Factors to Consider When Looking for a Good House Painters

Good House Painters

House painters improve the appearance of our otherwise dull, old walls. This is done to remove the dirt that has been building up over the years and protect the walls from water damages and deterioration. 

It is even better when you find a painter who will walk the journey with you to get until the completion of the job.

Because we live with the wall for many years before repainting again, it is important to get the right person who will do the right job and do justice to your house. We are sharing a few tips that could help you connect to the right house painter. You can also see Brothers Colors Painting to learn more.

  • Historical facts 

The house painting started as early as the 1200s. Most people made their paint using natural products like colored earth, soot, animal blood, and fatty oils. Like other African communities, archaeologists discovered that the South Africans used yellowish-brown clay soil-based coating to paint their houses. Others, who were more sophisticated like the Egyptians, invented six colours from animal blood, animal fats, semiprecious stones, colored clays, and lead to paint and decorate their houses.

House painting was a respected professional. The painters organized themselves in association associated with the reputation of their works. Not anyone would wake up and take a brush to go painting. They allocated this noble work to people who were skilfully trained and let into the closely guarded secret of painting products and techniques.

  • Reputation

A visit to any recent homeowner will not be complete before you hear a grievance or two about the color of paint, the texture, the style, the thickness of the paint, or the professionalism of the candidate.

Unlike the ancient painters, today they have earned themselves a reputation that you may want to look into before engaging one. Great house painters have a string of referrals who will vouch for their work. They have a proven track record with pleased clients. Ask for references to their previous customers and see if their quality meets your standards.


  • Skills and Experience 

They mostly viewed home painters as a not-so-suitable career. Because the industry mainly attracts unskilled and unemployed people looking for a hustle as they wait for something better to come their way. A homeowner should choose a company or a person who has the set of skills and competency to handle the size of the project they require. The longer the experience the better. Do not be afraid to ask for the portfolio of their previous work. Read more here.

  • Value of your money

A good house painter will give the customer value for their money. Do not rush in deciding. First, study the quotation and see if it reflects the size and quality of your project. It is important to ask a minimum of three different painters for quotations to determine the market price for the work to be done. The quotation should include a list of items or materials to be used, quantity, quality, and prices. Also, house painters should be licensed by proving their right and professionalism to provide painting services.These could be; 

  1. Training 
  2. Years of work experience
  3. Coaching under a reputable home painter 
  4. Financial ability
  5. Insurance
  • Customer Assurances 

When choosing, you should also care about the character. Start first by talking with colleagues who have had their house painted, area interior designers, family members, and friends about their experiences with painters.

In case you have a painter in mind, and you hear some negative reviews about them, don’t downplay their negatives, find out why and how they came to that bad reputation. It could be nothing important, an accident or a moment of carelessness. Still, it is something that you need to look into it.

It is easy to fall into the hand of illegitimate house painters because of their professionally looking websites, beautifully made fliers, and up-to-date marketing strategies. Be sure to ask for referrals within their social circle because they know each other.


Qualities of a good house painter

Finding a good candidate is not a straightforward task. But it’s possible, here are a few qualities you should first look for when hiring.

  • A good house painter is always punctual, courteous, and respectful of the client’s preferences and color choices. 
  • He listens carefully to his client’s needs. Also, advise the client on the best practice and products available.
  • He will offer a written guarantee for the work done. 
  • Mostly, he will use written contracts that specify the period for the project, pricing, and the assurance for excellent services. 
  • He always works to improve his skills by staying up to date with new techniques, and painting products.
  • He is competent in handling painting materials and is honest about his abilities.
  • He should be able to walk away from a job that he feels is not his.
  • He finishes the job on time and delivers as promised.
  • He should be able to leave your house clean after completing the job. Click here for more insights.


A house painter can be anyone, bad or good. The key is to research before inviting anyone with a paintbrush and a ladder to paint your home. Your home is your refuge, a place of comfort and sanctuary. Do yourself a favor by bringing in the right person who will treat your home with the same love and care that you do.


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