Cost Of A Chain Link Fence

cost of a chain link fence

Chain link fences are aesthetically inferior to many other types of fences, but they are reasonably priced and can get the job done. Homeowners across the country usually need to pay $1,241 to $5,194 to install a standard chain link fence (including professional labor costs). The average total cost of a chain link fence is about $3,218.

Most fence contractors will charge for installing fences on square feet, and the average cost of chain fences is about $23 per square foot. Also, it depends on the height of the fence, the size of the chain links, and other project-specific factors. Your rate may range from $12 to $33 per linear foot.

Cost of chain link fence

National average cost: $ 3,218

Typical price range: $ 1,241 – $ 5,194

Lowest end: $783

Highest end: $6,935

Even though the chain fence looks very simple, the differences between the various projects are substantial, which means that the total cost is also different. The size of the fence, height, and the quality of the materials. It used can cost your total cost as high as $6,935 or as low as $783.

Including professional labor and material costs, you can expect to spend between $1,241 and $5,194 (or an average of $3,218) on a chain fence in a typical residential yard. The area where you live or the specific contractor you hire may make your chain fence cost far from the national average, so keep those extreme high-end and low-end numbers in mind when budgeting.

Cost of chain link fence (by size)

Of course, the more chain fences you need, the more you have to pay for it. When calculating the project budget, keep in mind that most contractors charge an average of $23 per linear foot for chain fences. You can estimate the project’s total cost by multiplying the linear feet of the fence required by 23.

Suppose your chain link fence installation is slightly more complicated than the standard installation, such as on a slope, or you want a higher commercial-grade safety fence. In that case, you may need to use a higher final cost ($33 per linear foot) calculation Your estimate. However, if you only need a small and straightforward fence, you can use a lower final rate of $12 per linear foot.

Using the national average rate, you can assume that you will pay a total of about $1,587 for a small backyard or front yard with a total of 500 square feet, and a total of about $3,105 for a medium-sized 2,000-square-foot yard, and a total of about 3,500 square feet. A medium-sized yard in feet is about $4,140.

Other factors affecting the cost

Some chain fences are stronger because they have thicker wires; some chain fences provide higher security due to their height, and some have advanced protective coatings to prevent metal rust. All these different types of chain links have different price points for professional installation.

The characteristics of a particular fence and certain environmental factors on the property may affect the overall price of the project and the size of the fenced area.


Link net rolls (sometimes called chain link nets) and the metal pillars supporting them have different sizes and purposes. In a typical front yard or backyard, most pet fences are 4 feet high and cost 9 to 19 dollars per linear foot.

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As you might expect, if the price of the chain fence is higher, the price will be higher. Therefore, a commercial-grade 10-foot chain-link fence is the most expensive option in the longitudinal direction, at $16 to $31 per linear foot.

Cost of chain link fence price range

*Including material and professional labor costs

4 feet per linear foot $9 – $19

$11 for 6 feet – $24 per linear foot

8 feet, $13 – $27 per linear foot

$16 for 10 feet – $31 per linear foot


The most straightforward chain link fabric is made of ordinary galvanized steel, including a zinc coating to prevent rust and other corrosion. The cost of galvanized steel chain link fences is approximately $10 to $17 per linear foot, including professional installation.

The higher-end chain link mesh has a thick protective aluminum or vinyl coating. These types are more expensive than galvanized steel, but they also have a longer service life. The price of aluminum-coated chain-link nets is about $11 to $18 per linear foot, while the vinyl coating is the most expensive option, at $13 to $20 per linear foot.

Protective coating price range

*Including material and professional labor costs

Galvanized steel $10 – $17 per linear foot

Aluminum coating $11 – $18 per linear foot

$13 – $20 per linear foot of vinyl coating


The gauge measures the thickness of the wire of the barbed wire fence. Lower specifications mean thicker wires and stronger fences, so naturally, it also means higher costs. Relatively thin 10-gauge fences cost approximately $11 to 18 per linear foot, while thicker 6-gauge fences cost more on average, at 16 to 23 dollars per linear foot.

Chain wire gauge price range

*Including material and professional labor costs

Ten wire gauge $11 – $18 per linear foot

Nine specifications per linear foot $12 – $19

$16 – $23 per linear foot for six-wire gauges

Post material

When building chain fences, most people use pure metal posts because they are cheap and can blend well with the grid. To get a better appearance, you can use wooden posts instead.

Due to the wide variety of poles made of metal and wood, the sizes are different, and the cost of wood varies significantly across the country, it is difficult to give an accurate price range. Based on experience, it is usually confident that wooden posts will increase the overall cost of the fence than metal posts.

Privacy policy

Since they are made of mesh, the chain fence alone cannot provide privacy. However, the installation of privacy slats can quickly increase privacy. These slats use different designs and colors to suit different home and yard aesthetics.

Your fencing contractor can install privacy slats and fences for you at an additional cost of US$2 to US$3 per linear foot, or you can buy your slats for about US$50 per box and build the fence. Install them afterward.


The price of chain fence gates varies according to the style and size of the gate. Just as higher chain link fabrics are more costly than shorter chains, higher gates are also more costly.

The way the door is opened also affects the cost. For standard swing doors, you need to pay $95 to $450. For more oversized commercial-style rolling doors, which work well in the driveway, the price will rise sharply to about US$500 to US$1,800.


You may need to obtain one or more building permits, especially if you want a particular safety fence higher than 6 feet. The need for a permit and its cost depends on where you live. The permit can increase the total cost of installing a barbed wire fence by $20 to $400.

The land slope of cost of chain link fence

If your yard has a slope, you can change the cost of chain fences and the cost of various fences. Because building on a hillside requires more time and work than building on a flat surface, it will increase the overall cost.

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If the contractor must upgrade the property’s land to install fences, this service may increase your budget by $100 to $3,400.

Extra service of cost of chain link fence

One of the most significant benefits of chain link fences is low maintenance. Compared with wooden fences that need to be painted or dyed regularly, they require much less work.

Having said that, when installing the fence, you may still need to pay some additional service fees in advance, especially if there are obstacles that need to be removed.

Clear trees, shrubs, or stumps

Even if you hire a general landscaping contractor to install the fence, they may remove any existing trees, bushes, or stump obstructions. You may have to rent a separate tree service to get rid of these services before installing the chain-link fence. Either way, the increased cost is similar.

Additional costs: US$385 to US$1,070 per tree; US$75 to US$125 per bush; US$175 to US$516 per tree stump

cost of chain link fence replacement

So, you may want to build a new fence to replace the old one. In this case, you can remove the existing fence yourself, or you can ask the contractor to pay to dig it out and move the debris for you. Most fence installers will provide a clearance price based on the price of the fence they must clear.

Additional cost: $3 to $5 per linear foot of fence to be removed

Cost of installing chain link fences

Although the process of installing a chain-link fence may seem daunting due to the number of steps, it is straightforward. Some small fragments and details need attention, but you don’t need much construction expertise to install a chain-link fence. As long as you can install the ends and corner with concrete posts, the rest of the work is basically like assembling giant LEGOs.

Required equipment

The equipment required to install a chain fence is pretty basic, and you may already have all the necessary tools (primarily if you use DIY-er frequently). If you don’t have the tools and other equipment you need, we have researched the average price you pay for a new product based on Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon products.

The material cost of chain link fence

Just as the cost of a professionally installed chain-link fence varies according to the size and style, the cost of self-built materials will also vary according to the specific conditions of the fence required.

For our function, these valuable estimates represent the price of a 150-foot-long 4-foot-high chain-link fence. So, square columns are spaced by a square every 7 feet. The items in this example include four corner positions and two target positions.

Frequently asked questions about the cost of chain link fences.

Which size of chain link fence is the best?

The most common chain link used in residential and industrial properties is size 9. It strikes an honest balance between robustness and affordability.

Did chain-link fence posts have to use concrete?

Even If you wish to take a simple route, you can use gravel or chemical compounds instead of concrete to fill the holes. But remember that hiding the ends, corners, and circuit posts can make the fence stronger.

How far are the columns of cost of chain link fence apart?

For the precise chain link mesh used, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The daily change is between four and ten feet.

What is the cost per foot of a chain fence?

The average chain fence is US$20 per linear foot, and the price ranges from US$13 to US$27 per linear foot. Fences are usually covered by linear feet, so make sure you know the cost of completing the project.

How much does a 200-foot chain link fence cost?

Cost factors that takes after the height of the fence, the materials used to make the fence, and labor costs. The average cost of installing a chain fence is between US$2,000 and US$4,000. And a 200-foot homeowner spends an average of US$2,780.

Conclusion about the cost of chain link fence

Suppose you need a fence as a practical thing (to keep kids and pets in the yard) rather than as an aesthetic. Then a chain fence is an affordable solution for you. You can pay a fencing pro to fix the chain fence. The price is between $1,241 to $5,194, or spend about $1943 a weekend to build your fence.

Either way, its size, height, and position of the fence can cause these prices to drop or rise significantly. However, these are national averages, so don’t be surprised if the cost of your particular chain link fence project varies.

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