Top 7 Ways To Enjoy To The Fullest In Melbourne

Enjoy To The Fullest

Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia, is home to so many visitors each year. For the first quarter of 2021 (January to March), Melbourne saw nearly 1.3 million domestic overnight visitors. If you are planning to spend some time here as a guest Enjoy To The Fullest, there are endless things for your entertainment and fun.

Whether you’re visiting with your boy gang for a fun weekend trip or on a business meeting, Melbourne has everything for you! Here are some of the top ways to make sure to Enjoy To The Fullest your visit here is an unforgettable one!

  1. Street Art Tour

A typical Melbourne street art tour costs just $69 AUD and gives you an amazing experience. The entire cost of this tour helps the street artists, who draw and paint beautifully. This street art tour is the first of its kind in Australia and contains information about the different techniques of art like spray painting, stencil art, and so much more.

A group of experienced guides helps you to navigate the lanes and roads, giving you a deeper sense of appreciation for the artists who worked so hard.

  1. Night movie shows

If you’re a fan of drive-in movies, the Moonlight movie shows at the Royal Botanic Gardens will leave you amazed.

Think of this as a drive-in movie without cars. It happens mostly during the summers and you can bring your own food and drinks (yep, alcohol too!) and have a cosy time with your friends or even alone. Make sure to bring a soft blanket with you to get those extra feels!

  1. Visit the Queen Victoria market

This market is the largest open-air market in the entire Southern Hemisphere! Queen Victoria Market has food vendors and sellers selling almost everything under the sun. From fresh fish to meat- you even get all kinds of raw food materials here.

The food hall is the main attraction in the market, and thousands of visitors explore the hall every day. In case you’re in the hall, get a few free samples of wine from Swords Wines. The staff is super-friendly and the doughnuts there taste delicious!

  1. Take the City Circle Tram

This special tram service gives you the feature of hopping on and off between the rides. It takes you through some of the top sightseeing attractions of Melbourne like the Federation Square, Parliament House, and Princess Theater to name a few.

When you stop or pass by a place, a running commentary takes place in the background. This service is absolutely free, so you don’t have to worry at all to spend a fortune here! If you want to experience a slice of Melbourne in a short time at no cost, this tram ride will be perfect for you!

  1. Go bar hopping

If you’re someone who just can’t go a day without a mug of beer in hand, Melbourne’s bar scenes will light up your night. There are endless bars to choose from; you have Boilermaker House, Lui Bar, and Union Electric Bar among others.

Many of Melbourne’s bars are international award winners too. Therefore, you won’t ever have to worry about the kind of service or quality of drinks that you’ll get.

  1. Book an escort service

If you’re visiting Melbourne for your bachelor party or just for business meetings, you might want to let off some steam. Melbourne escorts and agencies are one of the finest in the world, not to mention that escort services in this city are absolutely legal.

If you want a fun time at night, you can look up some of the websites and book a beautiful woman from there. Even if you’re not up for some steamy bedroom scenes, you can always go on a date and experience the nightlife that Melbourne offers.

  1. Go swimming- Enjoy To The Fullest

Are you a beach baby? Then go swimming in St. Kilda to sunbathe or enjoy the waves. St. Kilda is a beautiful and huge beach that gives you some breathtaking views of the sunset.

Many small companies also offer you water sports, such as the Zu Sports company. So you can not only swim or lounge but can also unleash the daredevil in you here!

Over to you…

These were the seven best ways to make your Melbourne trip as memorable as possible. Do try out these activities and have a trip of a lifetime!


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