Can I get veneers on crooked teeth?


Bad bite and crooked teeth are not an uncommon problem in today’s man. Lack of attention to teeth in childhood, limited access to quality dentistry, parental ignorance or lack of opportunity to take the necessary measures – all these lead to the fact that teeth grow incorrectly and the smile does not look aesthetically pleasing.

However, with the onset of adulthood, there are times when you need to make a good first impression on people for your career path, not the least of which is our smile. However, the alignment of teeth with braces is usually a long time, and you can speed up the process by installing veneers.

It is worth noting right away that not in all cases, the installation of veneers is able to correct the problem. Let us list the cases where it is possible:

  1. Small chipped teeth.
  2. Incorrect inclination of the teeth
  3. Slight misalignment of individual teeth
  4. Large interdental space between teeth
  5. Not a pretty shape
  6. Slight overlap of one tooth over the other

It is important to note that only a dentist, after consultation and evaluation of the patient’s oral cavity, may evaluate the application of veneers or the correction of the smile, because there are many individual factors.

It is also worth considering that veneers have a number of contraindications when they cannot be fitted. These include:

  1. Bruxism.
  2. Lack of chewing teeth
  3. Significantly restored or decayed teeth 

The most important thing in the veneers placement is to choose a doctor who will install them. It is he who determines the quality of the work performed, which means their durability, reliability and final aesthetics.

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