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Some people find joy and excitement in shooting from a gun or rifle. When you think about it, there is a reason for that. But if you are someone that doesn’t know how to handle a weapon, you should be careful what you are doing with Bore Cleaner. 

There is some kind of rush that goes through your body when you shoot. But you need to know what the gun is like and whether you know how to use it. Fortunately, there are shooting ranges where you can practice and learn more about the weapons you are using. – Bore Cleaner

In the same way, you have to learn how to use a gun. You have to learn how to clean it. Not having it adequately cleaned may lead to further damage and possible injuries caused by the weapon. And that is something that no one wants to happen. This is why we are focusing on talking about how you should properly clean your gun and what kind of fouling you should be aware of. 

Fouling – The basics

As we mentioned before, you should always know how to use your gun. And at the same time, you should know how to clean it. If one thing is not done correctly, then you are setting yourself up for trouble. 

Fouling is one term that you should know about when using a gun. This is something that you will come across from quite often. There are two types of fouling that almost every person that uses a gun knows about. Those are lead and copper fouling. 

Lead fouling is removed mainly by scrubbing. Those who use magnums should always know about how to remove lead fouling. And in this case, you should use brass that is quite soft when compared to a barrel steel. And it will surely not harm it. 

On the other hand, copper fouling is something different. Depending on what the barrel is like and how fast the bullet has gone through it, the copper may either be an inconvenience or something that will require much patience and time to clean. This is the type of fouling that takes a lot of hours to clean. It is not something that is very pleasant to clean since it can make your fingers feel like they are on fire. 

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But, nowadays, there are so many ways to clean this fouling. And the military is one that knows the most about this. But, if you are curious about this topic and you want to know more, you should follow this link

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Does copper fouling kill riffle accuracy- Bore Cleaner?

Let’s start with this. Some people have said that having some copper in a bore is completely fine. But is that really the case?

When you are shooting from a riffle, there are some things you need to be aware of. If you want to shoot accurately from it, there are two characteristics you need to make sure are done. The first thing is that the bore has to be straight. And the other thing is that the rifling grooves cannot vary in depth. They have to be around .002 to .006 in depth. 

So you can only imagine what a copper alloy can do to this barrel. What is already a tight spot has become an even tighter spot because of the copper. And every time you shoot with it, more and more copper collects inside it. 

If you allow any moisture to enter the barrel, the copper will eventually corrode. And that is an additional problem that you may come across from. So this means that you will have to constantly clean the barrel if you want to shoot accurately from a riffle. 

This is the reason why many people have the rule of not using any copper. Since copper is a soft metal, it will attract other metals that are soft. And you will have to make sure that you clean it each time you use it. And what is the point in doing that every single time?

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 This may be a lot to take in, especially if this is your first time reading about these things. But, it is always recommended that you read as much as you can when something is entirely new to you. So, you should check this page out to find more about this topic. 

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Best bore cleaners for copper fouling= Bore Cleaner

Since copper fouling is something that so many people that use riffles and guns come across from, they need to know what type of products they need to use to clean it properly. And as we know already, copper fouling will kill the accuracy of the riffle as much as you use it. 

So this means that you will have to clean it every time you use a riffle. And if you allow yourself to let your riffle be inaccurate, you will lead yourself to potential danger. And your performance will not be what it used to be before. 

The products for cleaning copper fouling come in so many varieties. So it is up to you to decide which one you will use. There is so much to choose from. But, we have come across a list that so many people use to determine what product they will use. You should check out gun safe coach to find more about this list we have mentioned. 


Using guns comes with its own responsibility. This is not something that anyone should joke around about. As much as you should know about how to use them, you should know how to clean them.

A gun is a delicate thing. It is a thing that you should always use carefully. Make sure you realize how dangerous it can be to have one in your possession. And if you are not ready to use it, you should not allow yourself to be near one. Don’t take these things lightly since it can become a much bigger deal than it is. 

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