movie night

Set up plenty of pillows and grab your favorite freshly-popped popcorns and cheesy snacks for a night filled with rom-com movies. Also, create an exotic ambiance with flasks of champagne and mood-setting candles.

Choose a movie that both of you haven’t watched for some time now. Even better, pick the one you and your partner watched for the first time together. And to turn your movie night into a wholesome experience, rent a projector and watch the movie marathon on a big screen.

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The feeling of lounging on the couch, snuggling in each other’s arms, and basking in the body’s heat is something out of the world.

Take a class together

Don’t possess any art skills that you can flex? Never sweat. This Valentine’s pick an activity and spend quality time together. According to a study in 2019, couples who perform activities together release love hormones known as oxytocin.

So, either enroll in a course in a nearby studio. Or better yet, hire a virtual expert to brush up on your skills from the comfort of your home. Giving a try to new activities such as painting, archery, dancing, and cooking can spice up things for the better.

And if you both enjoyed the newly-discovered activity so much, then as a bonus, book a few more lessons afterward. 

Write love notes

You know words hold tremendous power, so why not make use of them to make your honey feel loved and valued? 

Girls often crave words of affection and wish to hear the reasons that made you fall in love with her. So, if you haven’t done this before, it’s time to knuckle down to this task. Step out of your comfort zone, think beyond the mundane complaints, and pen down your feelings. 

Discuss which qualities you like the most about her and let her know how she’s the source of your happiness. These little love notes will render her speechless. 

Oh, and of course, don’t just hand over these notes. Instead, sneakily place one in your girl’s coat pocket and hide the others in a gift hamper.

Final Words

All the mesmerizing ideas discussed above are super easy and convenient to implement. And they are most definitely worth the smile on your girlfriend’s face.

However, you don’t need to linger on too many ideas. Instead, pick just a few ones that you believe you can do with all your heart and soul. Remember, women love surprises! And these surprises will, for sure, make her feel ecstatic and liven up your relationship.

A large chunk of Valentine’s fun lies in the anticipation. So, go out of your way, prepare the perfect day, make your girl the center of attention, and spoil her with gifts. And once you have pulled off the magnificent night, unleash all the love and emotions both of you have been holding back to make this Valentine’s a memorable one.


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