Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects: Why Drink in Moderation?

apple cider vinegar side effects

Apple cider vinegar is a type of tonic which has been used by people for ages. The popularity of this natural tonic is due to the numerous health benefits that it provides. ACV boosts immunity, helps weight loss, and improves blood sugar levels. You can consume it either by cooking or by mixing it with water. The exciting thing is that drinking apple cider vinegar in small quantity immensely benefits our health. But, consuming too much of it can also cause harm to our health. To understand the apple cider vinegar side effects, first, we need to understand what ACV is.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice. That means apples are combined with yeast and then with bacteria to ferment the apple. The task of the yeast is to convert the sugar present in the apples to alcohol only. The bacteria are then added to this mixture whole job is to ferment the converted alcohol to acetic acid. Almost 5% to 6% of the ACV is made of acetic acid. No need to worry as this diluted acetic acid is a pretty ‘weak acid.’ Along with the acetic acid, the apple cider vinegar with the mother also contains vitamins, minerals, water, and other types of acids.

Why apple cider vinegar has a reputation for being a healthy drink?

Several studies have found that the acetic acid present in ACV may help in the process of fat burning. So, in turn, drinking it leads to weight loss. These studies have also found that this natural tonic also maintains the level of blood sugar and cholesterol in the human body. These are the primary reasons why ACV has seen so much popularity as a healthy drink. But unfortunately, with the boons of drinking, ACV comes to its curse. The harm and danger that apple cider vinegar side effects may caus, majorly happen when consumed in large portions. So always remember, you are to drink ACV only one teaspoon daily, diluted with eight ounces of water.

Side effects of apple cider vinegar

With the plethora of benefits that drinking ACV provides comes its horrifying side effects if consumed in a large amount. These side effects are:

Serious stomach issues

As mentioned previously, ACV contains acetic acid with traces of many other acids. If one drinks ACV in a large amount, then acetic acid concentration will increase in the stomach. An increased amount of acid concentration in the stomach can cause inflammation or severe pain, leading to apple cider vinegar side effects.

Loss of appetite

Studies have found that acid concentration in the stomach may lead to a feeling of fullness, which causes loss of appetite. Apart from that, we have found that ACV helps in preventing a sudden spike in blood sugar. That means it delays stomach emptying by slowing down the rate of food leaving the stomach. Again it causes a feeling of fullness, which leads to loss of appetite. You will feel bloated. It can also lead to the formation of gas in the stomach with vomiting and nausea.

Change in bowel movement

Excessive intake of ACV may cause in adding water in the bowel. In other words, it means your stool may become more watery. Thus you may develop a form of diarrhea, and your bathroom experience can become a nightmare.

Leads to unhealthy teeth

It is a proven fact that excessive consumption of any acidic beverage or food causes damage to the teeth’ enamel. We have already mentioned that ACV contains acetic acid. Thus a large amount of ACV consumption means damaged tooth enamel caused by acetic acid.

Sudden weight loss

ACV has a delayed stomach emptying effect. That means it slows down the rate of food leaving the stomach and entering the lower digestive tract. It causes a feeling of fullness in the stomach and also loss of appetite. Loss of appetite means one will consume less. Less consumption of food means less calorie intake. Thus it is a no-brainer that lesser calorie intake can cause sudden weight loss, which is not healthy.

Increased symptoms of acid reflux

People with acid reflux symptoms must stay steer clear from any form of acidic beverages as it may worsen the situation. ACV contains acetic acid. It falls in two and three in the acidic scale ranging from zero to seven, where zero signifies the most acidic.

Heartburn and throat burn

When consumed in large amounts, the acetic acid present in ACV may cause a heightened sense of burning in the stomach, heart. The throat burning sensation, also known as esophagitis, may also cause by excessive consumption of ACV.

Skin irritation when applied topically

Many people apply ACV locally on the skin to get rid of acne, pimple, or skin abrasions. But if one uses too much of it on the skin, it may lead to skin irritation or a chemical burn on your skin.

Harmful interaction with certain drugs

Certain drugs, like diabetes medication and diuretic drugs, interact with ACV and react badly. Consuming ACV with Digoxin medication can excessively lower your potassium level.

How to consume ACV safely?

You need to keep in mind that you do not consume ACV too much or too frequently to steer clear of the apple cider vinegar side effects. It is always safe to start with a maximum of one or two teaspoons of ACV. One should mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with at least eight ounces of water. You may also add this natural tonic to food while cooking, and that too within the safe range.

Another good idea is to consult your physician. He will address your already remaining health or dietary complications. Then he will effectively suggest to you whether consuming ACV is safe for you or not.


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