Belly Chain Trend Is Back. Know The Details!

Belly Chain Trend


From dainty designs to chunky chains, it is impossible to ignore how belly chains are making a comeback. For the past two years, there are plenty of fashion shows, models, and influencers who are adorning these unique accessories on different outfits. Belly Chain Trend

This seems like a fascinating shift in the fashion world since belly chains are hardly a part of women’s wardrobes. But times are changing. Just the way gold has made a comeback, belly chains are also becoming the next glamour accessory. 

If you too love this new trend, it is time to get some new belly chains right away. We would suggest you to go for gold belly chains as they pair up perfectly with both modern and traditional outfits. As for how to buy and style them? We have created the perfect guide. Let’s begin with the shopping tips. 

How To Select Belly Chains and what are  belly chain trend?

The first thing you should do before going out for shopping is: choose a trusted jewellery shop. It goes the same if you are buying belly chains online. Once you know the store, it is also important to set your budget in advance, especially if you are opting for a gold design. This will ensure that you don’t end up splurging your money. 

Here are some tips on how to select the right chain for your waist:

  • Check the different options available and choose the one that suits your style. For instance, if you are a minimalist person, go for thin belly chains. There are also pearls or small gemstones studded in some chains. But if you love to go bold, there are belly chains with different layers and trinkets as well. 
  • When buying belly chains, also keep the outfit and occasion in mind. You wouldn’t want to wear a heavily layered belly chain on jeans. 
  • The belly chain should be at least east two inches bigger than the measure of your waist (make sure that you have taken measurements of your waist.) This ensures that it can be easily wrapped around without you being worried about its size. 

Tips On Styling Belly Chains

Just buying belly chains is not enough, you need to learn how to style this. It is only after that you will be able to flaunt it. Below are some tips to style belly chains on different occasions and outfits:

  • With Traditional Outfits: There is no doubt that belly chains look the most beautiful in traditional Indian dresses such as lehengas and sarees. In fact, belly chains or waist chains are essential jewelleries for Indian women, especially for occasions like wedding. You can wear layered belly chains to bring a touch of grace and elegance. There are also belly chains with pearls and gemstones to make the whole look a bit colourful. Pair with them a dazzling necklace, jhumkas, and rings for party wear and you are good to go!
  • With Western Outfits: Gone are the days when belly chains were all about traditional dresses. Now fashion enthusiasts also wear them with western outfits like one-piece dresses or skirts. You can also pair belly chains with jeans to create a boho look. Just make sure that you wear a crop top so that your waist chain is clearly visible. As for the designs, we would suggest you to opt for dainty waist chains. You can also try other metals such as copper or silver to give a different hue. Nowadays, belly chains with baggy jeans and crop top also look amazing as they are worn like a stylish belt. 

To Sum Up

Belly chains are the perfect way to give your wardrobe a dramatic makeover. And now that you know the shopping and styling tips, we are sure you would love to try this new trend. Happy styling!


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