Best Free Games On Steam

best free games on steam


Steam is one of the best platforms for playing video games, and it acts similar to any online gaming store. In fact, it is a valve multipurpose game platform, which first came to life in the year 2003. The platform provides a way of automatic updates to games under the influence of third-party publishers. In recent days, this fantastic gaming store is advancing in online mobile web storefronts. So, the question arises, what are the best free games on Steam?

The services of Steam provide its users’ tons of gaming options, including Fractured Space, Gigantic, Warframe, and so on. The best part is, all the games are free to all users, and you can play it for as much as you want. Though the games will not be as good as the premium counterparts, they are still pretty awesome in their own way. The software services of Steam has an API base which is quite popular as Steamworks. Game developers can use this to integrate functions like products, in-game achievements, transactions, etc., to their games. All in all, the Steam game are pretty fascinating among gamers worldwide. 


Best Progress of Games on Steam

In the year 2003, Steam lighted up as one of the online gaming platforms. In the initial event, about eighty thousand players participated, setting up a record in those days. The progress of Steam skyrocketed when it replaced the World Opponent Network in the year 2004. In a short time, Steam became the crown jewel in the multiplayer gaming industry. Steam games initiated with the Half-life 2 game, but it was a paid version for everyone. 


The next year brought another ground-breaking achievement for Steam as several third party publishers published their games in it. Games like Rag Doll Kung Fu, Darwinia, etc., became a huge hit. Generally speaking, the best free games on Steam popped up recently, giving players something to stick around. Currently, Steam is worth more than five billion dollars, which is just mind-blowing. User wise, this platform is growing fast, and some estimates say that the user count will exceed 100 million in 2021.


The eight best free games on Steam 2020

Steam has a comprehensive collection of games, which will surely exceed the 10k mark. The best part is, you can play all the ten thousand games for free of cost. However, you can lose some money when you click on some games’ microtransaction option. We have selected the best games in the eight best games on Steam in the year 2020. Among the ten thousand possibilities, there are indeed more. Let us see below just eight for now. 


Fractured Space

Fractured space is a great game, which many of us enjoy in our PCs (Windows or Mac). In the game, you need to be on a team and fight on multiple conflicts. The game has tanks, guns, ships, and so much more for you to explore. You can also explore the game as you would do in a regular exploring game. If you are not playing matches, you can collect resources, ever-enlarging hanger, massive starships, etc. Furthermore, you can also cheat by spending some money, getting what you want. 


In recent years, there are no upgrades or updates of any kind to this game. However, you can play the mode of Fractured Space on Steam, having loads of fun with friends. The steam services are pretty much keeping the game alive, up and running. 



If you are in a search for a strategic Hero Shooter gamer, then you are in luck with Gigantic on Steam. As a basic, you can fight alongside massive Guardians, and have loads of fun. If you are a pro gamer, the Guardians game will give you much pleasure. In fact, developers designed the game for the strategic players and keeping their needs in mind. You can indeed enjoy the game, without being a part of a particular region. 


Gigantic is a multipurpose game, which you could play on your PC, Xbox, Arc, etc. However, the game got a shutting down notice, and you need to play it on Steam. Steam offers Gigantic a way to earn money and give regular updates to its users. Basically, all you are doing is playing the game with complete mode support. 


Idle Big Devil

The Idle Big Devil game makes you a king when it comes to fighting the undead. In the game a mysterious spirit overtakes innocent creatures, turning them into the undead. You have up to five heroes who can help you enjoy the game. The game has a no disturb interface, where no one will disturb you when you enjoy the game. You can enjoy the game playing manually or just spending some hard cash to cheat if you want. 


During your travel, you can collect loots, which you can use to upgrade your resources. Furthermore, you can gather resources to power up your heroes and indeed upgrade your castle. As you progress into the game, the enemies or the undead creatures will get stronger and stronger. So, play as much as you want and enjoy Idle Big Devil to its peak. 


Crusader Kings II

Don’t like the regular multiplayer games where everything is just too goofy? Well, try out the awesome strategy game Crusader Kings, which has a Middle Age vibe to it. Basically, the game is a simulator game in which the player controls a whole dynasty for more than five hundred years. Your journey starts in the Middle Ages, where kings rule the power with their might. 


You can also enjoy the game in multiplayer mode, where there are up to 32 players at a go. In the game, you can enforce your laws, give justice, and every be a ruthless king if you want. But then you can’t progress as a heroic character and your kingdom will not expand. If you’re going to move fast in the dark ages, you need to keep in mind all the barriers which may come. Even the smallest ones can affect your progress, making you lose the game. 


Art of War: Red Tides

The Art of War: Red Tides is a MOBA spin-off game, featuring lights on the RTS elements. The game is pretty much a softcore game, where there aren’t that much of anything serious. You can enjoy the game in a relaxed mode, destroy bases, and strip out all the busywork. The game is kinda like a spectator title where you survey the battlefield and use the reserve to build a unit. If you like tons of fighting fun, the game is not for you. 



Warframe is a unique game where you have a vast array of customizable avatars. The avatars or Warframes have some extraordinary powers, letting you invisible, teleport, and control minds. These powers can help you become the best assassin, destroy tanks, etc. In the game, you need to engage in combat and play with your enemies and friends. The game lets you choose your favourite weapons, and explore worlds you never knew. Grab your arsenal, assemble them and go on a joyride for hours to come. 


Furthermore, you can squad up with your friends fighting with people much more robust than you. 


Star Conflict

Bring out the real fighter in you with the Star Conflict. It is a team-up game where you can fight with other teams in a battle arena. If you have proper button control, you can dodge your enemies with ease, killing them in the process. Similar to other MOBA games, the Star Conflict also features some excellent gaming command. The motivation of the game starts three thousand years after the first colony ship left earth itself. Now the galaxy has multiple Star Empires having independent groups. 

The game lets you customize your weapons, customs, frigates, and more. The ships you will encounter will have scouts, mines, allies, and your enemies as well. So, play the game with caution and don’t get killed by some armature. 



What are good free games on Steam?

Steam is a multipurpose online gaming platform having tons of games. The number of games on Steam is growing like a hydrosphere in a pond. Among the top multiplayer games, here is our favourite. 


  • Planetside 2
  • DCS World
  • Path of Exile
  • Paladins. Free at Steam.
  • World of Tanks Blitz. 
  • Shadow verse CCG
  • War Thunder (for PC) 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh


Is GTA V free on Steam?

GTA-V is a huge hit right after developers made it possible. The game is indeed premium, and you can’t play it for free. Steam offers a wide range of free games, but the GTA-V match is just too much for the platform to handle. So, you will not find Steam offering you GTA-V. However, Steam will show the game very soon.


How many GB is PUBG PC?

PUBG is entirely an Android game, and you can’t play it on any other platform natively. You will need an emulator or android app player as a pre-requirement. The total installation will take about 10 GB of internal space. 


PUBG will take 20 per cent of the space, leaving you with an 8 GB for the emulator. 


Can I play games on Steam for free?

From the beginning of Steam, you needed to pay some money. However, now the platform for all users on Steam. You don’t have to pay a dime to play, but you need to pay the price if you want to cheat. 


Is Destiny 2 still fun?

Games are always fun to play if you never played games like this. So, try playing the game for ones, and then you can decide what you like. 


Why do I have to spend $5 on Steam?

Steam is a completely free platform, and you will never need a dime playing it. If you ever spend money on Steam, you most likely used it on microtransactions. So, before playing any game, be aware of this problem. It may cost ya a fortune more. 


Wrapping up with the best free games on Steam

When you are searching for free games, Steam is indeed a popular option. The platform is entirely free for everyone who wants to play on it. There are a lot of free and unusual games in the Steam gaming platform, but some will charge you money while you are playing. This is why you need to be aware of the transactions in games. But the best free games on Steam hardly has these problems on site. 


Though there are many other gaming platforms better than Steam, you can still have loads of fun playing on it. So, no more today. Have a good day. 



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