Caring For Fake Teeth

Fake Teeth

If you or someone you know uses dentures because they’re missing teeth, it’s important you know how to properly care for them. Proper maintenance for dentures will help keep them in their best condition and will also help you feel good about wearing them for fake teeth. 

You don’t want them to feel dirty when you wear them and you certainly don’t want them looking stained. This will affect your confidence level and the overall look of the teeth. Dentures are supposed to look like natural teeth so if you don’t maintain them correctly, this effect can be lost. 

Caring for your dentures is easy once you get the proper technique. It’ll be like caring for your regular teeth on a daily basis, with a few extra steps sprinkled into the mix. Regardless of the work, caring for your dentures will improve your oral health. 

There’s a lot to learn when you first start wearing dentures but I hope this helps you feel more comfortable taking care of your teeth. For more information regarding different kinds of dentures or implants and their care, follow the URL.

Step One: Handle them carefully- Fake Teeth

While dentures are made to conform to the flexibility of your mouth, they shouldn’t be manhandled. Damage to the clasps or plastic parts of your dentures will prevent them from fitting into your mouth correctly. 

Damaged dentures from improper treatment mean that you’ll have to return to Nuvia Smiles to get them replaced or repaired. This will affect your wallet and your overall oral health. 

Step Two: Inspect for damage

Before you begin cleaning your dentures, you’re going to want to take a look at them to make sure they’re still in good condition. You can do this every day as a part of your general cleaning routine. 

Caring For Fake Teeth

You should be looking for wear and tear, broken teeth, staining, etc. If you see any of these, then you can make a dentist appointment to fix the problem. Also, note anytime they feel uncomfortable wearing. This could indicate that your dentures have become misshapen. 

Not inspecting them every day for damage can cause the problem to get worse over time so please don’t skip this step in favor of a faster routine. 

Step Three: Clean them once or twice a day- Fake Teeth

Caring For Fake Teeth

Just like with real teeth, food or plague can become stuck or build up between your teeth over time. If you let this happen, bacteria will form and cause plaque build-up. Bad breath and gum disease will be the final result over time. 

To clean your dentures, you’ll need water, a denture cleaning solution, and a soft-bristled toothbrush or consider water flossers. Never use toothpaste since they are too abrasive and will damage the surface of your fake teeth. 

Once you’re ready to clean your dentures, gently remove them and rinse them in the sink under warm water. Then, gently brush them with your toothbrush to remove any food particles. You can continue using warm water or you can use a denture cleanser that will kill off any bacteria. After you’ve finished brushing them, you can rinse them in the warm water again to get the denture solution off. 

Step Four: Brush your gums and tongue 

This seems odd because we’re so used to brushing our teeth but bare with me. When you brush your natural teeth, you also brush the gums surrounding them. When you lose your teeth, a lot of people stop thinking they still need to brush. This isn’t the case. 

Brushing your gums and tongue twice a day with toothpaste will keep your gums healthy. If you have partial dentures, then this step can help keep the rest of your mouth in shape too. Just be sure to floss between your remaining teeth as well. 

Step Five: Leave them to soak overnight

This is a really important thing to note. Dentures can not dry out. They will lose their shape or become brittle which will make them prone to damage. When they’re in your mouth, your salivary glands keep them lubricated. That being said, you don’t have to and shouldn’t feel like you have to wear them at night when you sleep. 

By soaking them in warm water or denture-soaking solution at night, you can comfortably be without them for a few hours without worrying about ruining them. Then once you wake up in the morning and are ready to start your day, you can rinse them off and you’re good to go!

Caring For Fake Teeth

Step Six: Keep your regular dental appointments

You should be going to your dentist every six months regardless if you have dentures or not. This will ensure that you are taking care of your oral health and you’ll be able to talk to your dentist about any questions or concerns you have while you’re at your appointment

If you have any of these problems, don’t wait for your six-month appointment. Schedule time with your dentist as soon as they have the availability. 

  • If your dentures feel uncomfortable in your mouth
  • If they slip out constantly or don’t fit well 
  • Move or make noises when you speak and eat
  • Are broken or damaged in any way
  • You discover mouth sores
  • You have bleeding gums
  • Or if you have bad breath that won’t go away

What you shouldn’t do when caring for Your Dentures

  • Never use hot or boiling water when cleaning or soaking your dentures. This can cause injury to you and will change the shape of your dentures. 
  • Don’t use sharp objects to pick at your dentures. This can call damage to them.
  • Never use whitening products. If you notice your dentures are stained, then it’s best to call your dentist for advice. Whitening products are too abrasive and can cause damage to the product.
  • Don’t eat too big of bites. This will cause a tugging motion that can hurt your dentures or feel uncomfortable for you. 
  • Never use bleach! They’re going in your mouth and you wouldn’t want to drink bleach. Bleach will also corrode the metal of your denture and change its color. 


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