Convert Article into Video: Different Ways to Convert Article into Video

Article into Video

Are you tired of posting blogs and not attracting visitors on your side?

If yes, you need to try posting videos instead!

Video content is the latest trend!

Nowadays, most people prefer watching videos instead of reading blogs and articles. However, creating videos is not really an easy task. 

You need to devote a lot of time, effort and money in order to create attractive videos for your website. However, with the latest technological development, you can directly turn articles into videos

If you want to know about different ways to convert articles into videos, follow this guide. Here, we will show you various methods to easily convert an article into a video.

Three Ways to Turn Articles into Videos:

Here are the three different ways by which you can easily convert articles into videos. You can use any of these methods at your convenience. 

  • Converting Articles into Video Manually:

This is the first method you can use. It is one of the oldest methods of creating video content. Even though it is old and outdated, many people still use it. 

Here, you have to manually convert articles into videos. You can use screen recorder software to record the video. Once it is done, you can add a voiceover to make it more fun. Apart from that, you can also use Microsoft PowerPoint and prepare slides with points or search for a slideshow maker online as another option.

You can edit the slides to add pictures, themes and other visual elements. Once it is done, you can play it like a video. You can also prepare a script of the articles and read it while recording videos to convert articles into videos.

  • Hiring a Freelancer to Convert Articles into Videos:

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to complete the tasks on your own, you can hire a freelancer or a virtual assistant to do the work on your behalf. Nowadays, there are many people who provide freelancing services. You can approach a freelancer with video editing skills. 

Once you brief them about the video topic, they will write an article, get it approved from you and convert it into a video. You have to pay them separately for every single project. Nowadays, there are many platforms available from where you can easily hire freelancers.

  • Using Articles to Video Converting Tool:

This is the last and the best option by which you can easily convert articles into videos. Instead of doing the task manually or seeking the help of a freelancer, you can use online software or tools to easily convert articles into Videos. 

Majority of the people are using these tools as it is hassle-free and cost-effective. You just need to write an article and add the URL in the tool to convert it into a video in just a few minutes. The best thing is that you will get professional video avatars as well as voices to choose from. 

You will be able to directly upload the video on your YouTube channel as well with the integration feature. These tools help you to save a lot of time and generate professional videos for multiple purposes. Apart from that, it helps you to save a lot of money as well. You can easily create a professional-quality video with these tools.


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