The Best Times to Drink Hot or Cold Water

Hot or Cold Water

Hot or cold water: which do you prefer? Whether you enjoy an ice-cold glass of water, or a blazing hot temperature as your drink of choice, there are optimal times for you to drink either temperature. You’d feel better drinking hot water in the mornings, while cold water is perfect as a post-workout beverage! 

We present the different times where drinking hot or cold water is the best option for certain scenarios. Always remember that water is essential for us to function properly, and hydrating – regardless of temperature, is an important part of our daily lives! 

Drinking hot water in the morning helps boost your metabolism, and gets you going throughout the day. Make it a habit to drink a glassful of hot or warm water once you get up in the morning to kick start your day, and to hydrate after a long night of losing fluids. Best to keep a thermos full of hot water by your bedside for convenience. 

Drinking warm water in the morning is not equivalent to drinking hot fluids such as tea or coffee. In fact, caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you, causing you to lose fluids faster in the morning. Drinking a glass of hot water before you do anything else replenishes your hydration levels, protects your organs, and gets your metabolism up and running.

A glass of warm water during that dreaded hangover is also a good idea, as most other drinks would dehydrate you further. Cold water may be difficult to stomach first thing in the morning, as your body would be shocked by the sudden drop in temperature. Stick to hot water, and power up your mornings! 

  • Cold Water After Exercise

When you exercise, your body uses up energy and tends to heat up as a result. This is why you tend to sweat during exercises, and feel warmer than when you’re idle. Cold water helps to regulate your body temperature after a good workout, and makes for a refreshing, hydrating drink at the same time.

Gym buffs looking to replenish their lost electrolytes may want to consider electrolyte infused water instead of those high-sodium, high-sugar sports drinks, or make their own using all-natural ingredients. Infuse your cold water with some citrus fruits, which are high in electrolytes, and a dash of Himalayan salt. Add pure honey or maple syrup to flavor. 

  • Hot Water After Big Meals

Those big, celebratory meals like birthday dinners, Thanksgiving feasts, and more are chock full of hard to digest proteins, fats, and sugars that could lead to belly bloat. Drinking a glass of hot water after a big meal helps relieve the after-dinner bloat, and aids your digestive system as it processes the food you just ate.

Add a squeeze of lemon into your water for added flavor, and only gulp down what your stomach can take. The hot water will speed up your digestion, and help clear any blockages within your digestive system

  • Hot Water Before Sleeping

Hot water actually helps you get a good night’s sleep similar to a warm blanket. Drinking a glass of hot or warm water before sleeping will improve your blood circulation – crucial for when you’re about to lie down for hours on end. 

Hot water also helps with cramps, which can be extremely uncomfortable during nighttime, ruining sleep for a lot of people. The warmth of the water also creates a calming effect, as well as a cozy atmosphere as you prepare to drift into sleep. Water, in general, will keep you hydrated throughout the night, so best to have a glass before bed! 

  • Cold Water On Particularly Hot Days

You may not notice it, but your body temperature rises with the daily room temperature. Your body naturally controls its temperature through sweating, which is why you tend to sweat more during hot, summer days than cool, autumn nights. While sweating serves as your body’s temperature control, it also dehydrates you. 

Even when you’re not thirsty, have a cool glass of water every now and then on particularly hot days. Drinking cold water replenishes your lost fluids from excessive sweating, and cools down your body temperature to avoid overheating as well.


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