Taking A Weekend City Break: How to Pack Properly

Weekend City Break

Many people within the UK are still opting to travel more within the UK rather than abroad. TNo matter where it is you are planning to go to, space is usually a premium therefore it is important to consider exactly what it is you are taking and how to effectively manage this. Here are some of the tips around this for your consideration on Weekend City Break.

Air travel

If you are travelling by air for a city break then generally there will be some limitations on what it is you can take on the plane. Make sure you are well aware of all the luggage restrictions on a flight as if you have paid for the cheapest fare, this will normally (not all the time) limit you in terms of carry-on luggage. If you wish to bring a large bag then you will normally need to put this in the holdall at a cost. Taking out a policy such as Staysure travel insurance is also recommended if travelling this way in case the airline loses your baggage. When it comes to a weekend city break, learning how to pack carry-on luggage is going to be a must, both for cost and so you can avoid losing your baggage!

Another thing that catches people out with air travel is the toiletries. There are clear restrictions in UK airports in terms of the size and measure of the toiletries you are able to carry on board. You are able to take these items with you but they must be stored away in a checked-in bag. If you are taking just carry-on, it can be a better idea to instead buy toiletries once you are past security at the airport, or even at your destination.

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Car Travel

Depending on who you are going with and the size of the car, the effectiveness of your packing could be crucial. A jam-packed car of people and luggage could be something that is not only uncomfortable but could be a safety issue. People will use every inch of their car to try and store items for their break! No matter how full you pack the car, make sure that you are not obscuring your vision in your mirrors.

A good packing technique to try and make this more comfortable would be to consider a rooftop luggage carrier. This will fit quite easily on the top of your car and allow for maximum space within the car. Installing these is easy and can be done on your own without having to go to a garage. 

Purchase Extra Suitcase

When people are going to places for weekend shopping trips it could end up with a whole lot of new items purchased. The last thing you want to do with all your nice new shoes and glamourous outfits is squeeze them into a bag. 

Putting these in an extra suitcase may be a sensible idea however if you are travelling by air, make sure you pay upfront the potential extra charges that could be associated with this. If you are travelling by other means, you also need to ensure that you are not going to be over-encumbered, or potentially filling up space in a car that you simply don’t have.

Space is a premium when travelling and no matter what method you use, it is worthwhile planning it out and thinking as logical as possible. If travelling by air or public transport, you need to make sure that you have all that you need to travel with, but not so that you are struggling with too many bags.


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