Top things you have to know about business gas   

about business gas

The prices of business gas tend to vary between gas suppliers, but this depends on your business situation. This is why it’s a good idea to get quotes from various energy suppliers to find the best gas deal. Rather than contacting each energy supplier for a quote, you can use energy brokers to compare business gas deals. This page discusses the top things you have to know about business gas.

Switching business gas

There are good reasons why it makes sense to switch business gas suppliers. Switching gas suppliers can help you to save tons of money. Remember that gas suppliers usually offer different tariffs, so getting the right tariff can save your company a lot of money.

If the current gas supplier is not giving you the right service that you desire, then finding another supplier can be a good option. A reputable gas supplier needs to offer good customer support. 

Switching gas suppliers is quite easy, especially if you decide to use an energy broker like Utility Bidder. You just need to provide an energy broker with some information about your business. In this way, they can compare gas suppliers and find for you the best gas deal based on your needs. Even better, an energy broker can handle the finer details and even help in switching to another gas supplier.

It’s worth noting that your new gas supplier can handle the switch. The good thing is that there can be no disruption to the gas supply. Also, there is no need to do the groundwork because gas suppliers utilize the same pipes to send your gas. But you may have to do a couple of things like paying off outstanding gas bills, taking the last meter reading, and many more. 

Tariff options 

There are several types of tariffs for your business gas. There is a fixed rate tariff that ensures you pay a fixed unit price per kWh during the running of your contract. 

This tariff is popular with many businesses because you can know the exact unit price you need to pay for each month. This is a competitive tariff, but you can be locked in for years and you can’t switch gas suppliers until you reach the renewal window. 

There is also a flexible-rate tariff that you need to pay up-front in bulk. This can be an ideal gas tariff for larger businesses because they can get lower rates when there is high gas usage. Keep in mind that many flexible gas rate tariffs can be on a 30-day rolling plan. This means that you can decide to switch gas suppliers by simply giving a 30 days’ notice. 

Therefore, a flexible-rate tariff can be a great deal if you have a short-term lease, such as leases for pop-up restaurants. But unit prices can sometimes go up and down because it depends on the market. Also, a flexible-rate tariff can usually be expensive compared to a fixed rate tariff. As you can see, it makes sense to choose a gas tariff that works well for your business.


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