Lower Dosage Zopiclone for the Elderly (65 Years +)


In general, dosage recommendation for any medication on the market has been laid out by studying the performance in people between the ages of 18-65. When people begin to reach the age of 65 or over, their bodies tend to begin to react differently to drugs. This change in reaction to any medication can quickly lead to the effects of the medication being altered or can begin to show a much heavier presence of side effects. For these reasons, we strongly encourage a lower dosage of Zopiclone for patients over the age of 65.

While generally, we recommend users take a dosage of 7.5 mg or Zopiclone, the standard effective dose for insomnia or anxiety patients, we encourage this to be dropped to 3.75 mg for the elderly. This can be achieved simply by cutting a pill in half and storing the remaining half for the next use. Failure to follow these recommendations could potentially result in the user experiencing severe fatigue the following day, as the concentration of Zopiclone will likely still remain active in the users bloodstream.


What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is a medication that was created in order to address symptoms of severe insomnia bouts in adults. This medication has also been shown to be a great aid for people living with anxiety, who are unable to get to sleep at night. Zopiclone is considered a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic from the pyrazolopyrimidine class of medicines.

Zopiclone is not created to use regularly; in fact, it is recommended only to use this medication for 2-4 weeks maximum before beginning to gradually taper off use. This is because the medication can become addictive if the user becomes strictly dependent on it to sleep every night. When using this medication, it is important to implement strict sleep hygiene to train your body to prepare itself for sleeping without the use of Zopiclone.

Getting in the habit of going to bed at the same time every night is crucial for those with insomnia when using Zopiclone. It is also very important for the user to stay clear of caffeine at night time, and stay clear of screentime when it is time for sleep. Failing to do this will likely make the transition difficult when tapering the medication off.


Zopiclone Side Effects

Much like all medications created to aid health conditions, this medication also shows the possibility of bringing on some side effects. Luckily, the side effects that are experienced from the use of Zopiclone are generally quite tame, and more of a slight inconvenience than anything else. The most noted of these undesired effects when taking Zopiclone has been fatigue the following day, or a bitter/metallic taste in the users mouth; a dry mouth can also accompany this.

There are slight chances of experiencing some more intrusive side effects for very few users, mostly those who do not follow the recommended guidelines for use. Though seldom, amnesia is a possibility for some of these users, or a loss of memory while using the medication. Hallucinations have been reported, both visual and auditory. There have also been reports of signs of depression from the use of Zopiclone, as well as delusional thoughts. These, again, are more so linked to those who misuse the product and fail to follow recommended guidelines.

If users do experience any of the more severe side effects listed above, it is recommended to speak with a medical professional. From here, it is advised to construct a plan to begin tapering yourself from the use of Zopiclone.


Is Zopiclone Safe?

Overall, Zopiclone is a safe medication for use by responsible adults, who are using the medication strictly as a sleep aid to battle their insomnia, or as an anxiety medication. Though safe, there are certainly some situations when these sleeping tablets should not be used, as the benefits may not outweigh the consequences.

Zopiclone does have the potential of interfering with other medications that are sometimes taken daily for other conditions. These interferences can lead to the user experiencing side effects, or sometimes some heavier complications. Please see the included leaflet for possible drug interactions.

It is important not to take Zopiclone while under the influence of alcohol, as this could potentially lead to a very difficult time waking up. Those who suffer from sleep apnoea, or any other breathing conditions should not use Zopiclone. Myasthenia gravis, a condition where muscles quickly tire, can also lead to problems when taking this medication. Anyone who has previously had a stroke has severe liver problems, or any degree of lung problems should also steer clear of this medication.


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