Ceramic Coating for a Brilliant Car

a Brilliant Car

When you’re stuck in traffic, you start noticing cars around you, whether you like it or no a brilliant car. And the first thing that you see is their appearance. Actually, cars say a lot about their owners. It might even be a small thirty-year-old Peugeot 106, but if it looks well-preserved and cared for, you immediately get the impression of a responsible owner who knows what they’re doing. But if you take a closer look, there could be a little something beyond regular washing and waxing.

And that little something is ceramic coating – a solution meant to preserve your vehicle and give it a brand-new look even after years of use. No make or model is immune to environmental hazards, and you can’t always garage your automobile. 

Exposure to all kinds of weather means stains, dirt, grime, swirl marks, etc. All this stuff can appear even if you take regular care of your car. However, adding ceramic coating can help a lot to improve the situation. Learn more on this website.

Even though people started using protective coatings way back in the early 1800s, most people are still unfamiliar with the concept. We’ll run through some basic facts about ceramic coatings so you can make your judgment on whether it’s a worthwhile idea.  

Basic, Yet Effective- a Brilliant Car

There’s more than one brand offered on the market, but in essence, a ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that binds with the existing factory paint to create a more durable layer of protection. 

Of course, when you first buy a new vehicle, the impeccable luster looks like it will be there forever. Everyone’s in awe of the shiny exterior until the first spots start to show. While the ceramic coating does not replace washing, it certainly adds extra protection to your car body.

And how exactly does it achieve this? Simply by creating a chemical bond with the paint. This bond can be permanent or semi-permanent: the latter solution means you’ll have to re-apply the coating sometime in the future. Go to https://www.paint.org/coatingstech-magazine/articles/look-ceramic-coatings/ for more information.

This idea is very appealing to car owners as it doesn’t require re-application several times a year. In other words, you get excellent protective benefits with minimal maintenance. Moreover, the new layer has water-repellent properties that don’t allow it to wash off. 

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Before we delve into the pros and cons of ceramic coating, you should bear in mind that it’s not some wondrous, all-in-one solution that will magically keep your car spotless forever. Instead, it provides extra protection and makes the vehicle much more resilient. 

The Positives – a Brilliant Car

While many products are labeled extra-protective, unfortunately, dubious manufacturers use this marketing trick for better sales. You get what you ask for with ceramic coating, and a professional-grade product will soon convince you of its lauded properties. 

One possible danger comes in the form of contaminants, which can leave chemical stains on your vehicle if you don’t react fast enough. These pollutants are naturally acidic and can do quite a bit of damage with staining or etching. 

Adding ceramic car coatings to the body of a a Brilliant Carcreates a chemically resistant layer that repels these contaminants and keeps the surface unblemished. However, it’s important to note that this coating doesn’t eliminate the risk of scratches, though it does offer more resilience.

Have you ever wondered why some cars look so faded and dull, even with some newer models? The answer is simple: sunlight. Namely, the par paint’s pigmentation is affected by ultraviolet rays to the point of oxidization. 

Once beautiful and shiny, the surface loses its glow over time and might even start flaking off. You can prevent or at least reduce the effect of UV rays by adding a ceramic coating. This is especially valuable for people who often park their cars outside and leave them in the sunlight for longer periods.

Keeping the car outside also means more dirt. It can be incredibly frustrating to have your car thoroughly washed only to see it look like it’s been in a sandstorm. Apart from sunlight, this coating will help protect your vehicle from the oh-so-annoying dirt, grime, and mud that can ruin your vehicle’s seductive looks in only a few minutes. Plus, you won’t get disgusted looks from the driver right behind you: no one likes witnessing a filthy vehicle, regardless of its age. Click here for more.

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Corrosion is another huge factor that takes away from your car’s appearance. Metal corrodes when left unprotected, but ceramics won’t allow it to oxidize and show those ugly red patches that everyone hates. 

In terms of being cost-effective, ceramic coating is one of the smartest options for any vehicle. Several factors can influence the price, such as the current state of the paint, vehicle size, etc. Even if the initial investment can be a bit high, you’ll save a lot in the long run on detailing services such as waxing. Actually, this specialized coating offers greater durability than traditional wax, though some owners prefer to combine the two for extra protection.

The Negatives

A few potential drawbacks come with this method, though none of it will shock you. Let’s take water spotting, for example. Although the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating will repel some water, there is still a chance of visible water spots here and there, which result from minerals. However, regular washing will take care of water-spotting as if it never happened. 

As for scratching, ceramic coating won’t help if you’re not careful in a parking lot. While it does protect from tinier scratches, colliding with another vehicle will surely leave a dent no matter what coating you use. It’s better to use something like paint protection film, also known as clear bra, for scratches or rock chips. 

When re-applying this coating, you first need to remove the obsolete layer. It’s best to leave the procedure of replacing the ceramic coating to experts, who will carefully polish the entire body and put on a new layer. That being said, it takes years of operation before it starts to show wear and tear.


Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating makes it clear that it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s always worth investing in something that will enhance your protection and give it a mirror-shiny look that will dazzle anyone. 

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